Twinj: new beginning of love (few slots) Chapter 2

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Hey Fiona, do u remember u asked me to write a small fan fiction on twinj, so here is it…

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My eyelids were heavy. I gave all my strength to open my eyes to look at my mobile, it was already 4 minutes past 9. There were 3 messages. Two were forwards from my friends. Last one was from Kunj, it read “Gud morning Twinkle, Its weekend again, Enjoy”. I didn’t bother to reply. I saw that the charge was low, I connected my mobile to charger and made my move to njoy my weekend.

It was 10, When I was just about to walk out of my room , my mobile beeped and it was Kunj’s text again ‘Whats d hell is wrong wid him?’, I asked my myself as I opened his text.

“I want to talk to you, shall I call you now?”, read the text. I could not tell him that I was busy , and I had been rejecting his calls for the past week, so I thought I will speak with him. I replied, “yeah, sure”.

Hardly a minute was passed, then only I received his call. With so much hesitation, I pressed the ‘answer’ button and said a “Hello!”

“Hi, there, So how are you “ was his response, I could feel the charm in his voice, I had to accept, his voice was cheerful, the smile that I could hear in his voice between his words was breathtaking.

It took few seconds for me to realize that I had to answer,

I stammered “Oh, Ya, m fine, how are you”.

Kunj said in a confused tone “ I think I disturbed u, u are sounding as though you are occupied by something else in mind “, I was amazed, the same words my father told me last night, how did Kunj make out just by listening to few words of mine. I again went in my own world of thinking. But soon came back from there as I heard Kunj…..

“Hello, Twinkle , R u okay?”, Kunj asked me.

“Yup, I m fine” was my response.

“Fine, I will call you sometime later. Please do tell me only when you are really free, okay, As of now, Bye Twinkle, Take care”, He said and even before I could fully get his words into my mind, the line got disconnected.

I was not too sure what to do other than calling him back. The next moment I dialed his number. He answered the call in just two rings and said “So the angel is back”, It annoyed me. Yet I managed to speak. I did not want to create a scene here so I thought let me talk to him and end it soon.

“Sorry, my mobile signal was low and hence ur voice reached me late. It might have caused the delay in response. Sorry about that. Plz tell me now”, I lied to him.

“Its high time, we should decide about our trip after our wedding, we are just left with 19days. Pour in ur suggestions”, Kunj took full control over the words he spoke.

“You decide, I am not that very good in deciding places, I am ok with some cool place”, was my immediate response.

“Oh that should be a good clue to narrow down my choices for our trip , Good suggestion”, Kunj was sounding sweeter as he spoke. He was decent enough not even to use the word ‘Honeymoon’ to me. He read my mind well. That word would have would have sounded disgusting.

“Anything else?, got some work here”, I tried to cut the call short.

“Nothing Twinkle, that’s all, have a nice day, Bye, Take care”, and once again before I could do, he had disconnected the line. Probably, I made it very obvious that I was not interested in talking to him.

The real reason behind the disinterest in Kunj, more specific in this wedding was the fact that my parents confirmed him and when they came to me, about this proposal. They were sure to get me married to Kunj. Probably, if I had seen Kunj before they could bring him for me, I might have liked him. The impression he gave me after our first meet was, he was very expressive and talkative, which I completely disliked. When my parents asked for my suggestion, I said, ”He is too out going and expressive, in future, he might expect me to be the same, I cannot, I will speak less, I am a reserve kind of person”.

My parents argued that the reasons I am putting were all useless excuses and I am trying to avoid the proposal. I replied in anger “You are obsessed with this guy and hence you are forcing me”.

My Dad was taken aback.
”Puttar, Don’t you believe that all that we do is for your good ?, You know! Your birth star is problematic ( guys, I don’t have any idea of that rahu and shani, so that’s y I just wrote problematic) and hence many families had rejected you. We had been trying hard to find a perfect match for you. Just hold on and think, do you really feel the reasons you are putting are reasonable? , Kunj’s so called ‘bad’ qualities by you are all not permanent, if at all those are disturbing, you could really talk to him or take elders advice either side, we will be with you always, for everything, at any situation ”, my dad assured.

The words confused me. I collapsed in the chair, covering my face, shedding tears. It took one full day for me to recover. I was neither able to deny him completely, nor accept him. The mind and heart struggled somewhere in between.

Finally, I thought, ‘Fine, just for my parents sake, I am going for it. In arranged marriage, every girl or guy does not get to know about their partner fully. In my case, let me take a call.’

Days rolled by. Kunj’s texts reached me every day without fail. I responded very rarely. Neither Kunj nor his texts created an impact on me.

He even mailed me the itinerary of our trip. I had to reply an “OK” , with a fake smile. Weirdest days of my life were my courtship days. I wanted them to end fast, but I knew, end of my courtship days will mark the beginning of my married life. The same thought troubled me the most.

To be continued……….
So guys tell me how is it, ahh I know the reason, ” disgusting “. But plz bear it as I would complete it then only, I would write my next oneslot.

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  1. The slot was amazing. I liked you idea of conducting polls and then, writing episodic analysis. Let others comment.

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  6. Anushka not atall disgusting….infact 2 day’s epi was also hood
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  9. anushka epi was nice nt disgusting bt dear i have a request plz write a small precap before the epi… and poll will be good bt it can demotivate sme writers and on the other side it can also motivate writers to write their best …it all upon urs choice …i am ok with d poll idea

  10. sry dear i want recap not precap

  11. Hey anushka I really liked ur episode
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    And about ur idea it’s great …..u know I read some ff analysis of swaragini nd I use to think why the same is not done in our tei ones……tumne mere mooh ki baat chin li….u read my mind dear… nd yes we should do it…but one suggestion that we should do analysis but should not conduct a poll for choosing best writer ….it might hurt other one feeling…

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