Twinj (A never ending love story) episode 1


Het guys this z d first episode of my ff.and I have decided to make a love triangle. Here we go.

A rich house z shown. Then the scene shifts to a room where a handsome and cute boy z combing his hair. He z none other than kunj.

A voice z heard saying “kunj tubu uth jao”. She z usha. Kunj says “main uth gaya maa par yuvi abhi tak so rha h”. Usha said 2 kunj to wake up yuvi. Kunj tries to wake up yuvi by calling his name, taking blanket from him. Pushing him here and there but to no avail. Then like always he brings a glass of water and throws on his face. Yuvi gets up fully drained and said. “Ye kya ? Koi kisi ko is tarah utha tha h kya? Kunj says “jo bhi uthete h unhe aise hi uthaya jata”. He tells him it’s going to be 8:00 and he z si sleeping. He tells him to get ready fast. He came frome washroom wearing shirt but he didn’t wore pant. Kunj bursts into laughter. Yuvi says”kya hua Bro?mujhe dekh kar aise kyu hans rhe ho? Kunj says “neeche dekh samajh jaayega”. Yuvi sees down. He gets shocked as he came out wearing underwear. He goes inside d washroom and wears and came out. He tells to kunj”ab thik h”. Kunj z still laughing and tells Haa ab thik h.

Precap: kunj and yuvi mesmerised seeing twinkle. Chinki flirts wd yuvi and kunj.

Sorry guys I know it’s too small. I will try to update d next part today. And sorry for d mistakes.

Credit to: Sahima

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