Twinj in a new journey of love (episode 12)

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Next morning
Kunj gets ready and comes down for his breakfast
Everyone ( maids) greet him – ” Good morning sir ”
He greets them back – good morning
He has his bf and leaves in his car
Everyone : have a nice day sir
Kunj reaches to his office
The guard opens the door for him and our hero gets down and removes his cool glasses
employees greet him and as he looks hot as always , ladies are just so crazy after him
Girl 1 : he is so hot . I wish if I was his gf
G2 : ya u r right . He is just so hot
Kunj gets into his cabin and guards stand outside his cabin

The screen now shifts to the entrance of the orphan and finally to a room where a girl is seen sleeping peacefully
She gets up at once when someone splashes water on her face
That’s another pretty girl
G : good morning twinki . Get ready soon or else witch will ruin ur day
T : hey but that’s not the way u wake me up amu ( looking away )
The girl is amaya (from tere shehar mein)
A : okay fine I am sorry twinki ( holding ears ) . Now fine ?
T : better . Good morning ( stretching her arms )
A : now get ready soon before the witch enters
Twinkle is stunned and signs her to look back
A : now what ? Y r u acting weird? And y r u asking me to look behind ?
Amaya turns back and then forward
A : witch is just behind me. So what ?
Amaya realises what she said
T : good morning miss
A ( self talk ) : witch is behind me ? I am gone now
She turns back and fakes a smile
A : ( stammering )good morning mmm. . Miss rosy
An lady of 44 stands behind with her arms crossed
R : I felt as though someone addressed me as witch
A : ( stammering) no ways .. um I mean to say Is that how can anyone address such a beautiful lady as witch ?
I. .. W. .as talking to twinkle about
R : about ?
A : the chronicles of narnia .. yes
R : what ?
A : ya the chronicles of narnia , the witch and the wardrobe
I was telling twinkle that the movie is really good . Right twinkle ?
T : ya she is right miss
R : get ready soon .
She leaves and twiya ( twinkle + amaya ) feel relieved
A : thank god . I would have ruined my day . God saved me
Amaya pushes twinkle to washroom and continues
Now go fast and get ready soon
Twinkle comes out getting ready and both leave

On the other hand Kunj goes out in his car for some important meeting .

Twiya are walking by the streets
A : twinkle wait a second . I’ll go get ice cream for us
I am really very hungry
Twinkle nods . She goes and settles on a bench nearby in the park . There she finds some children playing and a kid falls down while playing. She starts crying . Twinkle quickly starts walking towards her but her mom comes and consoles her . Twinkle gets teary eyed as she isn’t aware about her family because of which she stays in orphanage . She walks back to her bench and sits on it after clearing her face

Kunj is done with his meeting and comes out with his body guards . Media surrounds them all over
Kunj to his body guards
K : u take care of these . I’ll go drive car by myself
B : but sir
K : If I need help I will inform
He drives the car and his bodyguards prevent the media from following him . He parks his car and enters into the same park where twinkle is in . He goes for a walk and passes by twinkle . He stops at a moment and turns back to find a girl sitting with her back facing him ( she is our twinkle )
He gets suspicious and starts walking towards her but is disturbed by a call and he leaves .
Amaya comes to twinkle and offers her cone ice cream
A : twinki take urs
Twinkle doesn’t respond
Amaya sits beside her and shakes her by kicking her toe slightly
Twinkle comes to her senses
T : ha did u say something?
A : ur icecream
T : I don’t want. u have . I don’t feel like today
Amaya calls some kids who were playing and offers them the ice cream
They take it happily and leave fighting for urs share
Twinkle smiles
T : amu , y didn’t u have ice cream
A : not in mood . ( looking away )
T : lie
A : okay fine that’s cse u didn’t
T : amu I seriously didn’t feel like having
A : twinkle I know u very well . U r a lover of ice creams and u don’t feel like having it only while u r disappointed regarding something . So now may I know y my bestie looks sad
Twinkle pointing at the kids playing : look at those kids ( amaya does )
They are so happy cse they have someone to care for them . They have a family . But I don’t .
Twinkle faces amaya
T : amu u said that I met with some accident and had a memory loss
I had even forgotten my name and u said that my name is twinkle
What about my family ? Where are they ? I don’t remember anything
Twinkle starts crying and amaya clears her tears
A : twinki I am sorry but I don’t know
T : how did u get to know of me ?
A : through ur half burnt passport
I could identify by seeing ur pic and then I read ur initial as twinkle
T : okay fine what about my surname ? I can try finding my family by means of my surname
A : I don’t know . In fact the passport was burnt to such an extent that I even ur mothers and fathers name part got burnt
But don’t worry I will help u get back to ur family
They share a passionate hug
Amaya’s pov :
I am sorry twinkle . I lied to u . I am aware of ur family . They are we no more but I can’t tell u the truth because it will hurt u and I can’t see u in pain .
Amaya breaks the hug
A : now if I have ur permission can I get icecream yet again and this time u can’t deny
Twinkle nods smiling
Amaya goes . Kunj is done with his walk and goes towards his car . Many girls start surrounding him and twinkle’s eye falls on the crowd
Kunj tries his best to leave but fails
Twinkle starts walking towards the crowd and finds a person in suite but isn’t able to see his face
Twinkle is about to see him but Amaya comes to her and offers her the icecream . Twinkle takes her cone
T : amu why is there a huge gathered around him and who is he ?
Amaya sees the car no and realises it to be of kunj
A : Mr kunj . Kunj sarna . He is a successful businessman and good looking as well . I wish I was his gf
T : kunj ..
A : ya
T : but how do u know ?
A : I know his car no . Now don’t ask me how ? Got it through net
T : hmm .
A : u know he is still a bachelor and girls are so crazy after him
T : what about u ?
A : kind of
Twinkle smiles
A : now forger about that . Let’s leave back before that witch catches hold of our neck
Twiya leave . Twinkle turns back to look at the crowd as she walks
Twinkle’s pov : y do I feel like I have some connection with that kunj
No may be I think too much
Honge juda na hum serial track plays
Episode ends at twinj faces

To be continued. ….

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