Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love(44)


@mahi’s ward–
Uv was present inside the ward with mahi along with doctors as she need him the most at this point of time.. uv was tensed as hell n mahi was in deeep pain.
uv- doc (cries) plz check mahi.. is she fine?? n our baby? is he also fine? please save her plz(pleads)

doc- haa mr sarna. relax.. let me check calm down..
as doctor was examining mahi’s situation, uv noticed some tensed expressions on doc’s face n was even more restless n worried..
doc- (twnsed) kya hua doc?/ is everything alright??
doc- (signs fearfully) no mr sarna.. m aapko false hope nhi dena cahta.. mrs sarna ki halat is critical.. as i already told u she has some complications in her pregnency n she must be away from stress..

but it seems she was much worried n tensed from some time jiski vajeh se unki halat n baby’s condition has gone worst.. we cant delay any more.. need to operate ur wife right now.. warna..(interrupted in between)
uv- (shocked) what do u mean doc? plz do anything but plz save my wife.. i beg u.. plz.. n if u r worried abt fees money then dont worry i make sure all ur bills r paid off bt plz save my wife n m baby .. plz doc..(joining hands n pleading)
doc- no mr sarna, its not about the matter of money.. but the matter of luck n prayers.. just pray for mrs. sarna helath..

(to nurse) nurse go n get the ot ready.. we need to operate her.. so hurry up..(leaves)
nurse- yes doc(leaves too)
as soon as doc n nurse left the room, uv stared at the unconscious mahilovingly with teary eyes.
30 minutes later-
inside ot
while mahi was being operated inside the ot in semi conscious state, mahi groans n morns in pain whilesweating badly making uv and others present outside more tensed n worried..
mahi (sweats n screems) ahhh… uvv.. aaahhh..
as mahi moarned uvv’s name in pain, she gets some flashed of their happy moments making her to moarn more in pain..

As mahi was remembering her cute cum happy moments with uv kunj n twinkel, her pain increases n screams loudly uv’s name in pain with tears of helplessness n pain continuously flowing from her eyes making her case more complicated fro doctors..
mahi- (screams in pain while sweating badly) uuvvvv … ahhh.. uvv.. (clutches the pillow tightly)

doc- (worried) nurse. i guess we sholuld call me sarnainside.. becoz mrs sarna is not responding to our instructions.. if mr sarna comes in.. he can divert her mind n then easily we can deliver d baby.. so hurry up.. go go n call mr sarna inside..
nurse- ok doc..(leaves)
soon nurse leftthe ot n cokes out from ot in tension making others scared n tensed..
uv- (sees nurse) nursee.. kya hua?? how is mahi n my baby?? everything is fine na?? plz tell..(worried n sweating)

nurse- no mr sarna actually, patient is not responding to ur treatmentat all.. she is just screeming ur name continuously.. so u plz come inside n divert her mind.. so that we can operate her properly..
uv-(shocked) what?? haa.. ok. ok..(fumbling) i will come.. plz lets go..(worried) my mahi needs me..(looking towards maa) maa.. i will go to her..(teary eyes0
usha- haa beta.. u go inside.. go n bring my bahu n grandchild safely..(teary eyed)
uv-(smiles with teary eyes) haa.. ma pakka..
Soon uv rushes inside ot making semi conscious mahi releived n happpy seeing her husband with her inside ot..

mahi- (teary eyes) uvv..(screems again) aahhh..
uv-(shocked n run towards her) mahiii..(caresses her sweaty forehead n calms her down) sshsh… calm down.. baby,..ssh.. nothing will happen to u noe to our baby.. just relax n do whatever doctor is telling u.. ok?? i m there with u.. i know u can do it. come on..

After listening of her hubby voice she felt somewhat releived n doctors started doing there work
mahi- aah(screems in pain holds uv’s hand tightly) aahh.. nhii.. i i i.. i cant .. nhi hoo ra mumujhsee.. aah..(sweating)

uv caresses her forehead more. Both doc n uv are encouraging her continuously, she somehow with d help of uv’s support tried to push n cooperate her level best while sweating leading the operating to reach the end.
both uv n doc are shockedn surprised while mahi screemed more louder n faint making people outside more tensed n shocked..

uv was still in shock, doctor smiled n took a relaxed sigh hearing a cute n a small crying voice of of baby making uv more shocked n surprised..
doc- congratulation mr sarna.. finally u r a proud father a a baby BOY.. (forwards teh baby to uv)
uv- (still shocked) rr. r u. se.. seriouss. doc..(touches the baby) is .. iss he my my sson..(doc nodes yes) (teary eyes n kissed the baby lightly on his forehead..) mmy.. lil.. princee..
(to doc) thank u soo much doc.. thanks a lot..(teary eyes)
(eying unconscious mahi) bbut.. doc..(poinmting towards her) ,… mmm mmahi is fine na..

doc- (smiled0 dont worry.. patient n baby both are fie.. bas patient is really tires n exhausted with the stress n tension she has gone through.. jiski vajeh se she is unconscious.. within one hour she will gain her senses..(assures bhim)
uv- (smiles with teary eyes) n baby??
doc- dont worry baby is fine.. bas we are taking her with us to clean her n to make her fresh.. its a pre matured delivery.. we need to keep her in incubator for a week.. nothing much.. n yes plz stay with patient.. she needs u..
uv-(shake hands with doc) ok doc.. thanks once again
doc- my pleasur..(he leaves)

soon doc leaves with nurse n his babyleaving emotional uv with unconscious mahi..
Screen freeses on his emotional face..
sorry frnds.. i know.. i know .. there is no twinj scenes in todays episode..
but dont worry.. next scene will be full of twinj scenes but untill then bear with this..
actually… i have read a story somewhere.. where the delivery scence was shown soo emotionally.. so thought to add this part with uv n mahi..
i hope u liked it.. i hope i depicted the emotions well…
bbyee frnds… see you soon with next epi..

today i have uploaded with ur request to upload soon but.. for the next episode.. it will take some time.. hope u can wait..
i will try my best to upload soon..

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