TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 13)


HEllo guys..after ur overwelming comments i’m just on cloud of infinity..
well i ll be uploading the episodes as and how i get time because from April 11 to may 11 i m full buzy..with exams..and being it my last sem i need to concentrate more there also but pakka promise that when ever i m free i ll upload the FF..
now enough of my bakbak n lets procedd to episode..

mahi goes to yuvi and kunj and says i think i should inform maa..
just then she gets call of leela
(now you may get question about who said to leela all this, i ll reveal it later and let it be a TS)
mahi picks the call and stammers..
leela- puttar i m annoyed with you you could have said me na that to celebrate the victory you both and all the friends went to beach side farm house for three days..
chall koi nahi(it ok now) but you take care of your self and twinkle ok..
and she cuts the call
kunj and yuvi ask her what did aunty say..
she narrates everything..

kunj says its not right but to hurt the sentiments of aunty..
and to lie her about her daughter..
yuvi interrupts and says but we dont have courag to tell anything to her..
kunj gives angry looks(imagine this look guys, then every girl like me would blush as i m doing now while writing the ff-sorry for my bak bak again)
yuvi-what..i mean what are you gonna say aunty..atlest let doctr come and tell us anything about twinkle..
mahi feels dizzy..
yuvi holds her and asks are you fine mahi..
he makes her sit..
and says i ll get you water and something to eat..

kunj is still in shock..
he remembers all that happened with him..
twinj ki kiss..
then twinkle smiling at him..
just then he notices a voice..
its twinkle she comes to him and sits on bench beside him..
O’oooo tumbhi na..meine tumse kya kaha tha..yad hai..

(You also na..,you remeber what i had said you once?)
kunj nods in no..
t-bolgaye..chall koi ni mein yad dila deti hun(you forgot..any way let me make you remember it)
jab bhi koi muskil ho toh kya karna chaiyee?(when there is any difficulty what should you do?)
and she vanishes
he thinks how twinkle said him once that when ever you are n difficulty you should always close your eyes and think of lord..and leave all the problems to him..
then he ll send an angel to solve all the problem..
just then he hears bells of temple..
he goes out of hospital and finds a temple..
he goes there..
twinkles voice echos in him everywhere…
he removes his shoes like a typicall hero..
and enters the temple..
and like typical movie secnes winds starts bolwing hard..
bells start to ring due to wind..
kunj goes and joins his hand and says to god
twinkle is very nice girl..fully jolly type who just likes to be in problem just as she is now..
you know she said me once that when ever we are in problem we should leave it to you..
see bagvanjii i m leaving this to you .now you shd make my twinkle well..
i know i have never joined hands infront of you with my will..

right from childhood i did it as mom said but today i m doing it from heart..thinking that you will never break the trust..
hesays so and leaves..
there yuvi was searching kunj..
he thinks kunj really loves twinkle a lot..i know i too love twinkle but my love is very less when compared to kunj..
now i promise my self that i ll make twinkle also realise her love for kunj and make them one..
and the day they become one i ll accept mahi too..
he sees kunj comming and says kunj..
see i baught pizza for us..
come have it..
as you din have anything since long..
kunj nods and goes with yuvi when he remembers the fight for food…
how kunj fought with twinkle telling her that pizza is tasty than home made food..
but twinkle stressing that mom ka hatha ka khana is best…
other side twinkle gains consiousness..
kunj drops pizza there and runs to see her..
he goes and sees twinkle and hugs her tightly…
she respods..

precap- cute scnes are planned..lets see if i can implement it in the episode..

hope you liked it..
maffi for mistakes..
and hope you havent forgotten that you shoud comment positive r negative..
and yeah sorry for such long episode..
hope your hands are not paining by scrolling the screen..
but make it a habbit for few more such episodes

Credit to: crazy

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  1. Woooooooooow amazing epi dear loved it …… cont soon plzzzzz. …..

  2. Dambo ka,frnd

    Yarrr Vyshu u nailed it…
    Love u janemaaaannnn …
    Abb toh han bol de

    1. Dambo ka,frnd

      Now u meet me only ..
      Just talk abt ff n don’t think f other think.
      Varna u known what ll b ur halat tommo n Clg…

      Well thq for coopliment..

  3. Crazy u r so swet ..dear my hand is nt paining…nd my hand doesn’t when i got such a gud epi to read ….

  4. Of course v liked it n update soon n from next tym… a longer episode….plzzz…

  5. Unable to describe it crazy… is very amazing….. U can make it more lengthy……. Plz upload the next episode soon… u and ur ff a lot

  6. awesome yaar ……. lovely epi….

  7. Wow crazy it was a fantastic epi and ya all the best for ur xams!

  8. Awsome yar

  9. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    lovely episode dear…..

  10. Awsum crazy… πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

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