TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 17)


I was just reading your comments and i was just so so happy reading your comments that i could not express it..
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so lets start..

twinkle just keeps looking at kunj… his words..
she was shock and as well as happy hearing the magical words..from his mouth..
k-twinkle tere chuppi se muzje bohot darr lagta hai plz speak up..
he shakes her..

k-mein tuzje kuch puuch rahahunn
will you marry me and settle me properly and complete me..
t-just hugs him and says yes kunj..i ll
twinkle breaks hug and says did i say that i need stars and moons..did i say to give you gurantee..
k-in a funny way nods in No..
and says but i know every girl wants it..
k-so miss twinkle tanejaready for the surprise..
t-yes,Mr Kunj Sarna
kunj gives a hand to hold and smiles..
she holds his hand and they come to approch to a beace view candle table where there is a cake kept..
she gets glad seeing it..
she turns and finds that hes missing just then she notices him sitting on his knees..
k-Twinkle i know every girl has a wish that this day must be special..i dont know if i was up to ur dream expectation..but still..

will you marry me..
will you permit me the permission to complimemnt you every day..
will you permit me that special right to tease you..
will you permit me that special right to hug to tight when i need..
will you become my better half for the rest of the life..
will you be that only girl in this world whom i ll permit the right to share my cubrd..
will you be that only girl in this world with whom i ll share my world with..
only me you n vo in future..
twinkle laughs nd cries both and says i permit you every right mr kunj sarna..
t- yes this day is similar to my dream or no idk,but yes it is most special day in my life..
every girl wnts this to happen in her life and its today in my life..
she keeps staring does he..

then to just break the eye contact..kunj says can i now stand knees are paining..
she laughs and makes him stand..
pleads a gentle kiss on his cheeks..
and hugs him..
then kunj makes her were the ring..
t- kunj tum sirf muzje propose hi karnake liye layethe yaha..?can v cut the cake..i m too hungry..
kunj smiles..and says just a min..
he calls some one..
and yuvi and mahi comes their..
m-so dii how was this date..
dont just thank jiju..thank us also..
t- jiju?
y- are shes ur sister and u have accepted kunj so hes ur jiju..
kunj smiles abit..hiding..
y- dekho muje laga tha sirf ladkiya sharmana janti hai..but yaha toh ladke bhi jantee hai..
all have a laugh..
they cut the cake..
and enjoy their..

just then yuvi gets the msg of adii asking him is all fine..and by what time are they r comming..?
yuvi says v shd lev..
kunj signs yuvi..
yuvi understands it and tells mahi to come..
t- are where r u going wait i ll also come..
k- kunj holds her hand and makes a cute lil face she understands it…
mavi leaves..
its only twinj their..
k- i need to give you a gift..
i wanted to be the first to wish u..
so i planned this much..
t- but you wished me..
k- but mahi came and spoilt it..
n wished u ..
but i m more smarter..

t- gives puzzled looks..
k- i made all wathes run 15 min early..
n now its 12:15..
it means its actually 12..
so ek gift toh banta hai..
he goes close to her…
more close ..
still close she stops at the table..
she closes her eyes..
they were too close..
she had an anxil feeling inside..
kunj goes near to her and wishpers Happy bday miss siyapaa..
urf twinkle taneja..
she smiles broadly and says thankyou me sadu sarna urf kunj sarna..

mahi n twinkle reach home…yuvi and kunj heeds to their home..
twinkle gets many more surprises from adii and leela..

she says all and hugs them..
they all say twinkle that their is a big surprise to u..
she aks what?
adi- tere bhabhi londaaon se aa rahi hai..
and soon after marriage she ll be here..
she gets too happy..
and says did u all talk to her parents too..and did they say yes..
adi nods ..
she hugs him..
mahi says now i ll meet her firstt..
twinkle says no i ll..
both start their pillow fight..
adi says enough..
i ll meet her first..and then both f u..
all 3 laugh out..aloud..
adi says stop surprise is not over yet…
tere bhabi ka ek bhai hai..hes of marriage age and maa wants u to see we got proposal for you from them..
boy and his family is very good..and from good family too..
t- par early..atlest u could have asked me..
its about my life..
a-dont u trust me..?

t- i do..
a- then go and meet him once if u dont like him..i ll not force you..
she nods..
she had teary eyes..
mahi too was in shock and dint knew how to react..

prcep- Twinkle tells all to kunj..kunj in anger..

hope you like it..
plszzzz keep commenting plzzzzz..
be it positeve r negative..

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Credit to: crazy

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  1. Osm epi dear loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much no word 2 describe d epi it was osm d confession was like a dream come true Ik bt really good n appreciable epi dear loved it do cont soon plzzzzz…….. luv u n wish u d same happy new year n ugadi n al

    1. Aww thanks for the comment

  2. this was the cutest proposal a lucky girl can ever have…..its like i cant explain how much i loved it…??? love is in air..

    1. Glad u loved it ?

  3. nice episode loved it i wonder who the guy is

    1. To know that stay in touch with my ff?

  4. Dambo ka,frnd

    U remember Vaishu u once said me that u write the ff from us point of view..
    So u want sane type f proposal…???
    If so tommo n Clg I ll again propose u..
    Abb Han boldena plzzz
    It ll b 24th time if I do again..???

    1. Tere toh..

      U know my answer Neva changes..

      1. Hazard bolega toh b same answer got that..
        U were are n ll b that same damboo to me..
        Eggg an ad math kel..
        Bya muchkonddd idea ning chalk got it?

  5. Awesome epi dear…I think the guy will be kunj only

    1. Hmm let’s c..??✌

  6. wooooowwwwww…… lovely epi ….. loved d proposal part …… it was jst awesome yaar …..

  7. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    awesome awesome awesome….plz post next epi asap

  8. wow. that proposal part was awesome.pls add some more mavi scenes

    1. Yup sure at present the full control z n Twinj but soon with in 2 episodes I ll shift to mavi ..
      So that balance would be equual..

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