Twinj: A Musical Journey (OS) part 1

Twinj: A Musical Journey (OS) part 1
The arena was filled with excited voices, the air was filled with electric, and then as the lights went down.. the voices turned into frenzy..everyone was shouting only one name “kunj…kunj….kunj….we love u…”
A spotlight emerged at the centre of the stage…and showed a person standing with a guitar in his hand… a soft prelude begun to play…then…
“Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Yara yara yara!”
Simultaneously the cheering could be heard.. “wooo…wooooo”
Mujhko irade de, kasme de, vaade de
Meri duaon ke isharon ko sahare de
Dil ko thikane de, naye bahane de
Khwaabon ki barishon ko
Mausam ke paimane de
Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Karde idhar bhi tu nighahein

His face is revealed…He was a cute…Handsome guy… in his mid twenties… he played the guitar and sang at the same time…

Sun raha hai na tu, Ro rahi hu mein..
Sun raha hai na tu Kyun ro raha hu main x (2)

Mazilein rusva hain, khoya hai rasta
Aaye le jaaye itni si ilteja
Yeh meri zamaanat hai
Tu meri amaanat hai haan

Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Karde idhar bhi tu nighaahein
Sun raha hai na tu
Ro raha hun main
Sun raha hai na tu
Kyun ro raha hu main

Waqt bhi thehra hai
Kaise kyun yeh hua
Kash tu aise aaye jaise koi dua
Tu rooh ki rahat hai
Tu meri ibadat hai
Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Karde idhar bhi tu nighahein

Sun raha hai na tu
Ro raha hun main
Sun raha hai na tu
Kyun ro raha hu main x (2)
He ends his song.. after the concert a long queue is waiting outside… just to have a glance at kunj take a selfie…and so on… kunj waves a bye and gets in his car…
Inside the car he has his assistant come friend.. Yuvraj… who says “kunj..what is this.. u should have clicked a pic atleast…”
K: yuvi plzzz u know i don’t like all this…m tired can we not talk about it…
Y: k.. as u say..driver lets go home..
On the whole way kunj didnt utter a word…
At home:
Y: kunj… sun raha hain??
K: bol..
Y: Alisha ka call aya tha..
Kunj still didnt speak..
Y: kunj..say something… she said she would come home if u don’t contact her within 24 hours..and i don’t want a mess…
K: yuvi.. i cant just think of all these.. m stressed…plzz
Y: ikr.. thats y m asking tell me what has happened.. ?? do u want to break up with Alisha??
K: u knw yuvi..that we were just not meant for each other… frankly it was just a compromise….. (before he could finish…door bell rang..)
Y: shit..i guess its her..
Yuvi opened the door in fear..but to her great relief it was postman…
Y: oh.. what ?
Postman: letter for sir..
Y: k..give me..
He leaves..yuvi closes the door..
K: what’s it..??
Y: idk.. urs letter..check it..
K: don’t be it..
Yuvi opens the envelope ..i contained a invitation card..
“this is to notify all the students of heritage high school, that we are organising a reunion for 2006 pass out students…and all of u are invited for the same.. it will be held on 17th December , the coming Friday… and the event will continue till 19th Sunday..” (yuvi carries on redaing the further details..)
Y: great yaar..reunion..!! that means i may have also got..
K: hmm..
Y: what hmm?? U r coming with me..
K: yuvi..plzz don’t kid..
Y: m not kidding.. u r coming with me and that’s final..
K: no..
Y: no more arguments… we r leaving tomorrow pack ur bags..
Saying this yuvi leaves…

Both kunj and yuvi set off for their school in Dehra dun…as they were going up the valleys of Dehra dun few faint memories of childhood gathered in kunj’s mind.. kunj sarna..the great singer and the music sensation of india was once a common guy from the green valleys of this small place..he was born here and spent 18 years of his life studying in heritage high school…. with such beautiful weather and a nostalgic mind set kunj and yuvi reached their destination… “The heritage High School”
They got down from the car and went inside… it almost seemed the same.. it was a holiday as all the preparations were going on for the reunion….. the principal greeted them.. they were shown their respective tents..which were organised for them. Slowly all the students started coming… now everyone was well aware of the famous personality kunj amid as expected they all greeted them.. girls tried to click selfies… yuvi tried to calm them down…
In the evening … a welcome party was arranged were all the students gathered…the principal and the managing trustee gave a short speech.. they showed their humble cooperation…
Then there was a small dinner party near a camp fire… after dinner kunj was asked to sing a song… so he sang…. everyone applauded… kunj excused himself..
Then suddenly a girl stood up saying “kunj.. gana achha gaate ho hum sab jante hain..par woh toh meri dost bhi achha hi gaa leti hain…”
Y: aisa kya?? Umm …miss..
“Mahi…mera naam..”
Y: job hi ho.. are u challenging my friend..??
M: jo samajh nah ain samajh lo….
Y: thik hain.. ho jaye fir… bulao apni friend ko..
M: twinkle… chal shuru ho ja… (she says to the girl sitting next to her who was hiding her face with her dupatta)
M: twinkle.. uth… c’mon..
T: no mahi..plzz this is very embarrassing …
M: twinkle…
The students begun cheering.. “twinkle..twinkle…”
Twinkle stands up and takes the centre.. she is a sweet bubbly girl.. a bit shy…
She starts…

Tu mujhe chhod jaaye
Yeh nahi ho sakta, saathiya…..
Kunj who was far away hears this and turns back.. it seems that he got a shock…he comes running to the place… twinkle continues..
Meri baaton mein tera zikr sadaa
Meri yaad mein teri fikr sadaa
Main jo bhi hoon tum hi to ho
Mujhe tum se mili apni adaa
As she proceed kunj reminisces few faint memories…. a long auditorium… a boy and a girl standing… the boy shouts..the girl cries… she shouts… “ i wont show my face to u ..never…”
Kunj tries to see her face..
She continues..
Kyunki tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho..
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
Tum hi ho, tum hi ho
Arz bhi, mera marz bhi
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
She opens her eyes… and sees kunj standing in front…. she ignores as if she didnt see her… everyone applauds… mahi is very happy…
Twinkle smiles and leaves.
It was almost 1 am when twinkle was sitting outside her tent..lost in some thoughts… kunj also came out of his tent and saw her sitting… she also noticed him but then ignored…
The next day:

Everyone was gathered in the big hall were the breakfast was served. Kunj was having his breakfast when Yuvi came and sat beside her…
“iss ladki ne mera dimag kharap kar ke rakha hua hain…” yuvi stated…
Kunj seemed engrossed in his own world…
“bhai..tujhe kya hua??” yuvi asked..
“nothing..what wre u telling??” replied kunj
“arey that girl what..mahi..yeah she’s eating my mind..” said yuvi
“ y?/” said kunj..
Yuvi: she’s teasing me..that my friend is not that good a singer …
K: so what??
Y: what?? Kunj..she is insulting u nd u are asking what??
K: let her do..anyway she wont stop..
Y: no..she would..but gave a stupid condition…
K: what?
Y: what what??
K: what condition…
Y: leave it.. its stupid..
K: say it..
Y: she said we can have a singing face off between u her that girl twinkle… but i said no..
Kunj put the boiled egg in his mouth and drank the juice… “ c’mon lets move..”
Y: where??
K: u need to announce the face off…
Y: what?? Are u kidding??
K: yuvi…. come…
[yuvi shocked..kunj rocked 😛 ]
Mahi and Yuvi are on the stage of the auditorium.. announcing the singinf face of between kunj and twinkle… each trying to praise their friend respectively… and the count down begins…
Twinj are on stage… they got a intense look in their face… 3..2…1… and booom!!
[only the name of song is mentioned..the rest is assumed to be sung..]
K: asaan nehi yaha aashique ban jana…palkon pe khwabo ko sajana……
T: tu hi ye mujhko bata de.. chahu mein ya na…
K: dhoop se nikal k ..chaanv se phisal k..
T: hawa ke jhoke aj mausam se rooth gye…
K: na seekha mein jeena jeena ….
T: dil u hi bata..kaha tha chupa.. kyun aaj suni teri dhadkan..pehli baar… (twinkle continued singing…when..)
K: haan..dil mere..sunli tere..dil ki pookar….
Yuvi and mahi are shocked… and so is twinkle… her eyes are moist…others continue cheering….
Kunj ends the song… twinj look at each other.. the curtains go down….
Twinkle comes out of the stage.. kunj follows her….
K: twinkleeeee…… (he calls loudly)
She stops….
K: jab promise tor hi diya hain toh baat hi karlo…
T: meine koi promise nehi tora mr sarna.. humara yaha milna.. mehes ek sanjog tha…
Kunj comes closer…
K: sanjog??
T: of coarse… kise pata tha ki the grt super star..kunj sarna bhi yaha ayega… ?/
K: i guess u r forgetting its my school as well…
T: yea… bt is it not very strange then u the great Indian sensation would come all the way from Mumbai to a small school reunion..
K: oh..toh abhi mujhe tumse permission lena padega??
T: mein aisa kab kaha?? In fact mein toh aa bhi nehi rhi thi.. mahi forced…
K: oh.. itni nafrat karti ho mujhse??
Twinkle stares at him…with a deep sigh…
K: kya??
Twinkle starts leaving…
Kunj block her way… “i guess i asked something…”
T: what??
K: u hate me so much??
T: kunj leave my way…
K: first answer….
T: what answer?? U wanna know if i hate u?? That also after a decade… Wow…!! well have i ever said anything to u?? Since i saw u here i kept myself aside… u only came to me… i kept my promise kunj.. u always doubted me.. but i considered u as my friend.. that day also u spoke whatever u felt like..i stayed quiet.. yes i know i had promised not to show u my face again…bt what to do if circumstances force me to do so…
Kunj listened to her …her eyes were moist as she spoke….
Flash back:
A girl and a boy are in school uniform…
Girl: kunj trust me… i had kept ur guitar here only…
Boy: oh just shut up… i should have understood.. u ppl just wanna gain fame.. by coming on the stage.. i chose u to perform with me at the concert and u wanted to let me down.. thank god ki Alisha gave me the new guitar…
T: but kunj…
K: she had warned me earlier…but i was a stupid..who believed u… u used me to get fame…
T: no kunj…
K: blo*dy middle class… i should have understood… bt don’t forget.. u r just a choir singer.. u can never be a superstar… so stop dreaming….
T: (crying…) fine.. i would never show u my face again…
K: better..
She runs away..
Fb ends…
Kunj moved close to twinkle and gives her his kerchief…
“twinkle… i know u were not guilty that day… “ said kunj..
Twinkle looks up..
K: i came to know that it was not u who replaced the guitar.. it was someone else’s prank… i tried to find u hard..but u had gone to ur aunt’s house… and after some days papa took me to Mumbai… i waited for apology but u didnt come…
T: i came back after two months.. and heard that u left for Mumbai,,
K: after going there i became so busy in my career that i hardly had time for all these…but trust me i was never satisfied.. there was something which pinched me within…those days we spent together in the rehearsal hall singing… were one of the best days of my life… u know after leaving dehradun i came to know how much i miss it.. u don’t know how i miss this place.. my school.. class..friends.. u..
Twinkle looks at him… “me??”
K: yes twinkle
T: ooh
K: what ooh?? Bol toh aise rhi ro jaise u never thought about me… -_-
Twinkle looks at kunj…teary eyes.. “i was scared…to even think about u… trust me..i can’t bear your hatred…” saying this she breaks down….
Kunj consoles her by holding her shoulders. “ok..forget all this…now..i don’t hate u…” he said
“yeah..but u don’t love me either….” said twinkle…
Kunj looks at her totally shocked…
“kunj.. from early school days every girl had a crush on you..same goes for u were like a dream which would never turn true…bt when that concert prep approached i saw my dream coming true… the every single moment spent with you in the rehearsal hall made me love u more… i had love you.. till date..” saying this she releases her breathe.
Kunj stands there… absolutely quiet…
Hello guys..very sorry for the super long OS… but i couldn’t cut it short…. so i have decided to post the a next part… 😛 the story is quite long so… hehe hope you like it… its a compensation for not osting my ff..will post that soon… plzz give ur reviews…m waiting….love u all

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