TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 15)


I know many of few were waiting for the epiosode but litrally too too sorry as i was damm buzy with my prepration of farewell party and once preparation were over the sadest day was there took me depressed which dint make meto write ff
i know there was gap so lets have a recap without much of my bgg-bgg ..i ll give recap in the form of points

– Twinkle had accident..
– Kunj confessd to all that he loves twinkle..but not ready to accept it..
– Twinkle became consiouss
– Yuvi swears to unite Twinj and make them both realize their love
– New entry of a guy..(nakuul mehta, last seen in PKDH as adi)

New entrys name is set as aditya only, in short he ll be called as adi..

Episode begins-
twinkle runs to him and hugs him from back..
kunj is at strom..
kunj to yuvi..
k-Yeah kon hai..?(whos he?)
Y- pata nahi yarr(I dont know yar)
K-Yeah twinkle isse itni kyun chipka rahi hai?(Why is twinkle going so close to him and hugging him ?)
Yuvi taps his sholder in a naughty way..
kunj comes to sences..
i mean we are her friends and the way she is huggging that guy..i mean even if he is her friend ..he is bare shirt..
y- kunj did i ask for explanation..?No then …

sence shifts..
t-i missed you so much jaan…
guy- i missed you too..

kunj heres the word jaan..
it ecos in his ears..
he was hurt by the words..

just then when yuvi heres the word jaan he understands whos the guy and turns to tell kunj but notices that he was leaving towards the car..
yuvi smirks and thinks i think my plan is on in right way..kunj started feeling jealous now..i just hope he understands that the feeling he has to twinkle is not just as a friend..

t-i ll not speak with you..
M- nor will i(screams from back)
mahi and yuvi come there infront of him and get schoked..
y- tumm?
guy- han mein..(yes me)
itna shock hone ki zarurat nahi (no nedd to get shocked)..i havent said anything to any one still..
t- what has happened ..why are you both shocked?
its reveld that the guy is the same who had given them lift..and helped.. could i not recognize were with us and i..
Twinkle starts crying like a small kid..
all turn towards her..and asks her why is she crying..
t-i m not getting what the hell are you guys talking about..
there a silence of couple of seconds…and suddenly all laugh loud…
and then mahi and yuvi tell her all the incident how he helped them..
and how she and kunj…
twinkle shouts stop…
t- where the hell is kunj…
we completely forgot about him….
y-he had a work so he had to leave..
t-wait let him come tommo,i ll show him what twinkle is..
just then they here leela calling loud..adii..adii…beta adii..
(now its reveled that the new entry name is adii)
leela comes their and is happy that twinkle and mahi is back..
she hugs them..
and says all to come for breakfast..
all leave..

At night…
twinkle remembers how kunj took her to hospital..
and the word meri twinkle meri twinkle echos in her ears…

i think i should call kunj and ask why did he leave so soon..
on call
t-u left so soon
t-what hmm..i m asking you something..
k-nothing..not intrested to answer.. u shd and must answer
k-koi zabardasti..?(any compulsation?)
t-han say..
k-look some one has got time foor me too..
i taught after meeting their jaan i mean so called jaan they would forget me..
but no they got time for me too..
t-aree yar his my big brother..
k-in shock kya…(what)
t-yeah my bro..what did you think..?
k-i taought..i lost…
t-you lost..
k-just to fall off the question from her..
he says yeah mom comming…
actually my mom is calling me..
good night..

precap-twinkles bday..
kunj and twinkle’s confession…

guys hope you all loved..
i know it was a bit boring..but pakka you are gonna enjoy the next episode a lot..and would start crumbling while reading it

dont forget to comment and thankyou for loving me and my ff..
keep loving it..

Credit to: crazy

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