TWINJ -MAVI Love circle (Episode 22)


I know u all love me a lot it may be hater r Lover of my FF..
a dear @urhater i was waiting for ur comment in my last ff..
i think u got tired..
anyhow plz spare me for a small tommo i have my Software Testing lab exam..
n all BVB’ians over there (who silently read here and praz me n clg for them)in achha hubli kannada
“best of luck macha..lets rock our final final exam..n u know na CS ROCKS and MECH shocks”
sorry to my ff readers if u din understand it
n sorry for going bit personal but cant stop my i just love them a lot..
now lets heed to episode..
Twinj Mahi Love circle..
its morning..
all leave for sarnas

here kunj is waitng for his lady love..his dhadkan(heartbeat)..
just when their is a sound of car..
peee peee(sorry for being childishh)
and kunjs heart just bloom like a rose in the garden ..
like the smell of the mud when water fall off on dry land..
he huridly rushes to balcony to see twinkle..
the car door open..

first yuvi gets down..
then leela..followed up by anita..then raman..and pinni..
he was serching for his love but none came out..
all slipped n to Sarna mansion..
kunj got upsset for a min..
as he was still in his balcony and could not find twinkle..
he was angry on twinkle..but at same time was missing her much..
he was just lost just then riya enters and says kunj how m i looking..
he doesnt reply but still his eyes were searching his love..
his akon ka tara(shining star of eyes)
riya came in front of him..
but our kunj sarna the great lost in his own taughts..
riya came near to him and very slowly and gently wishpered twikle…
kunj-kaha hai vo siyap….
he stops when he sees riya their..
k-riya tum yaha kabb aayii?

R-tab when u were dreaming about twinkle..
K-i n dreaming …and that to of twinkle no chance Riya..
u known behen se kya chipaana(now whats inn hiding from sister)
yes i love her..i mean i love her a lot..but instead of dreaming and thinking of her i have many work to do..
and u here..koi kammm?
(kunj was facing the door,and twinkle was standing there..and our handsome hunk kunj was unawre of it)
R-my dearest brother just chill out as i never asked u to give explanations..
and i had just came here to show my dress to u and ask u how m i looking as u gifted this dress to me..
and for now get ready..ok..
K-get ready for what?
R-u act too innocent sometimes..
(she goes away..)
kunj to himself-y m i thinking so much of this siyappa queen ..let her come today then i ll tell her who is kunj sarna..
i…i…han i ll not allow her to do makeup after marriage..then when she ll look like chudeal na then i ll remove pics of her and tease her
no not chudeal infact a dinasourrr..or

(twinkle to herself: saru sarna.. rukja..u blunderout ur heart then i ll say u )
then i ll not let her step to my room..
but i m alredy in room..our to be room right kunj..?
Kunj for a min..gets shock to hear twinkles voice..and turns back..
K-twinkle tu..i was thinking of u only…
T-yeah ki how ll i look when i dont do makeup..
how i llok like chudeal ..diansour..
and u never think and dream of u have too much work..
i taught u ll b happy seeing me but u..
saru sarna..
she takes a pillow and starts hitting him..
he starts defending but no use..
twinkle says i ll never talk to u..get ready for u..too..
and yeah comming up to room matter then after marriage ill show u whose room is it..
she again throes apillow and goes off..
K-twi..twinkle..meri baat to suun le..yar..

twinkle fumes and come down and riya asks her u met kunj..
and i hope bhabhi g ki u dint scold him more..
t-gives asmile and goes and stands beside mahi where as all elders were siting and talking to guriji
for fixing the date..
mahi-dii kya huva(di what happened)
M-u know u vcant hide anything from me..
so say..
T-tell her everything..
and on other hand so that kunj to uv..
mahi and twinkle come to garden where they find boys(kunj and uv)sitting on bench..
T-dekna mahi again they ll b blundering their heart out about us..i bet u..
M-no dii..uv is not like this..
they come close to them/..

K-abb mein kya karu yeh bol(now what should i do..u say me that fisrt)..and stop joking as twinkle is very furious
Uv-let me think..but seroiusly u said right thing..
that both sisters do lots of makeup..
and one day without makeup can make them go carzy..
kunj finds both girls their and stops laughing..
Uv-yar..kunj tere chehere ke bara kyun baje hai..
dont worry twinkle ll be back to normal once u say her soory..

thank god mahi is not like this..
yeah i mean make up thing..
K-chupp kar na yar..(Shut ur mouth yar)
K-coz if u dont shut..i m sure tere bhi bara bajenge..
Uv-ur saying as if u saw ..and turns back..and finds twinkle and mahi their..
UV-could’nt u say it before..
K-i was saying u stop stop..but yeah bak bak machine band hone ka namm hi nahi late(but this bak bak machine nevr stops)
twinkle and mahi get furious and leave..

prcep-mission Manaooo girls(by kunj and uv)

hope u liked it..and sorry for short update..but exams hai so… ???

Credit to: crazy

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