Twinj (A never ending love story) episode 6


Hi guys. So sorry for such a late update.

Recap : yuvi realises her love for twinkle. Chinki realises her for yuvi. Usha and Anita decides to make twinkle her daughter in law.

Twinkle is happy to see chinki happy. Twinkle says chinki to come. Chinki says I’m felling so happy today.

The next day. Twinkle and chinki comes to school. Twinkle goes and sits with kunj. Chinki goes and sits with yuvi. Yuvi says in his heart today I will propose twinkle. Twinkle asks kunj. How r u feeling now? Kunj says better than before. The class ends.

It’s recess yuvi sas to twinkle come with me. Twinkle says where. Yuvi says just come. He took her ta place where nobody is there. Twinkle says what is this? Why u brought me here? Yuvi sits on his knees and tells twinkle. I love u I love u very much . Will u marry me? Twinkle is shell shocked to see yuvi like this. She says yuvi what is this? Yuvi says I love I twinki. I want to marry u. Twinkle remembers chinki realizing her love for yuvi. She says to yuvi. I don’t love and I will never love. U should forget me Bcoz I will never marry u . Yuvi says how can u say like this? I love u so much. He holds her hand. Twinkle jerks her hand away and tells don’t ever think of marrying me. She wents from there. Yuvi says I will make u mine. Chinki sees all this. She cries and wents from there. She says if yuvi and twinkle love each other then I should not come in between them.

Kunj sees twinkle crying. Kunj asks twinkle why r u crying? What happened? Plz tell me. So that I can help u. Twinkle says no nothing happened.kunj says plz twinkle tell me. What happened? Twinkle says that yu………yuvi. just then the principal announces everyone to come . He says a dance competition is held in our school. U have to dance with ur partner. It’s ur wish with whom u r gng to dance. But there should be one girl and one boy. So start choosing ur dance partners. The competition will be on the 1st of Jan 2016.

Twinkle says that yuvi.he proposed me. Kunj says what nonsense? Do u know what r u talking. Twinkle says this the truth. Plz believe me. Kunj says in mind. Maybe it is true Bcoz twinkle is crying and she will not cry without any reason. Kunj says ok. I will ask yuvi about this. He goes to find yuvi. Yuvi comes to twinkle and says will u become my dance partner.twinkle says what is ur problem? Can’t u understand anything. She sees kunj and goes to him. She says kunj plz help. That yuvi is after my life. Kunj asks where is he? Twinkle says there. She says now he was here only only. He was asking to me to become his dance partner. Kunj says we will find him later. First u stop crying. Kunj hugs twinkle. Yuvi sees this and says if anyone will come in my way then I will not spare him. Twinkle asks will u become my dance partner. Kunj says yaa sure. First time y r asking me something. They hug each other. Sajna ve plays.

Twinkle says to kunj u should come to my home. Yesterday I came to ur home . Today u come to my home. I will tell u the address. Kunj says ok. Twinkle says but don’t bring yuvi with u. Kunj says ok. Twinkle gives him the address. He say I will come till 4. Ok. Twinkle says ok.

Precap : twinj practices for dance competition. Chinki asks yuvi to become her dance partner.

I know it’s short. But adjust with it. And Plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz comment guys.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. Very ossum episode….yr….plzz make it little bigger…..*very much excited for next epi*….!….luv ur work yaar….!!! 🙂

  2. Not a bad episode like the twist but need more romance then just hugging to common stuff

  3. Nice episode eagerly waiting 4 the nxt episode

  4. Nice episode.i love the track ….plz update dailynaa…

  5. Thanks everyone

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