Twinj: A Never Ending Love story: Episode 2


Scene 1

Twinkle,Mahi and Kunj reaches the college and went to their classes.In twinkle’s class chinki {twinkle’s best friend} and in kunj’s class uv{kunj’s best friend}was waiting for them.
twinkle went and sat near chinki
C:hello twinkle…
T:hello chinki….today did u see them
T:uv and kunj
C:uv and kunj or just kunj
T:shut up chinki… in anger
C:arey…I was just joking
T:I don’t like such stupid jokes
C:now just leave it

Scene 2
kunj reached classroom and sat with uv

U:hey kunj
K:hello uv
U:why r u late today
K:I am not late…..look at your watch I am on time only
U:oh sry it was by mistake

Scene 3

college was over and twinkle and mahi went back o their home were usha and anita was talking with leela

Twinkle and Mahi together:maaa who is this
L:beta they are my childhood friends and today I met them after many years
T&M:namste aunty
U&A:namaste beta
L:we were discussing about twinkles marriage proposal with usha’s son

Twinkle was shocked
Screen Freezes on twinkles shocked face

Precap:Sarnas and Tanejas disscuss about twinkle’s and kunj’s marriage

Credit to: Foggy Dawn

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  1. Mashaallah foggy it was great epi

  2. And one more thing would mind sharing your real name please this foggy is little weird but only if you don’t have a problem ok it’s just a request

  3. i am not having any problem but i had just done it for a safety
    my real name is fathima

  4. hi fathima…its really nice..waiting for ur next one…

  5. Osm epi dear loved it so so much do cont soon plzzzzz luv u

  6. Nice episode

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