TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 6)


Hello guys I m back with the next episode of my FF..I m just overwhelmed with ur comments..
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Now heres the update

Episode starts with twinkle getting a call n is shell shocked to hear something..
She goes a bit forward to check if mahi is there or no but doesn’t find her..
She sees yuvi..n goes to him..
She SAys yuvi listen to me..I need your help..
Vo chinkiii….
Y- Han let me guess tuze chinkki ki yaad aarahi hai ri8..
Buy not today twinkle….
You know tommo is submission of project..n mahi us waiting for me I need to go…
T- par..yuvi
Listen to me once..

Yuvi just goes off
(Yuvi Ti himself)
I know twinkle I have hurt you by these words..but to make you understand my love to you I need to be a bit harsh..n don’t worry I will take you to chinkki after project presentation …

Kunj who watches twinkle crying
Comes there and asks her to tell what happened and why is she crying…
She says nothing..and says we should concentrate on our project..
He says no twinkle..
First I need to know what has happened..plzzz
T- kunj I said na nothing has happened..
K- twinkle plzzzz I can help you..
T- kunj vo chinkii KO bohot bukar hai..n I m feeling to meet her..
She’s admited in hospital..
K- bas itnisi worries
I ll take you to her..

T- but project..
To come back from there it may take up till evening
K- but whole night is remaining to complete the project..
And by the way I bought my bike today so we can reach there. early and ll try to come back early..
And yeah we are done with all information collection only presentation is remaining ng which we can do by night..
She smiles
They go to parking..
He brings his bike and asks her to sit..
She sits..
He starts the bike ..n she jerks n holds him tightly..
He says chill twinkle..
As I ll not allow you to fall..
She still holds him tightly..
And asks him to drive fast

He nods..
They meet chinkii
N reach twinkles home..
He SAys her twinkle actually my mom is calling me home..
U just be prepared..then once o come back we shall start the work..
She nods and leaves..
On way she sees yuvi..
Without greeting him ..
She just moves ahead..
Yuvi feels strange..
He hears bikes noise..
N checks who’s it..
He sees kunj and thinks he might have come here to drop her..
Mahi greets twinkle..
And asks her is chinkki fine..
She says yes..she notices yuvi coming in
And says

Kunj helpd me a lot..
He took me to chinkki
If he would not be there..
I could not have stopped my self..
But he became my strength and assured me that nothing will happen to chinking..
Leela asks her to come for dinner..
She says actually maa..
I and kunj need to complete my presentation and he went to his home..
He said he will come in an hour
N I invited him for Dinner also as he helps me a lot..
So I ll dine with him..

Precap- not yet decided

But you guys can just give me some hints for further story lines..

Thanks for bearing me and my FF
Sorry for mistakes ..
Keep commenting and keep loving me and my FF
N yeah guys I m trying my level best to not to use short words n between ..if at all I repred it again toh mafiii plzzz…


Gus now need ur help..
Planning to change the picha of my FF can u all help me by giving me some faduuu ideas

Credit to: crazy

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      Sorry again for using short cuts..
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