TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 18)


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Episode starts with twinkle in shock ..
the words by adii echo in her ears..
she says i m struck in my brothers love and my love..
mahi asks her to controol her self..
and once talk to jiju..
t- jiju..?
m- aree jese u accepted kunj i too accepted him as my jiju..
twinkle gets a slight smile on her face hearing mahi calling kunj as jiju..
but again remembers adiis words..
m-y dont u talk to him once?
t- what should i say him..?
that how good was my bday with him and how it is comming to an end..?
how to tell him that before our story would got me such situation that..
she starts crying..
but then decides to call kunj..
but relises that adii had took her cell..
she asks mahi for her cell..
mahi gives her her cellphone twinkle dials kunjs number and sees that mahi had saved it as Kunj jiju..
she smiles slightly..
she calls him-
k-hello mahi..!
t-(no reply)
k-yar kya huva(what happened?) ..all fine na..twinkle is fine na..y r u not replying?
kunj sences that its twinkle on the cell..
twinkle i know its you..kya huva bata muzje..
k-ur voice..are you crying twinkle.. why r u crying?plz say me twinkle..
t-kunj everythings over kunj..
k- twinkle plz dont make me go mad by confusing me say me straight ..
t- (tells him all)
k- can he do this..
i mean its ur life..the decision is yours..and plz dont say it again that its over..
i m always with you we ll find some solution..oky so plz smile twinkle..

twinkle is not getting sleep..
n at mean while there goes a bang on balcony..
she comes their and finds kunj…
standing down..
he asks her to come down..
she nods..
she goes down and hugs him tight..
she says i acnt live with out you kunj..
plz do something..
kunj says but before that lets go a short drive only me and u ..lets live this stupid tension here only..
twinkle smiles and says oky

after the drive they come back home..
twinkle doesnt get out of car and looks at kunj..
she din speak a word but her eyes had many question of what could happen next..
he cupsher face and says you only said me that adii bhai said that final decision ll only be go their meet him and say no..
then i ll handle..
but yes..
try to get some info abut the guy and send me the details..both hug and say goodnight..
she goes for some distance ..
kunj was standing their till she reaches the door of her home..
she turns and he says bye and gives flying kiss to her..

next day..
t- hii guys..
where is kunj..?
t- he ll not come for two days to clg..he has some work..
but he said he ll meet us in the evening..

mahi and yuvi look at each other and says together
twinkle we wanted to talk to u..
t- she says yes plz proceed..
as all are only talking n not listening to what i want..
mavi-we both got an idea to make the guy run..
t- (in anxity)what is it?
mavi- tell her the plan n muted way..
twinkle hugs them and says thankyou for such fab plan..

Evening(Taneja mansion)
twinkle-i m ready to meet the guy..
adii- are u sure ..?
if u r not ready u can just..
he is interrupted by leela..
i m sure u ll love him..and ll never regreet that u married him
twinkle cuts her and adds..
i just said yes to meet him not yes to marriage..
twinkle heeds towards her room..
adi- twinkle..
what ever decision you take after meeting him..i m with you..
she nods and leaves to her room
she closes her room door..
and starts dancing like mad..
their she sees kunj sitting on the chair and seeing her madness and smiling wide.
she comes to him..
and and says m i again dreaming about you..
yes i think i m so deeply loving him that i m seeing him all
kunj says i m really here..
t- prove it..
kunj comes and kisses her cheeks…
k- you want me to prove it stil then i can..
she says no nononononononoooooo
but wht the hell are u doing in my room..and how did you reach here..did any one see you..
how u came..dont say by balcony..or by climbing the ladder..
kunj keeps his finger n her lips..
ek hi barr mein ittne saval..
vo b bina saas liye..

and then hugs him …
she tell him all plan..
k- are you sure about the plan ..i mean its risky..
she nods yes in a naughty way..

precap- not decided…
hope yu liked it..
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Credit to: crazy

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