Twinj: new beginning of love (few slots) Chapter 4


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Twinj: new beginning of love (few slots) Chapter 2

Last episode- Twinj marriage….

It was evening, when we all were back home after our temple visit. I helped my in laws to pack. It was time they had to leave, when Maa (usha) gifted me a beautiful clutch purse.
U:-Have a blessed and happy life ahead child, As Kunj planned ,you would be leaving for honeymoon in another five days. Enjoy your memorable moments, she smiled.

I bit my lip, nd just nodded.

An hour later, we were at the airport. Kunj and I waved them a ‘Bye’ and they left.I was staring at the moving crowd, not knowing what to do next. It was then I heard his voice.
K:- Twinkle, shall we make our way to home?
(I turned, not looking at him. )

I just nodded and followed him towards the car.

When I was about to get into the back seat, Kunj asked me to sit in front and I nodded.

K:-Should I drive the car to home or u wanna go smwhere. I mean do you want to get something for yourself?

T:-No, we should go home.

It was 11 when we reached home. I opened the door, placed the keys back in the stand. The moonlight was stunning. There was a lawn at the back of Kunj’s house with few chairs placed.

I wished, I could go there to spend some time in peace. But unfortunately, I knew it was not safe to go alone and I was hesitant to call Kunj with me. I was wondering how tiring day it was for him. When these thoughts were running in my mind, Kunj came close.
K:- there is a lawn at the back, this moonlight would be the awesome time to spend. If you dont mind can we go there? (With a smile on his face)
Oh God, How this guy gets to know
what I was thinking. He is really making me crazy.

“Ya, definitely, I would love to be there”, was my response, and in another five minutes we were there in the lawn , seated a little close to each other.

It was the first time, I got a complete look at Kunj’s face. I know him for the past three months, but I have never got a complete picture or I say face to face introduction. He was really handsome. He looked perfect in his white shirt, His perfectly angled nose, broad sharp eyes made me look at him longer, I was admiring his charm , as I was lost in my gaze, his voice disturbed me.

“I want to talk to you, Twinkle”, Kunj started. “Since our meeting, you made it obvious, that you were not interested in this wedding. You were not happy out of this wedding, too, Am I right?”, he asked.

I did not expect this question from him, at least the very next day of our wedding, I nodded my head helplessly. “Twinkle, I knew you were not interested, hence I tried my level best to talk to you so that we could sort this matter out. Have you ever thought, why In spite of your repeated neglects and ‘No’s , I have always been trying to interact with you? I wanted to sort this issue out ,Twinkle. I did not want to proceed with the wedding when you were not interested. I tried speaking with RT uncle too, but he assured me that you were happy with the wedding.”

“Twinkle, now we are married. My humble request is at least you open up now. What is that, that is bothering you so much? It is not healthy, either to be this way or to see you this way. I cannot proceed with anything in our life if I do not really know what is behind ur worries and sorrows. ”

Tears rolled down my cheeks as he spoke.
K-Twinkle, crying is not d solution, plz answer me.

I was quiet. Few minutes passed by in silence, Neither of us spoke.

“Am sorry, Kunj, I could not help myself, but to answer all of your questions, at least few , I have to tell this” I paused to take a deep breathe. “I have to tell at least, that, I was forced to marry you. My wedding was decided without my complete interest and involvement“, I completed, expecting a million of expression in his face, rather, he was calm.

K:-“Ok, so that clearly says you did not like me. You could be forced only when you do not like it”

T:-“Not that way, Kunj , I was made to marry you , hence I did not like the wedding, every proceeding after our wedding is hurting me more, and I just want to get out of it “.

K- “Twinkle, whatever way you put in, it is the same thing that you are trying to tell. I want to be more practical here. The root cause for all your troubles is the thought that you were ‘made’ to marry me. You were ‘forced’ to like me. You did not do things by yourself; it was all other’s decision. Am I right?”

T:-“Yes”, I could not stop my tears.

K:-“So, do you have any opinion for me? Like or dislike? , out of what you saw in me and not out of what others told about me”.

T:-“No, I have not seen you beyond the fact that I was ‘made’ to like you”

K:-“Ok Twinkle. Just listen. I held your hand yesterday, not to drop it half way through. I want to hold you forever in my life. There is no other reason behind your dislike for me except for the fact that you were forced to. I am firm on one thing Twinkle, I can compromise anything for you, but shall not compromise you for anything. Now I am leaving it in your hands, the complete decision. Now I am giving you the choice. Stay with me for the next five days, until we leave for honeymoon. You will not be forced, for anything. You will be left to decide for yourself. Whether you like me or not, tell me your decision and we shall proceed accordingly. “

“But, Kunnn…” before I could complete, Kunj already made his move to stand up, I followed him inside the house, not knowing what to do, too many crucial thoughts were running in my mind.

As we entered, he turned and gave a smile, “If you feel five days would not suffice, you can take as long as you wish. Also, Twinkle, You can still look at me with the obsession that you don’t like me. I have the confidence, that my love for you will break all your obsessions about me in your mind. For the first ever time, am telling you, “I Love you, Twinkle” ”, and walked into his room.

To be continued….

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