TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 5)


Thanku so much..for supporting me n bearing me n my FF..
Knowing its not as good as others ff..but still dil hai ki mantha nahi..
So let’s start with episode …
Well I think I m Not going on good..
As more than mine I m just loving the FFs of others..

Many asked me to write full words..
Guys I will try my best that I don’t use short keys
Secondly, guys don’t worry yuvi is not any villan and all
But as my story line SAys that this story is a love circle..
But pairs r same ?twinj n mavi
As specified in the title..
N yeah many asked for my real name well..
My real name is Vyshnavi
U can call my Vyshu
Now enough of my baagbaag
Let’s heed towards epidode

Episode starts with Twinkle and mahi s talks

Twinkle digging into mahis talks and finding out the reason for her happiness
M- dii I met my school friend..and she said me few things that made me go into taughts..
T-accha what’s that let me Also know
M- dii she likes company of a guy
She loves being with him talking to him, and when she is with him she feels the happiness in f cloud 9 ….and she asked me is that love as she is only thinking of that guy now and then..
T- giggling ?????
Toh usse kaho to take a flower typically a rose n tear of its petals…
I love him
I don’t
I love him
I don’t

M- dii is this joke for you that you are talking like typical 1960s movies
T- then do you think me friend of that 1960s movies lead that you are fooling me..
And that to in such a way …and how did you think that I will believe you..
M- diiiiiii
T-han behnaaaaaa
Now say whom are you loving
M- vo….m…ma..main
T- yeah bakri ke tara main main kya kar rahi hai( y r u doing “main mai like a goat?)
M-promise me you won’t tease me
Nor you will tease that guy
T-wekk do I know him..wowwwww???
Okok I promise I won’t tease you nor him
Now say me whose that
M- yuvi dii…
M- I han apna yuvi..
I love him diii
I love yuraj…love him….
T- hugs mahi n tells her that she is so happy for her…
Do yuvi also…?
M-I don’t know! ?
But what he did today …
T-what did he do…
Mahi narrates all the incidents …
T- duffer it means he loves you…

Leela- twinkle mahi come down n see who has come….
They cone down
Its guruji who came to bless them…

Next day…..
In collage
Yuvi sees Twinj s closeness n get mad..
He thinks to make twinkle realize that how much he loves her…
He goes with mahi n talks nicely to her..
Jokes with her..
Twinkle notices this…
And thinks it means yuvi also has some feelings for mahi…
But is it coz he admires her as friend o something else ??
Kunj comes to twinkle and says we should hurry up with project..she says yes..he SAys I got few book from library which can help us..I ll just go and get then uyou stand here only and don’t go anywhere she nods..twinkle gets a phone call and is schoked…

Precap-yuvi scolds twinkle…n she is teary eyes kunj notices this and comes to her and asks her what happened ?

Hope u all loved n liked this FF..
Do feel free to comment below
Negative r positive but do comment as it makes me get through my remarks so that I can rectify it n next episodes f my FF…


Credit to: crazy

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  1. nyc episode crazy…. wtng fr d nxt one

  2. Amazing amazing superb carry on…

  3. Good going vyshu…keep it up dear… And never compare urself to others every1 is unique and so are u

    1. Not comparing re..but to say truth I love other ff more than that of mine..
      Btwn tq

  4. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    One good episode

  5. Amaazinggggg.. Keepp writing!!

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