Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love(51)


In the whloe one month , Kunj n twinkle came close..
No no dont think that they have reduced their knok jhok.. infact that to have increased but all this follwed by their their cute romantic eyelocks..
Complaints with each other.. n sometimes small pranks.. our syappa queen have become more naughty with passsing time .. (sangati ka asar.. ofcourse she spent more time with naughty aadit)

@mahi’s room–
MAhi is in washroon.. baby is in craddle.. twinkle is present with small aadit.. playing n making funny faces to make him smile.. He was also enjoying his naughty massi’s antics n shaking her small small hands in agreement with her..
Kunj was passing by the room n noticed her antics n get lost in her.. admiring her..
Twinkle was palying with baby’s toys.. more than the toys owner.. such a kid.. but a cute one..
tw- are see.. see aadit..(showing a key bunch.. plastic ka) its soo nice na..
She is playing with all his toys n he was giggling n laughing seeing her..
K- (monologue) haye meri syappa queen!! kitni cute lag re h .. bilkul bacchi… man ko kar ra h ki abhi ek kissi le lu.. but haash 🙁 my destiny..
no worries.. kissi ni le sakta to kya hua.. tumhare saath kuch time to spend kar hi sakta hu..
Thinking or u can say dreaming about her.. he came in room n he too started playing with aadit completely ignoring twinkle..
Seeing this tw fumed in anger. How can he alone play with aadit.. n most impoortantly how can he ignore her?? huh..!!
tw- (patting his shoulder)
k- shrugged his shoulder ignoring her n picked aadit in his lap n went towards bed n placed him on bed carefully n started playing with him..
Twinkle came on his opposite side n she too started playing.. or u can say fighting with kunj n our baby is just watching them both one by one n at last when he cant tolerate their fight he started crying loudly indicating them that he too is present here n noone is giving him importance,..
Listening to aadit’s voice twinj came into senses and started panicing .. n started doing one or the other thing to make baby calm but our prince is no less…
he is taking revenge from them.. how dare they ignore him.. now they have to do something special for himm..(aajkal ke bacche bhi na.. bachpan se hi chalu h..)
Kunj is making joker faces to make him smile.. sometimes showing his tongue, sometimes making his nose big n rolling his eyes.. but prince have no effect on him n he closed his eyes not looking at him as if he is not interested..
Kunj make a cute pout being defeated..
Twinkle started laughing seeing kunj so helpless..
tw- ha ha.. ha ha sadu.. look at u.. ha ha.. (holding her stomach due to laughing..) iu are looking so funny.. n my aadit is showing no interest in u.. ha ha ha..
k- (fake anger) huh!! aadit ke bacche.. (now he stopped crying seeing twinkle laughing so loudly n looking kunj’s cute angry pout) from how much time i m trying to make u stop crying but u had no effect n nw seeing ur massi laughing.. u stopped crying.. not fare..! huh!! i wont talk to u..
(showing concern) haw!! being a boy how can u be on her side..?? boys should be in a team n u r on her side..(making faces)
Listening this baby stopped hius activities n became calm.. (as if thinking abt kunj’s words) [aww! soo cute baby.. imagine his face] think think.. prince think abut it.. u should not be in girls team.. u come in my team n we both will rock!!
Listening this twinkle became angry that he is trying to make him on his side..
tw-(angry) hey!! how dare u speak like this with prince.. he is with me.. n will always be on my side.. (throwing pillows on him carefully not hurting the baby..)
Kunj bent down to Save himself n pillow hit directly on mahi’s face .. she is comming from washroom..
m- (angrily) ye sab kya ho ra h..?? tum dono fir shuru ho gaye.. kuch der bhi bina lade ni rhe sakte na..
u r spoiling my baby.. by ur this gesture..(making faces on them)
Listening her scoldings both became quite n made innocent puppy face..
Mahi came towards baby n picked him in her embracee..
m- aab itna masum banne ki koi zarurat ni h..
Baby started giggling seeing both twinj faces..
tw- haww!! aacha bacchu.. now u will laugh on our condition.. koi ni humara bhi din aayega.. huh!! (saying this she ran out from rooom)
Kunj also went behing her making puppy face..(how cutee!)

MAhi started playing n talking with baby..
m- dekha baby. how ur chachu n massi fight..??
baby start giggling n responding..
MAhi fed him milk n left in hall with the baby where usha was eagerly waiting for his grandson..
u- (seeing baby n mahi) are her come my baccha.. (taking aadit from mahi’s hands) She too started playing with aadit n cherishing her grandmotherhood..
Screen freeses on happy faces of everyone..
tell me gys how’s the episode..
its only for u to show the twinj scenes..
hope u liked it..
keep reading bbyee..

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  1. Adya

    Sry Monaa di bt I didn’t like it…..bcoz
    I loved it…..
    Woahhhhhh….finally….it was awesome…post soon
    Love u

  2. Aksa_Nikoria

    Awww shooooo cuteee…luved it..spcl twinj’s fight over the baby and the baby…hayeee….awesome luved it…cont soon…

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely episode…. Awesome

  4. Sohi

    Aww so cute I liked the baby much then twinj he remind me of my nephew and niece please do continue I was eagerly waiting for your post

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous funny epi

  6. Wowowowow super cute epi???????.. really loved it.. twinj and baby aadit were soo cute and it was a bliss to imagine them being childish and naughty.. hayee???.. thnx for adding twinj scenes?? do cont soon ❤❤

  7. Awwww shooo cute episode…I so loved the baby and TwiNj cute nokh jhoks…waiting for next…try to post soon…

  8. Ramya

    Awesome dear moona n baby kuch zyada hi cute hai bechara twinj pe has raha hai so cuteee loved it

  9. Mona it really super super super super cute epi… really loved it……loved twinj nok jhok….n awwwww how cute baby is he man kar tha main use ek pyaaaaari si jhappi doon…. pls post next asap…


  10. Mona it was really super super super super cute epi… really loved it……loved twinj nok jhok….n awwwww how cute baby is he man kar tha main use ek pyaaaaari si jhappi doon…. pls post next asap…


  11. Ritzi

    It was dammn freaking cute yaaaaar! Loooovvved their childishness

  12. dreamer...arundhati

    mona…its so cute

  13. Chiku

    Awesome ?????

  14. Kritika14

    Amazing one!

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