Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love(3)


Continue with the marriage part:
Twinkle was sitting on the bed in her bridal dress n her friends were standing in her room’s balcony watching whether barat has arrived or not but our twinkle seems not interested..
suddenly some noices of band, shahnai n fire crackers started comming.. her friends were happy seeing the baarat has arrived..
chinki- see twinki, ur baarat has arrived…
ruhi- come twinki.. see ur inlaws.. they seems so happy.. come na yr.. atleast see ur to be husband..
tw- (smiles slightly showing them) u gys continue.. i have to see only them from tomorrow.. u continue
(she seems not interested) she was lost in her own thoughts..
chinki- yr ruhi, see our jiju is so handsome..
ruhi- omg!! he looks stunning..
chinki- hmm, well our twinkle is so lucky to get a handsome husband like him
ruhi- i wish , i would be on her place n my prince charming would be like this..
(they continue praising him n giggling..)
twinkle (slightly murmuring)- ha to waise bhi who want to marry here.. u go n marry him na..( making faces)

baarat arrived at the door n leela called chinki n ruhi for brooms entry rituals..( i don’t know.. what we exactly call it.. but when boorm come inside the venue he has to give shagun to his saalis( sister in law) after that only he was allowed to enter).. may be some ribbon cuttin, we call it..
chinki, ruhi n some other frinds of twinkle came running there n bringing some plate in which there was kumkum n sweets with a pair of scissors which was given to broom to cut the ribbon..
argument b/w girls n boys side started … girls demanded 51000 rs as shagun.. but the brother of groom (adi) didn’t allow to give it to them.. the argument continues for about half an hour n the sil were given the demanded money.. groom cut the ribbon but leela stopped him again
leela- not so easily puttar ji, u have to face many hurdles to reach our twinkle..
some more rituals are left..
adi- now what aunty.. pata nhi ab hume kya kya karna oadega bhabhi to sakhne ke liye..
leela- puttar ji thoda sabar karo.. sabar ka fal meetha hota h ..
our groom was standing there .. OMG!! HE IS STUNNING…
he was not uttering a single word from his mouth .. he too seems not interested in there rituals n marriage..
leela- does the rituals completed as required.. (nose pulling n all.. u know.. north indian rituals)..
finally he was allowed to enter.. music was going on.. peope were dancing on dj.. food was being served to guests..
Finally the time for marriage arrives n groom was seen sitting in the mandap..
Pandit ji- muhurat ka time ho gaya h , kanya ko buliyae..( the most famous dialogue of pandit ji)
Twinkle came from her room with her friends… her face was covered with veil..( again some ritual in wich bride n groom can’t see their faces in mandap… i know in this 21st century therse rituals are not strictly followed but here it it necessary that bride should not see the groom n same with the case with broom.. its needed to continue the story..)
marriage starts.. pandit ji started chanting mantras.. pheras were being done.. groom put the vermilion in her maang.. (without seeing her face.. i dont know how can this be possible… but in this ff ki duniya…. everything is possible..)
broom put the sacared thread 9mangal sutra ) around her neck..
the marriage was decalared completed..
n it was the time of bidaai..
some emotional talks were going on.. everyone’s eyes were teary (bride’s family)
twinkle was crying hugging her family members.. her mumma her dadda.. everyone was having tears in her eyes..
twinkle while going was searching for someone guess who..( yes her big bro karan..)
she saw him standing in the corner of hall.. he loves her so much inspite of all their fights.. he was remembring all his time spent with twinkle…
twinkle came to him n hudded him n some brother- sister moments were being seeen.. everyone was adoring there relation…
meanwhile.. one face was there who was shown full on irritated.. (yes u guessed it right.. it was our groom only.. he felt so much irritated with all these stuff).. but poor he, he can’t do anything except standing there…
twinkle’s bidaai was finally done with all the formalities n rituals…
screen freezes on emotional faces of twinkle’s family n her friends….
its over… how was the episode?
did u liked it?
i know it is quite boring .. but next episode will have some twist which will change the life of twinkle..
guess what would happen in her married life?
will his husband accept her?
will she be able to accept her husband or her new family?
for knowing this.. continue reading..
thank u so much for bearing me.. 🙂 😉

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  1. SidMin

    Yar Mona please tell us about the groom please can’t wait for the truth to be out

  2. Sameera

    Wow yaar superbb ?? n the part where u write kanya ko bulaye was just awsmm ????

  3. Sayeeda

    Amazing…. too good ….loved it..
    Waiting for next

  4. Episode was really good.. Waiting for the groom to be revealed.. Plz post next one soon

  5. Kruti

    Keeping d suspence on….nice carry on with d sixpence
    Eagerly waiting for d nxt epi

  6. Shatakshi

    The suspense is killing me yaar
    I m eager to know the groom
    Plzzz post next episode asap???

  7. Dreamer...arundhati

    Mona superb
    Suspense se mari jaa rahi hu mai
    Reveal soon

  8. Yaa Mona plzz tell who is d groom…
    Anyway do cont soon….??

  9. SMC

    Awesome episode..
    Love u..

  10. oh ho monna agn suspense bt osm i hp its kunj only

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