TWINJ -MAVI Love circle (Episode 21)


I was just reading out ur comments in the last episode it litrally made my eyes sob..and yes guys if at all i finish this ff it wont be coz of that “UR HATER”
so just take a chill pill..
but i ll try that i extend the episodes for few more..
Love u all a lot..
have few messgaes for all of u ll blunder it out my heart at the end ..
but for now lets start the episode…

All are happy that Twinj ,Adiya(Aditya+Riya: hope u liked this jugalbandii) and now maVi all got such good life partners..

@Taneja mansion
Leela infornt of god..
hai waheguru…(I just hope i m not wrong as i dont know much to whom punjabi people pray but my frnd used to say this so i added,sorry if i m wrong in it…mafiii plz)
today i m really very happy
my all 3 childers got such good lifepartners..
i just wish that now everything will be oky…

just then all 3 (Twinkle,mahi aditya )start fighting..
mahi comes to leela and says dekho na maa..
dii muzje chidarahi hai..
t-accha mein tuze chida rahi hon..
no ma i m not teasing her i m just telling bhai how yuvi proposed her ..then insted of givving him answer how she ran away making uv scare
Adii says..i m just too happy that my both princess ll be in secured hands..
and i just hope both will never let me down..
just then twinkle gets a message..
cell was in hall..
so twinkle asks mahi to get it..

mahi-its ur cell u shd get it..
t-but i m bigger then u get it..
a-fine both stop it now…mahi go get it..
m-i knew it..u love twinkle dii more than me..
a-its nothing like that..u are standing near to it..
so go and get..
m-oky fine (she walks and sees d cell and smirks and talks out loud..)
T-kiska hai..bol na..
m-MEssage nahi Voice message hhai..
aur vo be hamare pyare jiju ka..
T-jiju kon..(just then she realises it as kunj)and runs behind mahi..
t-mahi mera phone de..
M-no wait its downloading i want to resd it..
T-reading someones personal things is not good manners..
and ur my good..sanskari behana..
so give it..
m-and here the voice message..

“Twinkle abhi se mein tuje miss karrahan hon..
n cant wait to these rituals to complete ..and get u in my home as Mrs.Kunj Sarna..
and our would be room is also waiting for u…
par plzz shadi mein na koi siyappa math karna..i know ur siyappa queen and like too do siyappas but not here plzz
Love u twinkle”
twinkle feels shy reading it..
Leela clears her throut…
and comes to twinkle and says muje nahi pata tha ki meri beti itni acche se sharmab sakti hai..twinkle feels ackward..
she snatches her cell from mahi and runs to her room..

@Luthra Mansion
uv reaches home and is standing at the door..and thinks i must tell mom the truth just then anita noyices him brings him in..

catches his hands in hers and rotates..and then kisses him on his forehead and says i m just too happy for u yuvi..
i always wished my both sons to marry the daughters of Leela..
but i never wanted to force my decisions on u never uttered a single word…but when leela called me up and said that u and mahi both love each other
i was just like my wishes came true..

but promise me uv..
that u ll never walk on the steps of ur dad..
after divorse i only met him twice a year..
once on ur bday and once on ur brothers..
but i had fear ki u may walk on his foot steps so i kept him far from u..
i know i was selfish..
Uv interrupts her..
and hugs her..
he says mom i just love u..u gave me more love than anyone..
ur my dad and as well as my mom..
ur my lioness..
u know that..
and i love u most..
and dont worry i have seen u crying for ages for dad’s deeds but never mind..
but do u like mahi…?

anita-I just dont like her but i love her a lot..i ll kepp her as my daughter…
uv one more thing its been 6 months that ur dad passed away..
but ur brother is also my son..
and its my duty to call him in marriage and i m thinking to ask him stay with us..
just if u dont mind..
uv-mom if u ll be happy then i m happy..
my first priority is was and always be u..
i..m tired a i ll rest..
a-Yes plz we shd go to sarnas tommo..panditji is comming their only…
he nods and leaves..
UV (Self talk)
mom has seen a lot in her life i cant hurt her..
but at the same time i cant marry mahi as i dont love her..
but all thinks that i love mahi…
but i dont in reality..
but y m i confused..

i liked twinkle so i went to propose her but mahi came in between..
and all taught that..
but mahi was so happy when i…
then the reality that TWinj loved each other..
and then mahi and me making up team to unite them..
ohhh god…
i dont love mahi but still i shd marry mom is really very happy..
and this happiness was different

precap- i planned few funny secnes lets c if i can implement..

now as said beore i have few things to tell
First of all Sorry as i know todays episode was a bit senti…and i tried to show the motherly love in my episode..
but next one will be full masti khor and as the name says
Love circle to start soon..lets c how our leads cop up with all the hurdels..

secndly,if any punjabi pple reading it..
then plz tell me the marriage rituals..
or just tell me if its similar to any custom..
Actually i m a maharastran so i know all that ritual..
and i live in Karnataka so i know south Indian marriage ritual..

Thridly,Guys Thankyou to each and everyone for supporting My FF..
Even words fall less for me to thank you all..

Last but not least
My Dearest so called “@URHATER”
look champ i dono who r u..and ur effort of making me degrad will neva suceedd coz i m litrally a bindass type of girl..
are abb tak i nev agreed to my parents saying and did only what i like…and what my heart and mind diverted me do u think i ll take up ur words ..then u r in a great Missunderstanding..
so just Chillax and u said u ll degrad me in all of my episodes ri8? ..if so i m too ready u can go for it..

Sorry for my bakbak FF Lovers & FF haters..

Credit to: crazy

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  10. Its awesome. ………Punjabi marriage rituals
    chura pehnane wali rasam ( in this brides mamma has to make her wear chura nd bride should not see it should be covered with a cloth. she can only see it her on wedding day. twinkle was wearing after her marriage initial nd white color chura in serial)
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      All most all are rituals are same as v Maharashtrans do..
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      This reply will always b remembered by me

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