Twinj (A never ending love story) episode 2


Hey this z d second part. Yesterday I had updated it too small. But today it will be long.

Recap: kunj throws water on yuvi and he gets up drained. Yuvi comes out of washroom wearing underwear. Kunj laughs.

Kunj says”Haa ab thik h”. Yuvi combed his hair. Kunj warns not to flirt with girls after going to the college as it’s our first day. Yuvi says “tu data kyu h yaar? Pella din h to kya hua college to college hota h. Jitni hot hot girls rhi waha pe. Aur waise yuvi kisi larkiyan se flirt nhi karta. Larkiyaan khud mere paas chal kar aati hai. Aakhir kar main hui itna hot and handsome”. Kunj says “chal pheku kahi ka”. He tells him to get ready fast. Yuvi gets ready. Both kunj and yuvi went downstairs. They take blessings of their mothers. There mother does aarti of them. Usha tells to kunj it’s ur first day. Take care of ur brother. Anita says this time the one who will get more marks. That family will get the propertym of 10 billion. She says to usha do u accept the challenge. Usha says I accept ur challenge. She says my son will be the one who will get more marks than yuvi. Yuvi and kunj looks at each other and says in their mind “not again. Phir se shuru ho gayi in log ki ladai”.

Just then manohar comes and says”phir shuru ho gye tum log. Maine kaha h na ki hum ek pari baar h aur ye proper hum gareebo ko de denge”.Anita says “har gis nhi ye paisa to mera hi hoga. Usha says”nhi ye mera hoga”. They starts their fighting when kunj tells”bas kijiye maa. Aaj ha mara pehla din kam se kam aaj to mat ladiye”. Yuvi and kunj leaves from there. They sit in the car and leaves for the college.

They reached the college. Kunj z little afraid as it’s their first day. Yuvi starts flirting with girls. Then he saw a girl wearing a pink colour suit. He stops there seeing her. Kunj thinks why he stopped. And he saw the yuvi z staring at a girl. He also sees and her and gets mesmerised. She z none other than twinkle.They both r staring at her. Then chinki turns and says to twinkle wow
two handsome boys. Twinkle says”oh chinki tu bhi na. Sirf ladko ke hi peeche padhi rehti h”. Chinki says whatever. I think they r new in school . I had not saw them before . She tells twinkle to come with her. Twinkle denies and tells u go alone. Chinki dragges her and takes her to yuvi and kunj. Chinki asks kunj and yuvi what z their . Yuvi starts flirting with her and says”mera na am h yuvi luthra. Ma’am to suna hi hoga”. Twinkle says “nhi suna”. Yuvi tells today z their first day of college. She tells hi to kunj and gives her hand for friendship. But kunj denies and says”main larkiyan se jaldi dost nhi karta”. By saying this he left from there. Twinkle fumes and thinks how arrogant he is. A he also leaves from there. Chinki and yuvi saw them leaving and follows them. The Bell rings. Everybody went to their class.

Twinkle yuvi chinki and kunj r shocked to see each other as they r studying in the same class.

Precap: twinkle slips and kunj holds her. Yuvi sees them.

Credit to: Sahima

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