Twinj: new beginning of love (few slots) Chapter 5


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Last episode-
Usha nd Manohar left for delhi… Kunj nd twinkle while returning decided to sit for a while in d park… Finally Twinkle tells him that their marriage was done without asking her. Kunj tells her that he loves her.

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A suprise for u all guys. I have decided to end this ff becoz I m not getting time.
And a very big congrats to Jisha di… Such a happy news it was. Then Very Happy Belated Birthday to Shruti , sidmin and baby. Srry couldn’t wish u on ur birthday.

So without any delay lets start d episode.

I was shocked… By his confession. Many thoughts wanted to enter my mind but before they could, I turned off my body and slept.
I was woken up by my alarm the next morning. Kunj had left me a text, that he has gone for jogging.

I continued all the regular activities. Couple of days passed , Kunj took me to a mall, temple, a movie, for dinner . I used to cook for us. He kept complimenting me for all that I did. I remained silent even for his compliments. I would react to some. Kunj’s attitude was that, he never waited for me to accept or reject his compliments. He would comment and leave. When asked for reason he used to say he did not want me to get embarrassed.

It was fourth day after our wedding; It was 8 in morning and he was still asleep in his room. The door was half open and I could see him. He was charming, I had to accept that fact.

I had made up my mind. I had taken my decision what Kunj wanted me to do. Now it’s time for me to reveal it to him. The rest was his choice. I thought the right time has come.

I went to my room and started packing my things, my clothes, my accessories, etc. I heard sm1’s voice. It was cming from Kunj’s room. He came out, calling my name. He was stunned to see me packing.

K:-“Twinkle, what is going on?” he asked

T:- “Kunj, I have a lot to talk to you. I have decided my path. It is time I’ll tell it to you.”, I stiffened my tone. I wanted to sound brave, probably for the first time in life. Sm1 had asked my opinion and I m now standing for it.

For the very first time , I could see that he was worried. Rays of angst marred his brows.

“Kunj , please go and refresh yourself. Your day has just started. I shall prepare coffee for you. Let’s have our coffee and talk”, I walked towards the kitchen. I brewed two cups for us and we sat in the couch, facing each other.

“Kunj “, I started the conversation.

He nodded, holding the cup in his hands. The steam from the coffee created few sweat beads on his face.

“I have chosen my path. You gave me 5 days to decide. I have chosen faster. I was ignorant enough, for not having realized who you were, so many days back. I am happy, you gave me a chance, and I think I used it wisely, at least this time to know you, to admire you, to like you, above all, to love you.”, I paused.

He was looking at me, with wide eyes.

“Yes Kunj, I love you and have decided to be with you forever”
No no not forever but till my last breathe becoz Forever is a lie even Romeo had to die.
as I said these words, I locked my eyes with Kunj’s. It showed joy , a joy of not missing something in life, still I could sense he was confused.

“But , Twinkle, How…..”, as he tried to ask something.
I interrupted Kunj and continued.

T:-“Kunj, you did not impress me over night. Of all these days, I spent with you, you looked new to me every day. There was something in you, that meticulously crafted a path in my mind about you, tracing from a ‘good human’ , to a ‘perfect Man’ to a ‘Noble heart’ and finally to a ‘Great soul’.

“I saw a Good human in you, when you were kind enough to drop a hundred rupee note to an old man , the other day in the mall parking lot, and when I asked you why , you said “Do we hesitate to eat a junk food, in the evening , just for the sake of passing time, even though we are not really hungry? , This is more of a wise expense”. I got to know your good humanity there, Kunj”

“I saw a Perfect Man in you, when you cared so much for a woman in a two- wheeler, who was about to get hit by you, when you waved your hand unintentionally. It was her mistake,that she did not honk and came too close behind, still you showed perfect manliness to care enough for her and to feel good that she missed the blow. When you spoke about preserving delicacy in Women, I admired you much”

“I felt a Noble heart in you, when you completely understood me that I must be in confusion and for not asking the reason behind my dormant behaviors in the past days. I respected the nobility in you, which made me to like you”

“Above all, you were such a great soul, to provide me a perfect comfort, to relax and calm my mind. It dissolved all my stress, made my mind clear to get a clearer vision of you and your love“. I lowered my head in demure.

“Twinkle”, Kunj called, as he moved a little closer.

As I raised my head to see him , I found Kunj smile, a smile of victory, Yes he had won my heart, so beautifully.

As I neared, I found that Kunj had a warm, comforting smile on his face.

K-:“My dear, Am so happy. My joy knows no bound now, I feel like flying. You had noted all this in me, which had paved a way for you to understand and love me? I am much proud of myself now, thanks for giving this moment ”. he exclaimed. More than his lips, I could see his eyes and voice, smile broader.

I suddenly spotted our wedding card and in front cover in bold letters it read,

“Twinkle Taneja Weds Kunj Sarna”, a flash of thought struck me.

T:-“Kunj, can I ask you something?”

K:-“Sure, dear” was his response.

T:-“Can I call you, ‘Sadu sarna ’, from now on? Not sure why, but am loving that name and I used to find u boring before marriage and it sounds more lovely when you are called so by me”, I blushed and Kunj giggled.

T:- Did I look funny, I wondered.

K:-“Baby, hereafter it’s all your choice and I am all yours but I have a condition“, he replied and winked.

K:- Then I will call u my siyaapa queen
T:- y so? Do I create so many siyappas?
K:- ese hi..
T:- aree what ese hi?
K:- U r mine so I can u that aur waise bhi this thing was a siyaapa only.
Twinkle blushed and hugged his Kunj tightly

Twinkle held Kunj’s face close to her
T:-“kunj, now, there shall be nothing in the world that could separate us.”

Kunj signed by placed his finger on my lips
K:-“We have not yet started living, dear. Why to talk about separation, now, I do not want to hear it from you, even if it is in positive sense”

He looked directly into my eyes. We were too close, I could see myself in his eyes. We both froze for a moment and I wish the world around us could freeze too, making this moment, ever forever.

Kunj moved back, releasing himself from my hold
K:- “I have to thank you dear, if you had not opened up yourself properly, we would not have come out of this”

T:-“No, Kunj, I have to thank you, you were the one who brought me out. But, I still have one question. When I said I love you, you were very calm and composed. You expected me to say so? You believed yourself so much?

K:-“Twinkle, the other day when I asked you, do you have any opinion on me, you gave a blunt ‘No’, which was of great help for me. Though I challenged to win over your obsessed mind, I knew you were not obsessed. You were just confused, not knowing what to choose. I just created a calm situation for you, to be more realistic and practical. When I said the choice is yours, you had no other option, but just to think all by yourself. As confusions started draining out of your cup of life, you had space in it, and my love was available nearby and you started filling your life with my Love. Once I realized that you started accepting, I started pouring in my love more and that’s how the magic happened.”

Twinkle was completely in tears.

As he wiped my tears off, I found his eyes locked somewhere. I turned towards the direction of his sight and found my half packed brief case and a travel bag. I sensed what was going through in his mind.

K:-“So, now shall we get back to packing? We have to kick start all our way to our Honeymoon, My first trip, most memorable trip with my Love.”, I smiled, extending my arms in air.

He came closer, held my hands, took them close to his chest and pressed it firm.

In d night
(Guys i don’t want to drag it)

We are in train now, as the flights were cancelled due to bad weather.

I was brought back to the present by a warm touch on my shoulders.

And yes it was my Kunj, holding a pack of little hearts for me.
K:-“Nature gave me only one and I gave it to you, now see, this biscuit company has helped me, to give you so many hearts, accept them as you accepted mine” My sadu sarna extended the biscuit pack.
( yeh little hearts wali line kaisi lagi… Acchi ya buri?…. Plz tell na)

T:-“Still you speak thousand words where only a few are  necessary”

I blushed. He chuckled and sat beside me.
K:- ab kya karoon, jab paas mai itni sundar wife baithi ho toh sabd apne app nikal aate hai. (What should I do, words automatically come out when you have such a beautiful wife sitting next to u)

Twinkle’s cheek became crimson red.
K:- hayye when u blush like this na, then I feel like kissing u.
Twinkle hugged him nd hid her face in his chest. This was to hide her red cheeks.

T:-I could now go anywhere in this entire universe, even by closing my eyes, If I could hold my Kunj’s hands forever.
This made kunj blush

Twinkle’s pov
End of all my worries and confusions marked the beginning of new, wonderful life with Kunj aka Sadu sarna , my ever loving husband.

The end , Srry, The beginning ? …….


Ohkk so reason for not posting episodes, mumma ne phone le liya tha, due to exams aur maine yeh episode phone ke ‘Notes’ pr hi likha bohat try kiya that sync krne ka but hoya hi nhi… Toh so sorry for inconvenience caused brcoz of me.. And ya All d very Best for ur exams sissies….

Till then
Keep smiling?
God bless?
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  1. This is a very BEAUTIFUL story…

    Sad that it ended…
    Glad that it happened that’s u wrote such a sweet story…
    ‘ll miss it

    1. Anushka

      thanq so much dear

  2. And yes…the heart line was really cute…
    The lines can make anyone blush..

    1. Anushka

      Ohh I m glad that u liked that line. ThanqSoMuch

  3. Abc

    Amazing. Glad that I read it. Awesome

    1. Anushka

      ThanqSoMuch dear

  4. Ranabulbul

    Yr anu I am so sad that it ended
    Yr I thought that it will extend to some more epi
    But ………
    Yr took a great break and then seedhe last epi
    But koi ni
    New ff ke sath jaldi aana yr

    1. Anushka

      Sure Bulbul, will surely write another one slot or maybe fanficion but after my exams finish. BTW ThanqSoMuch dear… ANd nyc picture..

  5. Jiya_Ani

    Annnuuuuu….muaah..u know what I was waiting for this like anything… Its soo sweet..realistic & practical.. Not so much of tam jhaam You know.. Just pure love…and that’s what I loved…and that little hearts wali line was just..?
    Although I din wished to get it ended so soon…but..its din end..its the start.. Right!??…

    Well I donno if u’ll come up with another ff or not..but I have a hope that surely We r gonna get something from your side…

    Thanks for such a beautiful story…hope your exams went well…
    Loads of love?

    1. Anushka

      ThanqSoMuch lovely, oohhh I m really glad that u were waiting for my ff, and I m srry too for not posting it erlier. Will surely write smthing but after my exams finish.
      Love u too, muahhhh

      1. Anushka

        nah my exams are still left, they will end on 26th and then I have a ASL on 30th

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        Chalo best of lucks for ur exams & ASL & to me too as we both are sailing in the same boat…

      3. Anushka

        yeahh Best of luck to u too, btw which class?

  6. Chiku

    Awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????????
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    Loved it
    Its the sweetest few slots. ???????????????????
    It was my fav
    Love u.
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    1. Anushka

      ThanqSoMuch and haan chiku, no need to thank dear, it was my duty . Made my day <3

  7. Sujina

    it was si sweet n happy waala ending…
    n loved ur hearts waala line…iys cute…
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    1. Anushka

      ThanqSoMuch dear

  8. Ria

    Anushka, the story was amazing. I really loved it. Well, I loved that heart wala line.? It was damn cute.

    I’m sad that you ended it so soon. Anyways, hope you come back real soon.

    Loads of love.?

    1. Anushka

      Thanq so much Ria <3

    1. Anushka

      Thanq so much Ayesha <3

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    2. Anushka

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    1. Anushka

      Yeah will try, thanks for commenting?

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    Hey annu, missed you so much yr. But I m not gonna talk to you, why did you end it yr. You are so bad.
    Waise I can just not imagine my life life with out talking to you. Toh chale koyi ni. Maaf kia. Let in promise us that you will soon write something and post here.
    Well I need your help please yaar tell me, I forgot my password of the username given by TU. Ab btao mai kya krun?

    1. Anushka

      Aashima ?????
      Ur comment srsly made my day<3
      Thanq so much dear
      Ohh in that case message TU, they will surely help u

  12. dreamer..arundhati

    Anu…simply osum…it was 2 beautiful for words

    1. Anushka

      Thanq so much arundhati<3

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    I loved the little heart vala Line and Thank you (For wishing me happy birthday)
    Loved the episode and do comeback with an interesting story again just like this one 🙂

    1. Anushka

      Ur wlcm and thanq so much too, yeah I will surely try too

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    1. Anushka

      Thanq srishti

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    Hey Anu
    Its ending was so sweet
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    N u won’t believe but few days before I was thinking about ur ff….
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    1. Anushka

      Ohh I m so glad that you were waiting for my ff. I m so sorry for making you wait so much. Thanq so much dear? thanks for commenting and making my day? love u too and yeah will surely post smthing but after my exams

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    1. Anushka

      ThanqSoMuch Baby, yr I wasnt getting tym nd thought if I continue to write wid this much gap so no will read.
      so thought to end it. yeah will write smthing but after my exams…
      love u too

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