TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 12)


i was just overwelmed with the comments i got in the lat episode..
thankyou so much for loving me and my ff..
hope u ll enjoy this episode too..
and dont forget to comment as your comments and suggestions are my strenth be it positive or enough of my talks and lets proceed to ff..

episode starts with everyone rushing towards twinkle..kunj takes her on lap and cares her asking her to wake up ..
k- twikle..twinkle..mere taraf dek twinkle(please look at me twinkle)
twinkle keeps stamring kunjs name
kunj asks yuvi to get the vehicle as we need to rush to hospital..just then a car goes yuvi tries to stop but it just moves off
yuvi is very angry mahi notices this and asks yuvi to cool down she ll stop the car..
she comes and waves her hand to take lift..

the man in the car is just too handsome..wearing black suit..
he stops seeing mahi.. sis has met with an accident please help us to take her to hospital..
man- yeah sure ..where is she..
kunj picks twinkle in his arms and gets her near the car..
kunj has kept his hand over twinkle…to stop the blood ..but the man keeps staring mahi..
yuvi notices this..
kunj says mahi yuvi jaldi chaloo please..
yuvi-kunj u go ahead..
i n mahi ll come ..plz make it asap..
kunj nods..
kunj gets in car and takes twinkle on his lap
and speaks to her..
k-yar..please kuch baath kar mere se..(plz speak to me)
kuch b hojayee apni akheeen band maath karna plzz(let anything happen but plz dont close your eyes)
k-han..mein yahi hon..
guy-listen mr, the girl is getting unconsious..please keep talking to her..kuch b baath kar but kar..

k-twinki…yeah sabna tere wajese horahahai…meine kaha tha tuzje ki the plan is not good..
par tu aur tere siyapee ..badi jaasi ki rani banrahi thi..dekha kya hogaya abb..
k-tuze toh mera naam b lene nahi aaraha hai..
tu ek bar tekk ho ja phir dek..ajj tune mere kitne asson waste kiye hai na..uss sab ke na mein suth sameet badla lunga..

twinkle breaths faster..

guy- here we reach hospital..
kunj takes her in..
and shes in ICU..
mavi reach there..
kunj hugs yuvi..
agar twinkle ko kuch hogaya na toh mein genahi pavonnga..
yuvi is schoked at this…as he gets to know that twinj are loving each other..
mahi says
twinkle dii ko kuch nah hoga kunj..calm down..
hamein maa ko inform karna hoga..
guys- no..i mean i dont have right to speak in between you..but dont inform in her home till any thing is confirmed..
first let doctor say what has happened then you guys can inform..look i known few good doctors i ll call them and call here to treat her..
hope you dont mind..!
k-tum log kuch bhi karo bas mere twinkle ko teek karo..
doctor comes out
kunj rushes to him..

doctor wo meri twinkle
everything is fine now..
but few she is notconsious with in 12hrs then she may slip to coma..

k-mein twinkle ko kuch nahi hone dunga..
mein meri twinkle ko kuch nahi hone dunga..
bahle muza iske liya apni zindagi dav pe kyun na laga ni pade..
(i ll not let anything happen to twinkle
i ll not let anything happen to my twinkle..
even if i had to risk my life to her..)
guy smiles listening this..and thinks the girl is lucky to have him
yuvi- par kunj…
k- nahi yuvi. i love her a lot and ll not let anything happen to her..
mahi smiles

precap- guys in next episode i ll describe you all about the secnes only of twinj..
i.e kunj remembering all the time spent with twinkle..and their memories

hope you liked it..
mafii for mistakes note- guys i assure you that in next few episode you ll be enjoying too stay in touch..

Credit to: crazy

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