Twinj (A never ending love story) episode 8 Maha episode.


Hi guys. I’m so so so very very sorry for so late update. In this maha episode nothing is actually maha but because it will be little big that’s why I named it as maha episode. I hope u will like the episode. Do comment after reading. Let’s start with a recap.

Recap : twinj decides to dance on rang de tu mo he gerua. Kunj invites twinkle to her home for the new year party.

Kunj is tensed to see yuvi and thinks I have to keep her away from twinkle. But he will not do anything. He is my brother. But I have to be alert.

Yuvi and Anita r happy and smirks.

The next day.

At the college.

Chinki comes to yuvi and yuvi. Will u become my dance partner. Yuvi refuses but on insisting he agrees and says ok. U r my friend so I accept it. Chinki excitedly hugs him. Twinj sees this. Twinkle prays to god baba ji. Plz make yuvi relive that chinki loves him. I don’t love. But my life is in a big dilemma. I’m so confused. Plz help me. Kunj says don’t worry twinkle. One day yuvi will realize that he loves chinki and not u. They r perfect for each other and god will not separate them. Twinkle nods her head and smiles. Kunj says come we should go.

On the day of new year.

Everybody r wearing mask. They r wearing clothes in white and red.

Twinkle comes to kunj and says hi kunj. I hope u remember the dance steps. Kunj says kunj sarna will never forget anything. Twinkle says really. Kunj says I remember. Don’t worry. We will surely win. Twinkle says yaa we will win. But we should at least done the last practice. Kunj says oh god. U girls r too much. I’m trying to make y smile and u r making more weird faces. At least today u can smile. Twinkle smiles and tells kunj. U r so nice. U care for me so much. They have an eye lock. Sajna ve plays.

Yukio comes there. Chinki says wow twinkle u r looking so beautiful. Twinkle says oh thanks u chinki. U r also looking very beautiful. Chinki says thank u thank u very very much. The four smiles.

The principal says ok so we r now going to start our dance competition.

Ishveer dances on hum tere bin ab re nahi sakte.

Abhigya dances on manma emotions jaage re.

Swasan dances on janam janam.

Yukio dances on deewani mastani. Yuvi was holding chinki at the end of of the dance.

Twinj dances on rang de tu mo he gerua. Kunj was holding twinkle in his arms.

Twinkle says I had thought u won’t be able to pick me. Kunj says ohh. Again u have started. I’m going. Twinkle says no no. Plz don’t go. U r my only friend in this college. Kunj says oh really. He comes closer to her.he says then what about chinki. Z she not ur friend. Kunj goes. Twinkle thinks about him and sees him going.

At night.

Twinkle’s family comes to kunj home. Twinkle is wearing a white gown with blue shade. Kunj tells her to come inside. They all come and sit. Usha tells u children. Go and gossip. What u will do in between the elders.

Kunj takes twinkle to her room.

Kunj says twinkle u r looking gorgeous. Twinkle says ohh. At last u praised me. Kunj laughs.
Twinkle says today was so nice. I loved it. I hope yuvi will not do anything. Yuvi comes and says twinkle I will make u mine. Twinkle says yuvi u. Kunj says yuvi. Control yourself. Yuvi says twinkle why u didn’t danced with me. Twinkle says yuvi. I don’t love u. Yuvi was about to come closer to her when usha comes and says come children. The food is ready.

The there had their food.

Twinkle messages chinki and tells her what yuvi did. Chinki replies u should be away from yuvi. Twinkle asks kunj where is the washroom. Kunj takes her to washroom. Twinkle says I had told u this yuvi is no good. I’m sure he will do something. Kunj says don’t worry. Everything will be fine.

Twinkle and her family went to home.

Precap : twinj were having ice cream when some goons comes in a car and kidnaps kunj. Twinkle shouts kunj.

I hope u like the episode. I know it’s very late and u all will be very angry with me.

Plz comment also.

Credit to: Sahima

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