TWINJ -MAVI Love circle (Episode 24)


hai guys myself crazy..ur friend and an FF writer..hope u guys remember me
kase ho app sab?
lets begin the episode now..
its short..but still..

Episode-24 Twinj Mavi Love Circle..
episode begins with leela waking up her daughters..
so does Usha and Anita by waking their kids..
all ask them to wake its Mahendi function(all say it their own home..)

All leave to Sarna’s as the function was to be conducted their..
usha was running her and their..
asking the decorators to decorate to decorate it correctly…
when kunj enters and says maa..its so dusty..and chill they ll do their work properly..
and by the way function is in evening so you should chill..
Just when riya enters..taking so many dresses in her hands and puts all them on kunj..
Kunj -What the hell riya..
y did u throw all them on me..?
R-coz i m fustrarted..?
K-u r fustrated so why m i bali ka bakra (Bali ka bakra is a proverb)
Usha laughs at this..
and saks y did she bring them down..
and i m must admit..that u were looking joker when u bought them down…i mean do any one do like thiss?????han…
Kunj laughs..
Riya gets silent..and says hasle beta hasle..jab mein mere sasural cali jaoon gi dekna..
(laugh ..dear bro u laugh as much as u want but once i go off to my hubby home leaving u all..that time u c..)
Kunj gets silent to this..
and hugs her and says i ll miss u riya
miss u too bhai..(replies riya)
K-“BHAi” i look so
U-now say y did u bring these all clothes here..
R-vo to ask which to wear..
K-go to ur room and draw i kept a gift for u..u ll look very preety if u wear it..ll u plzz..
R-hugs him and says i love u..

Twinkle and adi come to sarna..
riya sees them and says its just 12..
and function is at 5t..then so eaarly..
she greets them..
and says so my dear bhabhi u were eager to meet my bro han..that is why u came so early..
Twinkle shys…but says no bhabhi..not me someone else was eagely waiting to meet someone..
so we came here..
adi and riya have a eye lock..
twinkle clears her trout..
just then usha comes and says i was waiting for u only..
u wait i ll get something for u..
come sit..
She says g maa..
riya takes adii with him..
twinkle sees a guy..sitting on sofa..and reading paper…he had coverd his face..
twinkle comes to him..(back wise)
and starts scolding him left right..
and says –
U cheaters..the man is shocked to hear her and was about to turn..
when twinkle continues her bak bak
U are paid to work not to sit on sofa..and read news paper..
Worker-aree memsab..thoda sofe pe ziz toh nahi zayega na innlogonka sofa..
Twinkle taps her leg and says my foot…
wait let kunj come then i ll see u..
Worker-who kunj..which kunj..
T-aree u are working in his house for his marriage and u dont know who is kunj..
U dont know Kunj SArna..
Worker-oo vo sadu..
T-Sadu? sadu kisko bola han..
just then usha comes and says kisse bath kar rahi ho beta..
maa vo..
just then the worker gets up and removes the cloth which he wrapped arround his face to prevent dust..
and hes reveled to be kunj..
kunj starts laughing hard..
twinkle stands shell shock..
usha asks him the reason..
he narrates all story..
usha was also about to laugh..
but ctrs her self..
and hands over few things to twinkle and asks her to wear them only..
she nods and leaves …
and gives death glare to kunj…
mehendi function starts all gather to sarna mansion..
and have fun…
Twinkle mahi n riya listens all ladies saying that their hena ll b dark if their hubby loves them ..
Kunj comes their and listens,this..
He SATs so my love ll b tested on the basis of hena ?
He SAys this is nonsence and fumes and goes away..
All couples are made to stand together
All say the 3 couples to get ready..
As the boy must find d name n brides hands..
UV is the first to find his name..
He fakes smile to all..
Then kunj and adii shout together found it..
All are happy..

N function ends up with kids of games and dance
(I said u guys before only that the function gonna,run like horses over here ..)
Its haldi next day…
So leela says to all to sleep early..
As muhurat is at 7 n morning..
And marriage is in the evening ..
All leave…
In night UV texts mahi to meet him..
UV meets mahi and says hii..
she says hii..
he says i wanted to say u few things..
but i could not..
mahi says i know what u want to say
Precap- left to ur thinking…

N yeah guys also say me if u liked the new icon as the story soon gonna bring many twists and turns in their life..
Would like to hear ur suggestions..
On how should that be..
R what u think it could be

Credit to: crazy

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  1. very sweet ??
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  2. Superb episode… is a humble request plz add some twinj romantic moments

    1. Abb toh romance hi romance hoga..
      Rukja thoda ??
      (Hope u know y)

  3. crazy ur next prt soon…nd its awesme

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  4. Jus osm epi dear loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

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