Twinj: new beginning of love (few slots) Chapter 3


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chapter 1
chapter 2
Now as dear Aastha asked
Recap- Ignorance of Twinkle

I m just not gonna describe their wedding coz I want to focus on how they start their love life.)
Twinkle’s Pov
The big day finally arrived. My wedding with Kunj took place and everybody around us in both the families were very happy.

We were made to sit together during dinner. It felt awkward that I had finally given my life to some guy whom I don’t even know completely. (Galti bhi toh teri hai?)
I didn’t eat properly. My mother in law asked me about my this behavior but Kunj saved me,giving a reason that I m missing my family nd that’s causing my strange behavior.
A smile appeared on my face, listening his answer. I must say he is really generous and caring. I felt relieved. This feeling felt strange.

My mom, who heard Kunj, came to me to console. She hugged me tightly and gave me peck on my forehead. The pain got lightened.
We all finished our dinner and went to sleep. Luckily I was not told to sleep with Kunj.

(Idk know much abt marriage but in our religion, vidaai is done in the morning and marriage in night)

The next morning, I made a reluctant bye to my family, with all tears; I got into Kunj’s car to his house. Kunj chose to sit beside the driver and I was seated back along with my inlaws (mom nd dad). The pain was increasing. I had departed my family. I did not have any liking for the guy seated in front. As the car rolled, my thought rolled too, accompanied by worries, pain and confusion.

Every passing minute wounded me badly; tears automatically rolling down.

My mother in law consoled me. I had spoken to her thrice before, I felt her touch was warm. His Dad was very much sweet enough to console me and made me his daughter. I was left with nothing else, other than a blank nod. Kunj was watching me from front, the gaze which I ignored.

All these emotions were running, car stopped , My heart skipped a beat. We had reached Kunj’s home at Amritsar. The house was quite big and beautiful. His Mom and Dad welcomed us and took us inside the house. The usual ceremonies, which involved lighting lamp and prayers, took place.

We were all seated, when Kunj asked me “How do you like our house“, I just gave a glance, and replied “Yes, it is very nice, It is well maintained”. I could neither cut the answer short because his parents were there, nor elaborate because I was not in a mental state to do that.

My mother in law sat beside me, held my hand and said “Twinkle, I am not going to advice you anything, I believe you will take good care of this house and my son. Our prayers, are always with you. And yes plz call me Ma (mother)

Manohar-: “Yes, Twinkle, you need not worry about anything, you can feel free to talk to us, if you have any concerns. But, one thing, not just for the sake that he is my son, I have to tell you, Kunj’s aim is to give you all happiness and has to fulfil all your wishes, You will have a great life here, beti (daughter) And yes plz call me papa (father)

Ma gave a pat on my shoulders and said “ Twinkle, it has been a long day for you with lot of things happening around. Take some rest and refresh yourself, we shall leave for temple in the evening. Hum dono, aaj raat ki flight se dilli jaa rahe hai.
(We both will be leaving for Delhi, tonight)
Her words hit me hard.

I did not know what to tell, I thought they would stay here for couple of days, at least, but I was left with no other option. Only Kunj and I.  It was going to be a tough and embarrassing time for me. I thought of the time ahead and shut my eyes tight.

To be continued

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And i don’t want u all u get confused with my story becoz of gaps so I’ll try to end it in 1-2 episodes. I cant promise u all when I’ll post it coz I don’t work according to it.
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