Twinj in a new journey of love (episode 13)

Hello guys . I know ki u all may be shocked to finally see me uploaded my ff and @ at the same time I know u all have anger at the peak , afterall maine kaam hi maar kaane wali ki hai . All I can say is sorry and nothing else . Plzzz accept my apology if possible and sorry for having been away from tu for a long time as I had my results and classes as well
And thank u all commenters and silent readers
Enough of bhak bhak

Recap : twinkle lives in a orphanage with her best friend amaya .
They both leave out and accidentally twiya and kunj land up in the same park ,they all unaware of eo’s presence
Twinkle cries as she isn’t able to recall her past and asks amaya if she knew her past but amaya lies to her of not being aware as she doesn’t want twinkle to know that her parents are no more
Twinkle sees kunj from back and asks amaya if he was some famous personality as there were many ppl surrounding him and amaya tells her his name and about his success and twinkle wonders if she has some connection with kunj

Now coming to today’s epi. …
Twiya teach the orphanage .
Miss rosy stands at the doorstep , her expressions giving a clear idea of she being disappointed .
Rosy announces in a sarcastic tone
R : don’t u think u both have returned too early ?
A : ya infact just 3 mins late .I mean wow that’s epic . Every time we used to be 4 mins late but today we saved a minute . Great job amaya . I am really proud of u . ( guys amaya and twinkle are drama Queens)p
Twinkle slightly hits her asking her to stop
R : yes that’s great congratulations .
A : oh thank u thank u
R : so u deserve an award for this .
A : obviously
R : So this time u are gonna wash the utensils as ur regular reward but today since u saved a min there is a concession . U don’t have to water the plants . But will have to ..
A : but will have to ?
R : ( faking a smile )but will have to ( shouting ) clean all toilets as well
A : what ? but today we are a minute early instead I guess it was better to be late as always
R : for ur very kind info ur work is less as I had planned to give u more work as some important person is coming here tmr
A : but whatever regular punishment was much better than this
R : do u see the others struggling with their work ? ( pointing at the girls some cleaning the floor and some engaged in other chores) . Today they have done more work than what u are going to do . If u don’t like the offer I will cancel this concession
A : no we are fine with it . But wait may I know who is that important person due to whom we are gonna perform such an amazing work of cleaning the toilets ?
R : kunj sarna
A : ( super exited ) what ? Are u kidding ? U mean kunj sarna , the chocolate boy
Twinkle gives amaya a weird look
A : umm I mean the great successful businessman kunj . That’s great
Rosy leaves and amaya feels relieved .
Amaya twirls with twinkle .
T : amu Stop . What are u doing ?
Amaya leaves her and jumps in happiness
A : yes !! Finally I am going to meet him and be famous
I am gonna take a lot of selfies with him . Wow I just can’t wait for tmr
T : ( thinks )so the same person at park is gonna come here
Amaya shakes her by shoulder and she comes to her senses
A : twinki where r u lost ? Come on get ready for the work ?
oh freak what about my make up and all that .
Twinki let’s do the work fast and then I have got to apply face pack , then have dinner and lot more .
Amaya runs and twinkle stands there smiling at her childishness
Amaya comes to her and pulls her hand and takes her along
T : hey be slow , relax ( twinkle frees her hand ). I am there na . U will look so gorgeous that no one will be able to take their eyes off u , infact I will help u get ready
A : awww so sweet of u twinki . But one thing u said is wrong
T : (confused) wt?
A : ppl will not be able to take their eyes off us not me
Twiya smile
A : now can we leave ?
T : sure ( in a commanding way )
A : thank u so much master
Both laugh and leave

Screen shifts to kunj’s room
Kunj is busy with his laptop and he closes his eyes as he feels some known touch on his shoulder. He turns back and opens his eyes slowly to find twinkle smiling at him .
He gets up and walks to her but she disappears
Tears make their way down his cheeks
He gets the hold of her pic from the drawer
K : twinkle u left this world . U left me but not my heart . U still rule my heart . Till my last breath it’s only u who is going to rule over my heart . I promise , tomorrow I will celebrate ur birthday in the same manner in which u used to . Distributing sweets to the orphans and spending some quality time with them
He kisses her pic .

Twiya are finally done with their share of work and both share a high five .
A : so miss twinkle are u ready for ( with full energy )…
T : for ?
Amaya spread her hands wide open and falls on her bed
A : for good sleep ( giving a tired look )
Funny tune plays
T : amu , I felt some one was too energetic and told me that she has a lot of work to do . Face pack and all
A : ya ya I remember. Stop taunting me . I will go get fresh ( in a boring tone )
She leaves .
T : offo this girl na . She has thrown all her stuffs here and there .
Now as always I need to keep it at right places
She keeps all her things right . All of sudden her eyes falls on the laptop screen and she walks towards it
The screen is displaying the pic of the great businessman Mr kunj sarna . Twinkle gets a bright smile on her face
T thinks : oh so he is kunj . Must say he is handsome
She browses to learn more about him
All of db sudden she gets a adrenaline boost when she feels a hand on her shoulder .
A : hmm what’s going on ?
T : nothing . When did u come ? I never realised
Amaya sits next to her .
A : u will get to know it only if u r out of ur dream world right ?
He is so hot na ?
Twinkle blushes a bit
T : he is handsome
A : ohooo handsome ha .
She teases her by hitting her shoulder lightly.
A : what handsome.he is hot . If I wasn’t engaged then I would love to marry him .
T : shh. U speak too much . But yes did u note one thing . So many photos of his but not even single with a smile on his face .
A : ya that’s true . And wonder whether he has ever smiled . He is a mystery
T : which I will unfold . I promise tmr he will smile and I will make him smile

To be continued. ..

Guys I will upload 1 epi per day from now and Plzzz do throw ur comments as it is my energy to write more . Loads of love ♥♥♥

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