TWInj-A Never Ending Love Story(How Tashan Changes To Ishq) “Promo” + Author’s Note

Hey guyz..
I noe u all r hell angry with me..
M srry..
N i knoe i posted the promo but still here it is once again n then i will tell u all my story..
“TWInj – A Never Ending Love Story ( How Tashan Changes To Ishq) Promo”
A beautiful place is shown…there is a table kept in between with red and white table cloth n a vase with a bunch of purple n white flowers beautifully placed in it..the walls are decorated with red,white and purple flowers and tiny bulbs were beautifully placed beneath them just giving the flowers some twinkling shine..then the camera rolls around…there were Balloons kept of red and white colour all around the ground…and the fog was spread all around…there were two chairs kept beside the table which were covered with white cloth and some red stripes..(guyz bear with my stupid description) was a date setup…then there we see a boy wearing white shirt with black coat on it that were having i single golden stripe on the middle of the collar..with a black pant..he was sitting with a red rose in his hand…there was a girl standing wearing a beautiful pink gown..with work of silver n golden stones till her waist…
Boy-“i noe wat i will say after that u will be shocked but wat i will say is true…i dont knkw when i fell for u..wen i started loving u..wen the first time i saw u i started liking u…but wen i saw u with him(some 1 else)i was very jelous of him…then i realised that i loved u..yes..i really love u…will u be mine..forever n ever..?
The girl was shocked..she was having tears in her eyes..either that were of happiness or something else..
The boy gets very happy…they both hug each other..very tightly…
Next scene..
The same boy is shown entering sarna mansion…every1 sees him n gets happy…they all started to talk to him..some1 makes him eat food…some1 asks him to take rest..but there was a pair of eyes who were boiling seeing him there…
Promo ends…
So guys…
Who was the boy..
Who was the girl..
Whose pair of eyes wer That..
Want to noe…
Then read..TWInj- A Never Ending Love Story(How Tashan Changes To Ishq)
So guyzz..
M not jasmin..
Yep i m not jasmin..
Because she again met with an accident..jhalli ladki..
I mean that k her 1 foot got fractured n her right hand’s elbow got fractured n wrist is badly injured..
N she had wrote one os that she asked me to give to ria di n kruti di..
She told me to inform u all that she wont be able to post intil she gets fine..
Some times she will tell me or she will post after she gets all right..
So u guys have 2 options choose any1 n according to that she will work..
So here r the options..
1) She will post once she is all rite..
2) She will ask me to post n the epis will be small because there will be some or the other person inside the room..
U guys choose wat u all want..
Hope u all remember her..
N i m a silent reader of all the ff’s…
I never commented in amy1’s..
Jasmin~ Hey guz..plzz cooperate with me..m very srry for not posting..choose the options n let me know..n love u all..muah!!
byee guyzz..
love u all lots..

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  1. Adya

    Uff yrr…..she’s really jhalli……mtlb how can she again meet with an accident…… buddhu kahiki……Achha ask her to take gud rest of herself…….nd come back to tu TU fast…..nd yeah I’ll go with the 2nd option……..short updates chalega…….nd the promo was super aweeessssooooommmmmeeee
    Jasmine…….my cuttttteeeeeiiiiieeeee…..take care yr…..mtlb r u Monkey…..that u always fall or meet with an accident hnn???
    Achha leave it…..nd Jasmine’s friend ( I hope) pls post the next part soon……nd do take care of that jhalli…..pls …….love u Jasmine…..

  2. Ramya

    Jasmin dear plsss take care n only post when u r alright n jasmins frnd pls take care of jasmin n tq fr passing us msg

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    hey bhagwan…..pta ni kya hoga iss ladki ka….bilkul bhi dhyan ni rakhti h….pgl chori…..khr ab kuch ho ni skta…accident toh ho gya….lkn ab pura proper rest krna…dhyan rakhna apna ab puri tarah se….aur 2nd option sahi rahega

  4. Awesome promo… Jasmin yaar take care of urself… Get well soon dear… Nd i’ll go with the 2nd option… Love u dear…

  5. Payal...

    Hey jasmin pls take care of your self and post your ff after your all rite
    love u
    take care

  6. Post wen u r prftly alryt….

  7. SidMin

    Promo is quite interesting Post when you are perfectly alright For me your health is more important then the ff 🙂 Love you dear
    Take care 🙂

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