TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 14)


Oky I m too bored in class by these lectures f my mam…
So as I was not at all interested I taught f cont.. the ff..
It will be a short one…
But hope u all like it…

Episode starts with kunj hugging twinkle tight …
N scolding her and warning her to not to execute such damboo plans..which leads to risk her life..
Twinkle is amazed n touched by his words…
Just them mahi comes in and hugs her..
N twinkjs eye lock break by interruption f mahi..
Twinkle to her self- kunj mera kitna khayal rakta hai..aur kuch der mein shayad vo muze vo magical words b kehdeta..
Par yeah mahi na..
Kuch der baad atii toh shayad ….n blushes…
T- vo maaaa…
K- hamne ghar pe kiisi KO nahi batya is bare mein..
Mahi n kunj narrate all the circumstances…
Just then doctor comes in and SAys that by tommo you can take her home..
N he adds u have a good fortune miss twinkle that you have such caring ur life partner .
He din live you a single min since you are admitted n kept sobbing
And I know you are also as lucky as her (pointing to kunj) as ur better half kept chnting ur name even in such state…
He just goes…

Twinkle n kunj smile n hearts…
Mahi comes to kunj..n in a funny tone wishpers n kunjs ears..
Betaaaa maan mein ladooo phutaaa?
Kunj just keep smiling and comes to sences n hits lightly to mahi…

Yuvi comes to kunj..who’s just smiling thinking about twinkle..
He hits him at back(as almost many frnds do ..)
He says you don’t want to say me anything?
He says no..but y r u asking so….
Yuvi nods n nothing..
Shall I say u something..
K- yup ..
Y- I think u r n love…
K- what…with whom…
Y- twinkle yar..
Kunj cones to him n smells..
N says tu pk hai kya…?
Y- I m serious here n u…!
K- u r thinking my consern for twinkle n wrong way..
I care her as she’s my best of best friend…that’s it…
Now enough f back back..
Let’s go to twinkle now…
V shd Lev her n mahi to taneja mansion…
As according to aunty v were our n farm house for just 3 days
He laughs n goes
Yuvi- tukuch b kele but I ll make u n twinkle one..
As I know u both love each other truly…
All heed to taneja mansion…
They reach the gate.
N c a guy doing exercise..
He’s doing push ups..
He was nakd upside..
He was fare enough with blue-green eyes ( u guys can imagine Nakuul mehta last seen in pyar ka dard hai as Aditya Kumar)
Who’s the guy?
Y he don’t like seeing twinkle n mahi withother guys…

Task to u
What name she b given to this guy✌
Sorry for short update..
Hope I like it..

Credit to: crazy

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  1. Ummm if u want us to imagine nakkul then adi/aditya wud be a good name and btw nice epi dear

  2. Plzzzzzzzzz name him Arvin

  3. Nice episode

  4. nyc epi….

  5. Uuuuumah osm epi dear

  6. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    amazing episode….

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