Twinj- A Never Ending Love Story (how tashan changes to ishq) – Epi 6


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N now a small recap
Recap-it all starts from yuhis engagement…then twinjs tashan..leela n usha planning there marriage..twinj shocked..they say no…leela n usha’s plan to make kunj n twinkle twinj…they going to shimla for there holidays..n both dint knew that they will be going at the same place..n will stay in same hotel..n next to eo..they come to know that it was there moms plan..some masti in plane.. n for more do read my epi’s..
So lets start
K-how will i survive with this syapaa queen…
T-shut up n think about me…i m going to die..
K-leave it but y will my mom send me with this chatter box..bas pure din chapad..
T-shut up..she thinks something n says..They did this Because we said no to this marriage so they made plan..oh my can ma think that i will go for a holiday n that to with this sadu..khadoos sarna..huh..
Kunj shocked..n says

K-oh hello…of course aunty can think.aree yaar i m a smart,dashing,cool,handsome n a popular bachlor..
T-oh hello sadu…jyada ud mat..neeche aaja..tu zameen par hi thik h..tere liye upar na koi jagah nahi h..samja..ja jaake na apna chehra aaine me dekh le..tu or vo bhi smart..huh..(oh hello sadu…dont fly too much in the air..come down..u r better in here only..u don have a place there..understood..go n see ur fave in mirror..u n that too smart..huh..)
K-oh god how can this chatter box speak too much in one go..n yeah i have seen my face many times but never in mirror u know y..because i usually see it in each n every girl’s eye..they just eye me wen i m in front of them..understand..u better understand..n yeah ye kya sadu khadoos sadu khadoos sadu khadoos laga rakha h..mera naam kunj sarna h..kunj sarna..samji..khabardar u call me sadu or khadoos(n yeah..way is this sadu khadoos sadu khadoos sadu name is kunj sarna..kunj sarna ..understood..dare u call me sadu or khadoos)
Twinkle was just blinking her eyes coz he spoke everythingin just one go..then she comes to reality as he snaps his fingers in front of her..
T-oh god..u tell me that i speak too much n m a chatter box n i accepted the reality..then y dont u too accept the reality mr.kunj no no sorry sorry…mr.khadoos sarna..yes Sadu also suits u but khadoos more..umm yrah its good.. because ks sor kunj sarna n ks for khadoos sarna twinkle wow..

K-stop it chatter box or else i will
T-wat will u do khadoos sarna..
K-are yaar teri aadat h kya beech me bolne ki..bolne to de pehle..(do have the habit of speaking in between haa..let me speak first..)haa so wer i was..yaa or else i will call u…umm yaa..i will call u syaapa suits u also..wer ever u go ipu always take syaapa along with u..syaapa ki dukan..(syaapa’s shop)
T-shut up ok…i m not at all a syaapa queen..this name doesn’t suit me ok..i m miss amritsar..panjabi phataka.. with beauty grace..
K- oh ho! Miss amritsar..n u..huh..i think the judge was blind..or wen he saw u he became blind..hehe
T-stop it..
K-you stop it..
(Tashane tashane tashane ishq plays in bg)
K-i dont want to waste my time talking with u..i have other works also in my life..
T-hoo…u r wasting time..u urself r a waste of time..actually u r inspiration for those who just chill..
K- yes u r right but 1 correction..not me its u who is inspiration of lazy peoples..
T-yaa..ok ok..atleast i m inspiration of some1..let it be the peoples who chill or do whatever..but look at u..huh!!
K-urg…y babaji y..see me..aapne mujhe kitni fursat se banaya h par iss syaape ki dukaan ko banane me itni kyu jaldi kar di ki aap ne isko bheja dena hi bhul gaye..mujhe chalta ki aap mujhe 10-20 min cum kar dete..but iske me thodi si buddhi tomil jati..(u made me so chillingly but u Made this syaapa’s shop in so hurry that u forgot to put brain in will work for me that u deleted 10-20 mins from making me..i dint mind..but atleast she can get some brain instead of this empty side)
T-urgh..i dont want to talk to u..
K-as if i m interested..plzz dont talk..for god’s sake..

There flight got landed..they took there luggage n went out..there was snow all around..they started calling there mom’s..just then twinkle says
T-kunj,i have a idea..
K-wow,u also get idea..i mean u have idea then also dont give it because u dont have brain so watever idea u will give will be rubbish only..
T-oh hello! Shut up..I will call my mom n u will call ur
Just then kunj interrupts n says

K-wats new..we will do tat only no..stupid!
T-shut up..just shut ur mouth n listen..
And she keeps her finger on his lips(sajna ve plays)kunj sees her n then at her finger…twinkle realizes wat she did
T-i…i…u just shut ur mouth..
Kunj smiles..
K-haa..ok fine my mom..(meri ma)
T-hmm..wer i was..
K-i will call my mom then..
T-oh ya..then we will keep the phone in speaker n listen wat they say ok..
They call their mom and twinkle says
T-mom n aunty how can u both even think that i will go with kunj..
K-oh hello! How can they think that i will go with u..
T-ya n aunty we will not go with eo vese bhi chinki is coming…
K-ya adi is also coming..
L n u-thay will not come..
Twinj shocked..leesa rocked..

L n u-yes..u cant do U can’t do this much for ur mom..we don noe anything but u both will not come back tp amritsar..
U-that’s ur problem…n saying this cuts the call..
K-how will i survive..
T-think about me..
Then they both searches for taxi..kunj gets it but twinkle is still struggling to find..
K-u will not get any taxi..come with me..
T-no thanks..n vaise bji mere itne bhi bure din nahi aaye ki mujhe tumhare saath jana pade(n btw my bad time din came much that i need to go with u)
K-ok as u wish..i m saying this last time..r u comingor not..
T-no thanks..dont show pity on me..
K-ok..then stand here..
T-ok wait

Twinkle comes n sits in taxi..they r on the way…twinkle is shivering a lil coz of the cool atmosphere of shimla..kunj sees her shivering n takes out his jacket from his back n puts it in her shoulder(sajna ve plays)(guys its not necessary that everytime the hero will wear the jacket at the can happen like this also..)
Twinkle(thinks)-kunj u r so caring..u r just opposite of wat i thought..n smiles
They share a cute eyelock(mere rubaroo frm jamai raja plays)they reaches the hotel..they comes to receptionist n ask about theie room which r already booked
(Guys r for receptionist)
R-yeah sir and mam..ur room is ready…please r the keys..
Saying this she handovers only one room’s key to them which shocked them…
T-wat is this..i m miss twinkle no.390
K-n i m mr.kunj no.389
R-oh so sorry mam n sorry sir..actually 1 Couple was coming n i thought that u both r the couple coming here..actually please don mind but u both look perfect together..any1 can think u as couple..
They both look at eo..
T-u n me cute..
They go to their rooms..kunj gets a call from usha..he picks upn says
K-haa maa(yes maa)
U-kunj i n leela r doing for urs n twinkle’s sake only..n yeah u r going at a party in the evening..the invitation card is at urs n twinkles room only..n before party u n twinkle will go for shopping..
K-maa but..
U-plzz kunj..
N comes in front of twinkle’s room n without knocking he goes inside…twinkle was wearing white coloured shots n a plink n grey coloured lining top in which at a side a heart of green colour was made..actually she was thinking that wat should she wear n then thinks that she will wear it for some times only…kunj comes inside her room..n sees her wearing first he looks at ger lovingly..he goes towards her n backhugs twinkle is smiling..suddenly some children’s sounds r heard n it all turns out to be kunj’s day dream..kunj suddenly turns back n says
K-wat is this twinkle..
Twinkle is shocked seeing kunj

T-hoo..dont u have manners..u came inside without knocking…stupid..
K-yeah i forgot..but wat r u wearing..
Twinkle feels shy and says
T-i m just coming in a minute..u just wait here..
Saying this she rushes to washroom..
Kunj turns n smiles n thinks-wat is happening with u kunj..leave all this but twinkle u were looking beautiful Beautiful in it…he realizes wat he said n thinks..wat i just said beautiful..n that too to twinkle..kunj have u gone mad..but wats happening with me..urgh..leave it..kunj brushes his thoughts the mean time twinkle came out in a beautiful up and down frock of white colour till her waist n dark blue colour in the rest of the part..kunj gets mesmerized seeing her..he stares at her comtinuously..she shakes his hand n says
T-oh hello mr.khadoos sarna..
Kunj comes to reality n says..
K-yeah mom told me..
He was about to say wen his chatter box urf our twinkle interrupted n said..
T-i know mom called me n said everything..lets go for shopping..
K-ok just wait i m coming in 5 mins..
15 mins passed…30 mins twinkle was super angry and says
T-this boys na!jusy too much..she goes inside his room..he is shirtless n in a towel…she is shocked n shouts seeing him like this n closes her eyes..

K-some1 was saying sometimes before that u should knock n come wer r ur manners haa..
T-just shut up..iwas very angry..u said that u will come in 5 mins..n its now 30 mins gone..
K-yeah..wo actually i was confused which shirt should i wear..
T-bas itni si baat..(only this much) i can tell u..go to washroom..i will bring the shirt..
Kunj smirks in funny way..he says that i m going but stood behind her..twinkle opened her eyes n went to his wardrobe..she takes out a white shirt for kunj n turns n finds kunj standing there n shouts again..but this time kunj puts his In order to cover her mouth…
K-shh..its me only yaar..hmm..btw white shirt..u noe white is my favourite colour..
Saying this he removes his hand from her mouth n moves towards her
T-wat r u doing kunj..
N comes more close to her..he comes close to her n takes the perfume

bottle which was kept behind her n it looks like that he is hugging her..he comes close to her ears n says..
K-twinkle i m not that type of boy that u think..i will npt do that types of things..
N saying this he moves back but his chain gets tangle in her frocks stone..twinkle takes out his chain while he looks at her lovingly(sajna ve plays)…then kjnj goes to washroom to wear shirt..twinkle smiles n says to herself
T-yes kunj u r rite..u r not that type of boy which i thought..u r soo good n caring..u r so nice MY KHADOOS SARNA(MY KHADOOS SARNA echoes 2-3 times)(hua h aaj pehli baar starting tune plays)
Screen freezes..
Precap-twinj go for shoping..twinkle likes a dress very much..she finds her purse to give the shopkeeper money but finds it missing n thought that she forgot it in car only n says to shopkeeper “to give her the dress n she is bringing the money”..shopkeeper says “that u cant fool me..i know wat type of girl u r”..kunj listens this n becomes angry n comes there..he throws money on shopkeepers face..shopkeeper says “i dont take it from strangers”..kunj says “i know her”..shopkeeper says “oh so u r her bf”..kunj gets angry n says..”she is my wife”..twinkle gets shocked..Hey gus..

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