TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 7)

Hello guys I m back with the next episode of my FF..I m just overwhelmed with ur comments..
Keep commenting be it positive or negative but do its my strength
Now here’s the update

Episode begins with twinkle waiting for kunj..
T- yeah kunj kaha regaya..aur abhi tak aya kyun nahi?
Agar vo nahi aaya toh..project..???
K- when kunj is here there is no fear miss twinkle taneja ..
Twinkle has a broad smile on her face…
K- vase I known that you have 32 white blooming and shining teeth’s….
T-kunj ..she runs after him..
N they fall on each other..
They have a acwkard moment..
T- I m sorry kunj..
K-me too..
He notices twinkle getting uncomfortable..
N suddenly changes the topic…
So shall we start..
They sit together in hall..
She says I ll get dinner for both of us…
She takes two plates out..
They discuss while they dine….
N later start the presentation..
Its almost 3 that they finish..
N sleep off there only..
Kunj on table n twinkle on sofa exactly lying beside ..

Leela wakes up…
N sees them..
Shayad inka presentation khatam hogaya..
Air thak gaye hoge(may be their presentation is over ..and might be that the kids are tired)

She’s sees them lovingly…
She goes to room..
Gets two blankets and covers them…

It’s 7..
twinkle gets up..
N noticescthat she and kunj slept of here itself..and thinks either of the family member might have covered them with blanket..
She makes the place clean and sees kunj that he’s still asleep..and goes to freshen up..

Later she pray to give her strengths..
Other side kunj wakes up ..
And thinks twinkle might have covers him with blanket ..
He get up and meets twinkle..
He says its morning and says her that we shall meet in library…and discuss once..
She SAys sure ..?
N they both leave…
Kunj on his way ..thinks abut the time spent with twinkle n blushes…???

Precap– Twinj mavi give presentations..
N are waiting for the results….

Thanks for bearing me and my FF
Sorry for mistakes ..
Keep commenting and keep loving me and my FF
N yeah guys I m trying my level best to not to use short words n between ..if at all I repred it again toh mafiii plzzz…


Credit to: crazy


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