Twinj: new beginning of love (few slots) Chapter 1

Hey guys Anushka here.. I know title is similar to pali di’ff but still it is different.

Chapter I

“Anything else, dear”, Sadu Sarna, my loving husband asked me as he was about to make a move out of the train to get himself a magazine. “Hey, a packet of Mad angles too”, I called out, he gave me an assuring nod, and then turned back and disappeared into the crowd. Gush of cold air hit my face and distorted my pinned hair strands. I love it, when wind plays with my hair. It was too lovely to even pin my hair again. The same scene, took me 4 months back.

It was after a long day at office, I was walking back home tired. The cool wind blew and it was as though just to tangle the hair that I had tugged behind my ears. I love it when wind plays with my hair, but that day it seemed irritating. I was not sure y, but a feeling of defeat was bothering me, since my wedding was decided with Kunj.

Kunj was a software engineer working in Amritsar. His parents were at Delhi, since Manohar uncle got transferred there.

I was not interested in him, probably nothing in him interested me much. ( So srry for this, but trust me twinj will unite)
The assurance my parents gave would never suffice. Kunj was exactly the opposite of how I had dreamed about my life partner except that he was hot and handsome. Still, for the regards and respect I had for my parents and not having enough guts to go against their words, I accepted the proposal. I felt defeated; when I realized that my life has been decided without my complete acceptance. It was a week back, I got engaged to Kunj. Our marriage was fixed exactly a month later from that day.

Kunj was eager to get my number to familiarize him, but I avoided the situation putting forth the reason that, let the sharing happen after engagement. And right the next day, the elders at home helped their children to exchange numbers and Kunj started texting me. I avoided his calls telling that I was busy and ignored his texts. I would reply to one of his ten texts. Kunj was very much gentle enough to take my dormant response in a positive way and not to ask me why so this showed me his one more quality which was common sense.

As I entered home, that day, my Father gave me a warm smile, holding a calculator in one hand and a note on the other. Ever since I got engaged, I always found my dad with a calculator and a note, managing the expenses and my Mom with mobile phone and a note, discussing the proceedings. It was the usual scene and it bored me. I went into my room, to refresh myself.

“Puttar, come here”, my Mom called out. I was much engrossed in my computer, that it just felt like a faint call from a distance. “Puttar, could u come here”, it was the second call I was least  bothered to give a response. “Twinkle, do u hear me” , it was the third call and I very well know when my name is being called, I had to be there the next moment or it will make my Mom furious. I stood up, and walked to the room where Mom and Dad were seated.

“Twinkle , u r 2 much occupied with something these days, I have told u
thousand times before, that you don’t have worry much about this wedding, njoy ur life sweetheart, you have to be happy now, not brooding like this, Kunj is the best guy for you, believe in our decision”, Dad tried to console me.

“It’s k, papa, I hv cm out of it now, I’ll be f9 soon”, I replied.

“May I know y u had been calling me?”,I asked my mom. She came close to me, gave a pat on my shoulders and said, “U r tired dr, hv ur Dinner, and then hv a gud sleep, as ur Papa just said, be happy and enjoy your life.”, she smiled.

I was not sure what to tell “Fine mumma, that sounds good”, I kept my reply short.

I returned to my room, after my dinner. My parents were so much assuring about this wedding, but I was struggling inside, for having accepted Kunj just for my parent’s sake. The beep from my mobile diverted my thoughts, when I looked at it there were two messages from Kunj.

Text 1: “Hi Dear, reached home? “

Text 2: ( 10 minutes later): “Just worried cause its dark, reached home??”

I, thought I could ignore, but something made me to reply, I typed “Yup, reached 45 mins back, feeling sleepy now. Going to sleep. Gud night “and pressed ‘Send’.

The next moment he replied. ‘What a prompt reply, as if he was staring at his mobile for my text’, I thought in disgust.

The message read “Take care dear, have good rest , Good night, Sweet dreams” , as I read, I blurted out to myself , ‘Only this guy on earth can write thousand lines , where only a single word is required’, placing the mobile back on table, I turned on my computer to browse for my favorite sites. Then after surfing on them, I myself don’t know when did I slept.

 To be continued….

Guys plz don’t beat me after reading it. I know its disgusting. Sorry for it.

And thanq so much guys. U know in my last one slot I got 119 comments…. Thanq so much once again. Love u guys.

I must say Shatakshi di and Mitali, u won’t be able to stay away from us. U know during my ecams, I also trued to switch my phone but end up opening tu page. I m just addicted towards it.
Ohk so now my introduction as dear Olivia asked……

Hey myself Anushka Joshi. A 14 year old student of Class 9. My aim is to become a Dr. with writing as passion. Earth received its gift on 19th Feb ,2002. Ab apni taarif mai kya karoon.
Love u all.
Take care
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  1. Awesome pls continue and post soon

  2. Hey Anushka u r absolutely right
    N yes there is a surprise soon coming
    But anyways the episode was lovely
    Plzzz do post the next episode soon

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    1. u r right i caqnt be away from u people.

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  7. Awesome yaar….Mind blowing….but must say me & u r hving lot of similarities…..I m also 14 years old & in 9th class….even my aim is also to be a doctor… birthdate is 22 January 2002…..tell me more about u

  8. Awesme waiting fr next update
    nice pic of twinj

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  12. Its lovely to know u dear… Well I m 37 and have daughter who is 6 years old…. Fantastic slot

  13. Its lovely to know u dear… Well I m 37 and have daughter who is 6 years old…. Fantastic dear….

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