Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love(48)


kunj uv n family are sitting in waiting area seriously talking about twinkle’s health..
U- I cant get it how twinkle dont know that u are her husband kunj when she is with u from approx 7-8 months..
M- Dont tell me..(angrily) U knew it before only n u hided it from her ..
K- n.. no (stammering, fully broken from inside) i .. i didnt knew it before.. but i also dont get it.. how come she dont know me..
(Asking from usha) She knew my name na?? so how she cant recognise me??
U- yeh!! she knew ur name.. i m damn sure about it..
m- but what about u? U also knew her name na.. so how could u dont know her??
k- no dad.. i didnt know her name.. i to didnt even ask her name or never seen her pic before marriage also as i was never ready for marriage..(looking down in guilt)
u- even she was not happy with this marriage but for her parent’s sake she married u..
n yeh she also didnt see ur photo .. She wanted to meet u in person for the first time n you just arrived from ur work on the same day of ur marriage n left on the same day leaving her broken..(her voice cracked thinking about her suffering uptill now)
but oi m damn sure , she knew ur name as on ur letter to her on ur first night, ur name was mentioned?
UV interrupted their talks in between..
uv- i think , she never came across with ur full name as we always call u sid at home.. may be she never came across ur true name..
k- yeh.. yeh ..this could be possible..!!
vaise bhi .. she always call me sadu.. she never call me by name always call me by weired names like sadu khadoos angry bird emotionless etc..( a slight smile flushed on his lips thinking about his moments with her)

Usha noticed this change in his son n is happy with the fact that now his husband loves her.. but again became sad with the thought whether she will forgive him for his deeds or not..
Manohar was quite all this while as if thinking something deeply..
U- (to manohar) ji aap kya soch re h?
M- usha.. i m thinking how to tell all this to twinkle..
k- dad.. dont tell it to her now please.. u know her condition.. it can be dangerous for her..
u- but beta.. we cant hide such a big truth of her life from her..
She will break down when she will come to know about it afterward..
Kunj felt releived listening his mom calling her beta after such a long time.. (he got emotional n just wanted to hug her mom tight n cry his pain out but he cant do so..)
uv- i think kunj is right, we cant risk her life telling her truth.. as doc said a littele stress can be dangerous for her..
M- u to just shut ur mouth.. no one asked fror ur suggestion..
{ remember uv’s truth is not known to his parents.. they still feel him to be guilty about the incident, n manohar is very much annoyed with him}
Listening this.. uv’s heart sank.. his eyes became teary n he left from there…
Kunj felt bad for his brother n determined to proove him innocent at any cost.. but at this point of time twinkle is more important for him..

After all the discussions, it is decided not to tell anything to twinkle about kunj n their marriage, everything will go as it was going till now.. kunj will only be sid for her.. n she will stay with mahi’s hpouse untill she becomes fine n usha will stay with them..
manohar n adi with pari will leave to amritsar after 2 days for work..

@outside mahi’s ward–
Uv was sitting helpless crying hiding his face in his palms.. n recalling the incident which snatched his family from him..
upto now he didnt want to proove anything to anybody but now he cant remain quite.. he need to proove himself innocent …
He wanted to got to her soulmate n wanted to hug her tight n tell all his miseries to her but he dont wanna give any stress to her.. he have to hide his emotions from her..
Thinking all this.. he headed towards mahi’s room..
Mahi was sitting on bed with an angry pout.. Uv smiled at her antics..
Screen freezes………………….
Tell me how’s the episode..
are u fine with this style of writing.. i know i m not that good at expressing in english but i tried my best..
hope u r satisfied with it..
Do tell me.. if u want any changes..
Or do u want my old stlye of writing in hindi n tuti futi english..
he he.. i know m bhot bakwas kar re hu..
chalo aacha.. bbyee..

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  5. Woohooo thanks for posting soon 🙂 and this epi was awesome as always.. feeling bad for uv.. hope his innocence truth comes out soon.. And the decision abt now telling anything to twinkle seems right.. do cont soon ❤

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