Twinj (A never ending love story) episode 9

Hi guys. I’m so sorry for the late update but u all know that I can’t update regularly. So will always have to wait for one or two days. Ok now we should start with the episode.

Recap: twinj dance. Romantic moments. Twinkle went to kunj house. Yuvi troubles them.

Twinkle is sleeping. Leela comes and wakes up twinkle. Twinkle says maa. Let me sleep. Today is Sunday. Leela says twinkle get up. We have to go to temple. Twinkle says ok and gets ready. She is wearing a orange suit with red and white shade. Kunj calls twinkle twinkle picks up.

Twinkle: hi kunj.
Kunj: hi twinkle. How r u.
Twinkle: fine. Like always.
Kunj: so what’s ur plan for today.
Twinkle: nothing. I and maa r going temple.
Kunj: oh. Shall we meet at restaurant at 4:00
Twinkle : why not.
Kunj: ok. Be ready. See u at restaurant.
Twinkle: yaa. Ok. Bye.
Kunj: bye.

And they disconnects the call.

Leela calls twinkle and says come fast. Twinkle rushes and says that Kunj has called and he had told to meet at restaurant. Leela tells ok. Now we should go.

They reached the temple. Twinkle prays to God to help her to get rid of twinkle. Leela prays hey! Vaye guru. I want kunj as my son in law. Plz do something so that they realise their love for each other.

They left the temple.

Twinkle gets ready to go to restaurant. She wears a green suit. She is looking very beautiful.

She reached the restaurant. She sees kunj and goes to him.

Twinkle: hi kunj.
Kunj: oh. Hi. U came. I was waiting for u only.
Twinkle: but kunj. Why u called me here.
Kunj: wait. U come with me.
Twinkle: where?
Kunj: just come.

He takes her out of the restaurant. Makes her sit in car. Twinkle is confused as where is her taking her.

They reached their destination. Kunj puts a cloth on twinkle eye. He opens the door. He untie the cloth. Twinkle is surprised to see such a beautiful place. The place is fully decorated with red and white flowers. Kunj takes her inside. It’s a big haveli.

Kunj: twinkle. My father own this haveli. Isn’t it beautiful.
Twinkle: it’s so beautiful. .
Kunj: u were very sad because of yuvi so that’s why I brought u here. From morning Im doing all this. This all decoration I had only done.
Twinkle: really kunj. U care for me so much. She hugs him and cries.
Kunj: why r u crying twinkle.
Twinkle: kunj. U r so nice. I’m very happy to have u as a friend. For my happiness u did so much.
Kunj: oh. U girls r too too much. I have done this much to make u smile and u r crying.
Twinkle: ok I will not cry. She wipes her tears.

Kunj takes her to a room. The servant brought some dishes for them. They both eat it. Twinkle was eating when little food was there near her mouth. Kunj signs twinkle but she didn’t understand. Kunj wipes the food and says now it’s better.

They both sits in the car.

Twinkle: thank u kunj. Thank u so much. In my whole life nobody had given me such a nice surprise. Kunj is happy to see her happy.
Kunj: ur most welcome. I can do anything for ur happiness. Sajna be plays.

Kunj drops twinkle home. Twinkle gets inside and goes to her room.

She thinks about kunj and says I don’t know why kunj but I feel like u r very special to me. I have never felt this before. She thinks about kunj and smiles.

Precap: someone kidnaps Chinki.

( I know I had told that kunj will be kidnapped but I changed the story)

I hope u all like the episode. Plz do comment and if u r feeling my ff is boring then u can tell me. If u want to give any suggestions then feel free to give.

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