Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love(9)


hello friends…
first of all to sorry sorry sorry as in at someplaces i have mentioned sid as kunj.. pata nhi mere dimag me kya chal ra tha.. but gys aab tak aaisa kuch nhi h that sid is kunj only

but as u know its my ‘dimag ki upaj’ 😉 to anything can be possible in upcoming episodes.. for knowing more u will have to keep reading thin.. n plz do comment as it

encourage me to write.. ofcoure anybody would feel happy to see comments… thank u so much bbyee… oops not bbyee.. its to starting na 😉 .. m bhi na.. kuch bhii..
aacha ook okk … enough of my bakwas.. lets continue with the episode..
@MUMBAI (7:00 pm)
her flight landed in mumbai… as she deboarded from flight n she kept her first step on the land of mumbai.. she felt something strange (may bge good , may be something

bad).. the winds of mumbai touched as if it was feeling her.. may be it was because that soon she will gonna meet her soulmate here.. (may be.. jyada sapne mat dekho kuch

bhi ho sakta h 😉 ).. she bursed her thoughts away n started moving towards her she was going.. n was carrying her bags too.. she didnt saw somene was

comming from tthe opposite direction talking on the phone n suddenly…
yes u guessed it right.. she bumped with the person comming from other side… n she fell down with a thud ..(humesha zaruri nhi ki hero aake heroine ko bachale.. kabi kabhi

aaisa bhi hota h ki heroine gie jaaye 😉 😉 )

he was going to say sorry to her but suddenly twinkle brusted out..
tw- hey man.. are ui mad.. tum dekh kar nhi chal sakte.. stuip idiot.. tumhar vajeh se m gir gayi .. n mera samaan.. OMG!! dekho tumne kya kia?? stupid man..
man-……. staring her blankly as if he has seen some ghost (thining- oh god how can anyone speak so much in one breath)
he tried to say sorry but she was not ready to listen.. she was just scolding him..
tw- aab mera muh kya dekh re ho.. help me na.. etiquetes ni h kya??
man- sorry (n was helping her in collecting her luggage)
tw- what sorry haa.. sab bigad dia.. omg!! m late ho re hu .. mujhe hostel bhi jaanah..
he helped her to take her luggage upto taxi…
insted of saying sorry or even thanku.. she showed attitude to him n went away..

he saw her going.. he was staring at her suddenly anotherman tapped on his shoulder…
2nd man– are sid (yes frnds , the guy was sid only).. where r u yr.. i was waiting for u n u r staring at these busyy roads of mumbai.. kha kho gaya bhai..
sid- nothing uv, i have just met a mad girl.. (he told everything of it to uv, what happened inside)
his face was showing happiness when he was talking abut that unknown girl..
uv- ooho.. someone is talking abt a girl.. n that too u.. vaise.. kaise thi vo..
sid- syappa ka dukan thi.. syappa queen khin ki..
uv- ohho to naam karan bhi ho gaya..(teasingly).. not at all bad haa..
jo ladkiyon ke naam se bhi ghabarta h vo aaj non stop ek ladki ke baareme baat kar ra h…
sid’s pov–

as soon as i stepped in i feel the cool breeze.. at that time i was taking on phone with someone.. soon i collided with a girl..
before i say sorry.. she started scolding me even though mistake was hers… i was wondering what type of girl she is but i melted seeing her innocent face ,shining eyes.. her

lips were never the less like rose.. i was totally lost in her beauty..(ahaa itni jaldi.. itna kuch notice kar lia.. not bad)
soon i composed myself n started going n she asked me to help her atleast.. i melted seening her innocent face n i dropped her upto taxi.. but that girl didnt have the courtosy

to even thank me… i was busy watching her taxi going n someone tapped me from behing….
pov ends…..

twinkle reached her hostel n started unpacking her stuff.. soon she was tired n talked with her family on skipe n dozed off thinking about the unknown person…
screen freezes……………..

how was the episode friends.. hope u liked it…
keep reading bbyee.. see u soon…….

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  1. Kruti

    Nice epi

  2. I am confused. Did twinkle and kunj ever see each others face?

  3. Sameera

    Yeah does twinkle haven’t seen kunj pic also ???but bdw superbb epi so cont asap

  4. die hard fan of sidmin

    Nice episode but u have a question that this sidhant is kunj na……

  5. Fan

    Awesome epi monaa

  6. Angita

    Confusion pls how can they not recognize each other .haven’t they ever met?

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Mona darling…..episode was fab….their first meet…..lovely…..

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….

  9. Loveleen

    i loved dis episd… one doubt has twinkle n kunj never met b4..???…n plz reveal dis sid soon….m confused if he is kunj or nt….

  10. Shatakshi

    Hey monaa
    The episode was too good
    But I m still confused becoz if sid is not kunj then why is he dreaming about twinkle
    Please clarify…or else the episode was Awesome

  11. SidMin

    Wow so cute their first meet and I think much tho ha hai ya hoagy hai Waiting for thinnest episode loved this one

  12. Dreamer...arundhati

    Mona. .Muah.. It was fab.
    I too have the same doubt as sattu di.
    Kunj ko jaldi la.
    And twinj scenes . Plz
    But the epi was amazing

  13. Saby

    So happy with kunj’s entry?
    Ya I know it was sid but I think he is Kunj only…..?

  14. Shreya098

    awesome episode… loved it
    I hope this sid turn out to be kunj only..

  15. Shonaa...

    Hie monaa….
    Today first tym i read ur all d episodes in one go…. all r just amazing…. u write very well…. but today’s episode was lil confusing…. hope nxt will clear all d confusion…. post nxt soon….

  16. Hey Mona sum wht confused I am…
    Bt still did twinj ever met???????
    Anyway do cont asap

  17. yeh I also had same question… coming to d epi….it was superb….waiting for next…

  18. monnaa darling osm episode bt i hv d same dout as all pls clear it

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