Twinj in a new journey of love (episode 10)


Hello everyone . I am so sorry that I am late but I have my entrance exams so can’t help
Well I know this revelation of past track is a bit boring but I will end it up soon within 2 or 3 episodes

Recap : twinkle reveals out to Uv that she loves kunj and twinj spend some quality time together on the shores

Twinkle gets into the hall
Finally the function ends and all guests leave after having their dinner
Uv makes his way towards the door but is interrupted by a voice . Leela comes to him
L : did twinkle tell u something . I mean u both agreed for this marriage right
Uv nods and leaves . He walks to his car and settles on the back seat and the driver drives it off
Twinkle is in her room recalling the quality time that twinj spent at the shores
Kunj climbs up to her room

T : kunj what are u doing here ? If someone sees us together then we are gone .
K : I just came here to give u this
He takes out a chain made of white shells
It’s just beautiful
T : wow this is so beautiful. Thank u kunj
She gives a quick peck on his cheeks
T : now go . It’s already late
K : ya bye
T : bye ( sadly)
Kunj climbs down and escapes

Next morning there is a knock at twinkle’s door
Twinkle gets disturbed , she wakes up and motions towards the door unlocking it
Twinkle’s sleep is gone in seconds as she finds leela standing at her door step
L : today is ur engagement . the tailor would come here to take ur measurements in an hour . Get ready soon
T : what ? How can u do this ? U didn’t ask me regarding the fixing date of my engagement
L : don’t forget that u are the daughter of leela taneja. No body dares to question me and nor can u . So stay in ur limits (yells at her )
Twinkle is taken aback as leela leaves
Twinkle falls on her knees and cries recalling her moments with kunj
Twinkle’s pov :
No mom u can’t do this . U can’t break my heart just to maintain ur status
No u can’t do this
Twinkle wipes her tears and motions towards the table with fruits over it and her hand makes its way towards the knife
She eyes it and places it a lil above her wrist
She closes her eyes and makes a cut but to her surprise she feels no pain . She opens her eyes and is stunned to see the bleeding palm of kunj
Tears flow down her cheeks
T : kunj ur palm . She makes her way towards the drawer to get out the first aid box but kunj stops her as he pins her to the wall
His facial expressions give a clear sign of the anger at his peak
T : (stammering) kkunj
K : shut up ( in a low and cold tone)
Have u lost it twinkle? What crap ideas are running in ur mind ? Are u out of senses twinkle ?
Kunj bangs his hand to the wall
T : kunj listen to me . Let me dress the wound first
K : enough twinkle .I don’t care about the bleeding palm
I just care about u . U get that?
T : kunj fine at least now let me dress ur wound. Plzz (tears coming out of her eyes )
K : 1st promise me that u will never put ur crap ideas into use ( in a cold tone )
T : but kunj
Twinkle is interrupted by his voice
K : I am not going to get into ur words

T : fine . I promise
She runs to the drawer and takes out the first aid kit
She makes him sit on the bed while she sits on her knees on the floor and attends to his wounds with tears flowing down her cheeks uncontrollably
Kunj wipes her tears with his other hand
K : twinkle please don’t cry . I am so sorry that I overreacted
T : no kunj. Plz dont feel sorry . U r not at fault .
It’s all my fault . She cups his face and continues
Kunj everything is over . Mom has fixed my engagement today itself
There is a knock at the door and twinj get tensed
That’s her maid
M : princess tailor has come to take ur measurements

Kindly open the door
T : kunj just leave now and be careful
K : ya don’t worry bye
He leaves and twinkle goes to the door
She opens it up .
M : what made u take long to open the door princess?
T : now don’t tell me I don’t even have the liberty to get into the washroom
M : no its nothing like that princess am sorry . I thought u ran away
Maid introduces her to the tailor and he does his job and accordingly shows her dresses of her size asking her to chose
Twinkle is done with the choosing
Maid and tailor leaves

To be continued….

My upcoming episode will show u the actual mystery behind twinj separation and what happens to that Uv?
Then finally journey back to the present

Hey guys I know u all r upset but Plz don’t show ur anger by not commenting . Luv u all loads ♥♥♥♥♥

Credit to: Sanam

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