TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 19)


Thanku sooooo sooo much for all the comments..
i think the last episode dint rock much for u but neva mind..
i just hope u r liking..

Episode starts with twinkle getting the morning and seeing a note ..
good morning siyappa queen..and all the best for the plan..
i know you are nerver inside but ur kunj is always with you so u dont need to worry..
if any things happens i have plan B..
i know now u r thinking what is that..
but dont worry much and dont take tension varna tere beautiful se chere pe badi badi zuriya aajayengii..
and u will look old n early days..
she smiles and sys sometimes this sadu says proper i love my face equally..
she smiles just then their is a knock on door..
she quickly hides the note and goes to her bed cover herself with blanket..
and says its open..
its adii
he says goodmorining jaan
she replies good morning jaan..
so are u rrally wana meet the guy..
she says yes..
he hugs her gives gentel kiss on her forehead and says get ready..
she gets up and gets ready and weres a blue anarkali..
she leaves her hair..
applies glose..
now mr what ever u are..
i ll not reject u..but you will reject me..and smiles and kisses her cell..which had kunjs pic in it..

boys family arrive..
his mom dad are sitting their..
adii greets them and asks for riya..
as mahi and twinkle both could not meet her last time..due to their collage..
actually she ll be late..
leela says are app kuch kayiye..
these samosa are made by twinkle..
and by the way where is are jamai..
twinkle heres this and says
maa ko muzje bejneki ittne jaldi vo kisiko be jamai bol re hai..
all have fun while twinkle stares them angrily…adii sees this..
and messges twinkle..
twinkles cell beeps..
she says it might be kunj..
she huridly reads it..
but its message by adii..
he smile fades..
she reads..
inko itna b math hugrooo varna tere akhen bahar agayengiii..
she stares him…

secne shifts..
are bahi twinkle ko toh abb bulalo..
leela ssys i ll call her..
just then she comes with mahi..
the lady says she likes her alot..
and would match her son in all ways..
leela-aree bhai twinkle b agayii but where is ur son..
she says he is in garden..i think stil his talk is not over..
leela-twinkle take samosas and u only go to garden..
to meet him..
this way u ll get time to speak freely with him so will he..
she goes to kitchen..
gets some samosas which she had hid before..
and makes coffee..and takes it ..
while going to garden towards the boy..
she remembers how she made samosas with her own hands..
by putting 5-8 teaspoons of salt and chilly..
and how she added salt in coffee instead of sugar..she smirks
and leaves the guy was standing their..
she comes to him..
his back is facing her..
she offers samosas and coffee to him and continues..
i know u came for my allinace..
but i m sorry icant marry you..but still if u want to marry me..then ladki ke sath bachha free.
as i m pregnenet..
she says i know you….(Continusly talking to him and making her character ill)just then the guy takes sip of cofee..and somehow consumes it..and then
takes plate of samosas and eats a bite ..and suddenly starts coffing and splitting..
twinkle tu kitni buri cook hai yar..
twinkle is shell shocked to know that the guyis kunj..
twinkle is furious at him..
kunj says twinkle sunn na yar..
t- how dare u kunj..i mean u knew it..and u were pretending it as if u dont know anything..
did u even relise how worst was my condition thinking about this situation…
no, you wll not….
k-cups her face and says i m sorry plz dont cry..plzzz.
he kneels down..and says sorry by holding his ears..
twinkle ignorees him
he continues i wanted to see ur happy face when u see me as theguy..but u flopped my plan and made me have thee yakkkkkk
she starts laughing..
he says but u din say me that this was also one f ur plan..
she says it was suddenly planned by ur siyappa queen ..
he says and ur sadu dint love it..but..
both strat laughing….
just then riya comes..
and sees them laughing..and enjoying she just sneeks in without disturbing them..
all are happy seeing riya their..
adii has such big broad smile on his face..
mahi comes their and says bhai..apni smile control karo…he says ruk tu ikno jane dephir tuze me batatahun..
riya takes blessings afrom all their
leela says ye bachee kuch zayada deer nahi karre..
karnedijiye na aunty vo tu bohot zor zor se has rahe hai..
aur maza kar rahehai..
app toh rishta pakka samjo..
mahi gets shock..
and thinks how is this possible..
i cant imagine my jiju expect kunj..
she huridly calls uv..
yuvi attends call and says congrats ..i know twinkle is well actor..
m-congrats gaya tel lene..
just now bhabhi came and said that dii and that guy are lauging looud and enjoying..
y-then what the hell are u doing..go ..go fast and chk and confirm with ur eyes..just then twinj enter and mahi opens her mouth wide …
ybol na yar..
m-kunj ..uv..matlab..uv vo..matlab..twinkle..
y- are say it proper dammit..
m-she says in single breath the guy is kunj itself..
he asks what..

precap-not decidede
hope u loved it..
do comment..

Credit to: crazy

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  1. Awesome episode am loving it

    1. Happy that u r loving it dear

  2. Woooowwww nice suspense crazy…somewhere I had agut feeling that the guy wud be kunj only…awesome epi yaar loved it

    1. I wanted to reply u that day itself when u commented that the guy is kunj but I kept silent as I wanted the suspense not brk so easily..
      But yup u were ri8??

  3. crazy u make me crazy about this ff
    loved it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    1. Thanks for the compliment

  4. Wow amazing update ??
    really great
    continue soon please

  5. Superb yaar can’t express it nd i luved it

  6. superb epi …… loved it

  7. Woooooooooooooooooow really amazing epi dear loved it n mahis dialogue was like tel lene???? I can’t control my self I jus loved it do cont soon plzzzzz

  8. u r making me crazy yaar

  9. its soo nice :*

  10. I vry well knew the guy was kunj

  11. It was Awsome yar I was thinking the same that it would be kunj only nice one keep it up

  12. Wow funny epsidoe loved it

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