TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 3)

T hanku so much..for supporting me n bearing me n my FF..
Knowing its not as good as others ff..but still dil hai ki mantha nahi..
So let’s start with episode 3…
Well I think I m Not going on the comments decreased to almost 25% r even less than it..
If u r not liking track do cmmnt n say me plzz..

Episode-3 begins from yuvi getting disappointed hearing that kunj n twinkle r paired..
But he does not show it on face..

They all gather in class n professor tells them that they need to submit project on Thursday ..
N today z Tuesday..
So time is running out go quick n gather the info..
As this project will grace u with marks..
Twinkle tells kunj that she don’t know anything about project..
He smiles n says don’t worry we shall complete it..n get good marks too..
But before that planning z needed ..
Here mahi tells yuvi that v shd hurry up n project..
N I think v can get most f info from slum areas but how to go there..
He says by my car..??

She SAys its not time to joke as v ll get grace marks..he nods n says but before that I m hungry..
She says okay..n says v shd go to my I have some articles I think we may get some info from there..
Here the sane line is related from twinkle..
N kunj nods n says so shall v leave she says sure..
He SAys by my car?
She smiles …
They sit n car n heads yuvi watches this from far..
They reach twinkles home…pinni opens the door..
N finds her with kunj
She SAys hii Mami
N gets in..

She walks for some distance n watches him still standing n door..
N says kunj main tumhe arti karke andar bulaoo?
Leela asks who’s he..?
Twinkle says he’s kunj my project partner..
She says I can’t take n come all articles here so kya tum mere room tak ane ki takleef lovge..?
He just follows her..
They reach her room

She says these r the articles mahi collected n I may help..
Twinj together starts searching
Their head bang…
She says can’t see..
He says no I can’t but u can see right then..
Leela comes there and gives them coffee kunj thanks her..
She says no need to thank me just for a coffee
He n she at a time go to take coffee n takes same mug f coffee
He says I took it first..
She says no I took it..

Both were holding each others hands ..
She SAys u want to drink coffee ri8
So take this she trows coffee on his face..
He runs behind her n he too throws it on her..
They both laugh seeing each other when at same time mavi enters..
Twinj together sees them..n feels some different feeling n just Lev..
By taking the articles..
Yuvi z full to angry…
Mahi laughs at this..
N says I think they bonding is super what u say yuvi
He says I think v shd concentrate n project…

Not decided as such

Hope u all loved n liked this FF..
Do feel free to comment below
Negative r positive but do comment as it makes me get through my remarks so that I can rectify it n next episodes f my FF…

Well to all people who celebrate holi today happy water free holi …
(As in my city too v celebrate it today)


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  1. Just one doubt guys..
    Can any one who write ffs here just tell me..
    After how much time f updating our ff its displayed here on TTU..
    As literally this was uploaded mY me morning itself n it took so long to upload it on ttu

  2. Osm bt cn b longer plzzzzz anyways gud cont soon????

  3. Wow amazing dear twinkle and kunj and dear one more request don’t negative yuvi pls and u write to full sentence word pls dont use shortcut ok fine…..

  4. Hey there crazy would you mind sharing your real name please this crazy is ltl weird and love you writing skills keep it up

    1. My name is Vyshnavi..
      Can call me vyshu

  5. i likedd it a lott. nice story crazy
    and yess it takes 6 to 7 hrs but if internet prblms r there than it may take long.
    i hope u got it dear.

    1. Thanks mia

  6. nyc episode….

  7. Too good yaar

  8. very nice update
    u r going great
    update soon

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