Twinj: A Never Ending Love story: Episode 3


the episodes starts with twinkle being shocked

T:maa what did u say
L:arey we was talking about your marriage proposal with usha’s son and his name is kunj

Twinkle was double shocked to hear this kunj’s name echoed in her both ears

Twinkle thinks:kunj and me no way but I have to do this for maaa…..but then also she was a bit happy in her heart.and usha and leela decides to discuss this proposal in the evening

the tanejas and sarna meet in the restaurant
RT:are manohar….u here
M:yaa I came here to meet tanejas to talk with them about the marriage proposal of my son with their daughter twinkle
R:ooo so u are kunj’s father and twinkle is my daughter
Rt and Manohar was happy as they were going to be relatives

next scene
both tanjesas and saranas haved their dinner and they fixed twinjs engagement after two days and both the families were so exited

after two days
it was twinjs engagement and it was helded at sarana mansion and both the families were busy and twinj was thinking about eachother and was tensed abot the engament

The Screen Freezes on Twinjs Tensed Face

Precap:twinjs engagement and twist

Credit to: Foggy Dawn

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