Twinj (A never ending love story) intro


Hi guys I thought 2 write a fan fiction of twinj love story. This z d introduction. Hope u will like it.

Twinkle taneja: A hot,charming,beautiful,opinionated girl. Daughter of leela taneja. Bf of chinki.

Chinki: A beautiful,cute,simple girl. Bf of twinkle.

Yuvraj luthra: A handsome,flirt boy. Son of Anita luthra. Cousin brother of kunj.

Kunj sarna: A handsome hunk,cute,passionate to books. Son of usha sana and manohar sana. Cousin brother of yuvraj.

Twinkle and chinki r bf but they share a sister bond. Yuvraj and kunj r cousin brothers but they share a brother bond.

The parents of yuvraj and kunj are always fighting for money. Yuvraj and kunj grandfather had a property of 10 billion. Due to that there z no peace in d house.

So guys this z d story. Plz tell shall I continue or not. I hope I will get good comments. And sorry if there r any mistakes.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. Plz continue Dr nice start but don’t make yuvi nd chinki as pair make Love triangle between kunj twinkle nd uv

  2. Sorry anu. But I’m making yuvraj and chinki as pair. But l’ll try to fulfill ur wish.

  3. It will be nice if a triangular love plays.

  4. Actually I don’t like love triangle. Or else any one have to become villain. And in my ff I kunj and yuvraj share a real brother bond. U can see . U have wrote it like that. And in d serial it z already love triangle.I’m very sorry maryam and anu. Bcoz there z no love triangle for twinkle. But maybe I will put a love triangel later . But the other person will not be yuvraj . He will be anybody else.

  5. I’m very sad that my ff got spoiled. Bcoz every1 wants love triangle. Maybe I will be able to make love triangle later.

  6. Princess roshni

    Yh plz make it a triangle love both of them should figh for twinkle bdw it will match the family is fighting for properties and children will fight for a girl

  7. Ok. As per ur wish,I will make a love triangle. I will bring a new character 2 pair wd chinki.

  8. Heya I’m with u if u wnt to make lv ? then make it if u don’t wnt so don’t make it Cuz I don’t like that too ur maha with new name

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