Twinj (A never ending love story) episode 4


Hi guys. So so sorry for the late update. But now I came back. So we will start the episode with a recap.

Recap : anil is restricted. Twinj became friends.

Twinkle and kunj shake hands and decide not to fight again. Yuvi fumes seeing this and thinks why is he so angry. Kunj sees yuvi and says”yuvi tu tha h. Chal ghar chal. Maa interact kar rhi hogi”. Yuvi says”Haa chal”. Before going kunj waves bye to twinkle. Twinkle also waves him.

Twinkle sees chinki flirting with boys and goes to her and says”or tu yaha h aur hum pagalon ki tarah tumhe idhar udhar doondh rhe h. Ab chal jaldi. Der ho gyi to maa se bhut da ant kahani padegi”. Chinki says”ha ha aa rhi hu. Acha ye sab to thik h par tune kaha ki ‘HUM’ doondh rhe the. Dusra kaun tha. Boyfriend ha. Good…….
Twinkle says “Oyne tu apni bad was band kar. Ladko ke peeche tu pagal h main nhi. Wo main aur kunj tumhe aur yuvraj ko doondh rhe the”. Chinki says”iska matlab tumhari dost kunj se ho gyi. Chalo acha h. Ki tune kisi se to dosti ki. Warna wo anil……..Twinkle interferes and says”na am bhi mat le uska. Ek no. Ka ghatiya insaaf h wo. Wo mera past tha aur main use b hula dena chahti hu. Acha hua ki prof. Ne use college se nikalna diya”. Chinki says” acha thik h ab chal”.

They head towards their home. They sat in the car. But after sometime the car stopped. Twinkle asks to the driver”kya hua kaka. Gaddi kyu r ok di”. Driver says”beta lagta h gari me kuch kharab ho gayi h. Aap dono auto se Chale jao”. Twinkle says”koi baat nahi . Hum auto se Chale jaege”.

They get out of the car. They tried to stop autos but to no avail. Then a man stops his car and asks twinkle”lift chahiye kya??”

He bends the glass. Twinkle sees he z anil. Anil gets out of the car. Twinkle says”tum. Tumhai him mat kaise hui hame lift puchne ki. Nhi chahiye Hume tumhari lift”. Chinki says”ha sahi ke rhi h twinki. Chala jaao yaha se. Warna bahut but a hoga”.

Anil pushes chinki and she falls down and gets hurt. Twinkle shouts”chinki”.

She says to anil”oye tere dimag h ya nhi. Ye kya kiya tune . Chala ja a yaha se”. Anita says”nhi main tum se bada le kar rahoonga. Kahi nhi jane wala main. Agar jaaonga to tumhe apne saath le kar jaaonga”. Twinkle says”tumhe jo kar na h tu kar. Main nhi darti tujhse”.

Anil comes closer to her. She takes her steps back . Anil was about to touch her. Kunj was passing by. He sees this and goes to help twinkle. Anil puts hand on teinkle’s face. Kunj comes in between and beats him. They starts fighting.

Anil says”main wapas aoonga. Zaroor aoonga”. He winks at twinkle and went from there.

Twinkle hug a kunj tightly. Kunj hugs her back. Sajna be plays. They broke the hug. Kunj dropped twinkle and chinki to their home.

Precap: yuvi realises her love for twinkle. Chinki realises her love for yuvi. The principal announces a dance competition.

Sorry again for the late update. Hope u like the episode. And plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz comment friends. As comments means a lot to me.

Credit to: Sahima

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