Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love(61)

@Twinkle,s room…
M- why do u care if sid won’t talk to u??
Tw- (suddenly see towards her leaving her sobbing) what are u saying mahi?? Sid is my best friend.. If he won’t talk to me then why won’t I care…
Obviously I do care..
Plz mahi ask him to talk to me na.. I promise I will not do anytging like that again… (Again started sobbing).
M- aacha.. Shh.. Dont cry twinkle.. (Make her head placed in her lap n started caressing her hairs) u know na.. If u will cry more then u will feel more weak n sid will think that u r irresponsible and dont take care of urself.. Then again he won’t talk to u.. (Twinkle nooded still in her lap)..

Tw- (innocently) sid maan jayega na.. U know I became so much addicted to him that if he dont talk to me na.. I dont feel anything good…
M -(trying to make her realise her feelings) are u sure u only consider him as ur friend n nothing else..
Tw- (getting up from her lap n saw towards her) ofcourse mahi.. Infact best friend..
Why are u talking so round and round.. Plz tell clearly na what u wanna say..
Mahin again make her lie on her lap n continued her talk…

M- I think u have started liking him..
Tw- ifcourse I lie him.. He is so sweet. I kniw he is sometimes sadu..( making faces) but he is sweet n he always support me in every situation.. Pata ni aaj kya hua h isse.. Mujhse baat bhi ni kar ra..(crying face)
M- lisent to me carefully twinkle n dont interrupt in between..
Are u feeling good when he is not talking to u?? (Twinkle nodded in no)
Can u see him being friendly with sone other gurl more than u..??
Tw- but he is more friebdly with u na.. I dont mind that..( innocently)..
M- except me.!

Twinkle remembered a day..
Twinkle kunj mahi and uv were in shopping mall n were shopping dresses for award function.. Mahi n uv left to other section now only twinkle and kunj is left.. Twinkle was showing him dresses which she has selected for him ..
Tw- sid see..( showing a suit).. It will look perfect on u.. U will look handsome..
Kunj was about to take that dress from her hands.. A voice interrupted in between..
Voice- He is already handsome..
Kunj saw back n found a girl in one pice dress open hair.. Gorgeous lady..
Sge came and hugged kunj..
K – omg! Shanaya.. Long time yr. ( hugged back)..

They both were talking endlessely n forgot twinkle n she was watching them like aww.. Tum mujhe bhule kaise.. Tw went towards kubj n tapped his shoulders..
Tw- mujhe ni milwaoge.. I was waiting ki tum hi introduce kara do but tumhe to yaad bhi ni ki tum mere saath aaye the..( sad).
K- (side hugged tw) are mera baccha!! How can I forger u?! U r to my jaan.. Aacha meet her she is shanaya my college friend..
(Looking towards shanaya) n shanaya she us twinkle my bestest friend..( still side hugging her)..
Twinklw was just staring kunj’s hands which are on her shoulders..she was feeling an unknown happiness in her heart being so close to him .. But didnt realised it why??
After sonetime shanaya left n they conpleted there shopping n went towards mall

restaurant to have sonething as she should not starve for long time..
Kunj ordered n twinkle asked him..
Tw- how can u forger me while meeting ur frnd?? Mi not ur friend.. Jao I won’t talk to u..
K- are syappa queen aab tak to theek thi acganak kya hua??
Tw- achanak kuch ni hua.. ?? Hiw can u ignire me..
K- yr tu sach me syappa queen h.. Tell me can anyone ignore his life..?
Twinkle nooded in no..
K- then how can I??
K- are yr u r my jaan.. ( indirectly confessed)

Twinkle playfully beat him on his hands ..
Tw- jyada makhan lagane ki zarurat ni h..
K- (in mind) yr tujhe kaise bataun?? What u r ti me?? Gaash koi ni mera bhi time aayega tab tak tujhe satane me maza,aayega.. Are wah kunj.. U to made a rhym..
K- waise tu kyu itna jal re thi shanaya se. She was so sweet..
Tw- sweet my foot.. Chipkali khin ki.. Kitna chipak re thi tumse.. (Moking) he is to already handsome.. My foot..
K- what?? Dont u find me handsome..?? (Fake cry)..
Tw- drama band karo apna… I know u r handsone..
Kunj ka famous look.. One eyebrow up..(omg! He is looking dashing.. Hehe)
Tw- ha I mean.. Vo vo u ciuld be handsome if u would have seen my selected dress that time but nhi tumhe to uss chipkali se baat karni thi.. Huh!..
K- jealous..

Tw- my foot!
She felt irritated n left from there n kunj after her..
–Flashback Ends–
M- shaking her.. Kya hua tw.. Kha kho gayi..
Tw- I was searching the answer of ur ques..
M- what u concluded..
Tw – yeh. I have problem with him being overfriendly with any other girl ..
M- that exactly what I wanted to listen.. No its upto u to know why u feel so??
Tw- why??
M- I thing u have started falling for him..
Tw- (immediately get up) noo.. It can’t be possible..
M- why it can’t be possible?
Tw- mere kismat itni aachi nhi h.. I can’t fall for him ..

M- n why do u think so..
Love is such a beautiful feeling that can happen anytime anywhere and with anyone.. All u need is just to accept ur feelings..
Twinkle again started crying..
M- now why are u crying??

Tw- vo .. (Told everything about her marriage)..
M- patted her head n cobsoled her..
She was feeling bad for twinkle as she has gine through a lit.. Altough she knew everything about her marriage but listenibg her story from her side shows how much she is in pain.. N she is hiding her pain from everybody..
M- twinkle.. Jo ho gaya so ho gaya.. Vo badla ni jaa sakta but usse humari zindagi to nhi rukti na.. Think about ur n sid’s relation… Just follow ur heart n dont think about past.. Dont let ur past come in b/w ur present n future..
She kissed her forehead n left..
Twinklw was in deep thinking..
Tw- do I really live him..
Heart- yes u do..
Brain no u can’t. Ur not good for him..

Heart- love doent see anything..
Brain- but u need to see.. U can’t spoil his life..
Heart- ur not spoiling his life.. May be he also love u.
Brain- yeah! First u should find out..
Both brain n heat hifi n left twinkle alone..

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  1. SidMin23

    Nicely written and waiting for next update

  2. SidMin

    Loved it ❤
    The episode was just too good
    Mahi and Twinkle’s talk were so sweet and the Fb was so cute
    Loved the brain and heart talks ?
    Love you post soon ?

  3. Hey monaa m waiting 4 this update.. Just awesome.. U potryed emotions very well.. Love it yarr.. Hope twinkle fall in love with kunj soon. I wanna see how will be reaction of twinkle knowing about kunj truth. Plz show some twinj romance..
    And Plz post next epi soon..
    Stay happy.. Love you.

  4. Chiku

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    Awesome.. the bond btn mahi n twinkle is so adorable.. n loved the fb and twinkle’s jealousy.. n the talks btn brain n heart was too good.. loved it.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  11. Awesome episode dear
    Feeling sad for twinkles state
    Do continue and post soon bye

  12. Ramya

    He r u ?
    Episode was so much superb awesome
    N I loved shanaya jeolusy n kunj concern fr twinkle in flashback
    I loved twihi bond it’s adorable
    Loads of love keep smiling

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    u know i read 10 episodes in a row……..
    n luvd all sooo mch evrything was perfect lovely
    n i guessed ki name pata chal jayega party mein bt something happend dat changed it
    n srsly evrything was soooooooo perfect twinkle bhi naaaa n d operation pata nhi ab kya hoga osm fabulous di………… 😀
    luv u lods ♥♥♥♥♥
    luvd dis episode as well d talk of heart n brain n flashback hehheee wow……….. 😀

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