Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love(25)

the scene starts with twinj comming out of the cafe after having their morning cafe…
kunj was walking fastly.. n twinkle was left behind..
then she shouted..
tw- are suno.. where r u going leaving me behind.. remember u r my slave..
k- (pissed off) just shut up u silly girl… aab m apni marzi se chal bhi nhi sakta..
twinkle become silent watching his pissed off face..
tw-(to herself) twinkle beta aab chup rehna hi behtar h.. varna pata ni ye sadu gusse me kya karega??… koi ni twinkle puttar.. u are also not less.. its just beginning abhi to pura din baki h.. i will tell him who is twinkle.. (attutitude)
kunj smirks watching her quiet..
k-(to himself) ye aacha h… aab pata chala mis. syappa queeen ko control me rakhne ka raaj..
both moved towards car n settled..
twinkle suddenly got excited n asked him to drove to xyz mall…
tw- oh.. mr sadu.. suno..(excited) i wanna go xyz mall.. i will shop so much today..(she was litterly jumping on car seat being excited)..
k- oh hello madam… m ladkiyon ke saat shopping nhi jaata..
tw- oh hello mister.. whatever but for today u will have to come with mefor shopping.. its my order..(attitude me).. remember my condition..
k- (mummering) oh no.. girls n shopping.. i hate them..(thinking about his situation when he went to shopping with mahi n yuvi)
he was imagining himself carrying 10-15 bags n roaming behind twinkle..(funny tune plays)
he jerked his thoughts n went towards mall… (bechara aur koi chara bhi to nhi h)
tw- aab kya khusur pusur kar re ho… tum ladke bhi na jhallae hi hote ho..(funny tune)
k- (his special look.. i hope u have guessed it) what boys n jhallae.. this word is meant to be for girls.. (smirking)
tw- nhi pahke maine bola.. to iska matlab m shi hu.. do u get that..(pointing his index finger towards him) (making funny angry faces)
k- ohh miss syappa queen… its not bachpan wala game… ki tumne pahle bola to tum sahi.. its life n yes be practical..
tw- uuu… whatever.. practical hone se kuch ni milta life me.. (serious)
(mood changes) ok chalo.. lets enjoy.. yippee aaj shopping.. wow..
k- smiled unknowingly…. seeing her excited n suddenly realised what we was doing n became serious…

both went to mall together, twinkle was very excited n directly went to western dress section..
(u know.. how much choosy girls are!!)
twinkle was seeing all the dresses n sided almost 10-15 dresses n got confused wht to buy n what not..
(kunj was admiring her seeing her this way.. he saw her struggling through her dresses n smiled unknowingly)
twinke looked towards kunj for pleading eyes to help her..
kunj laughed at her this expression..
she stand in front of mirror n trying different dresses…
kunj unknowingly helped her through mirror withg his expressions..
this way twinkle selected 3 dressses.. n one suit anarkali..
she became happy n paid off her bill n went towards jewellery.. same way she bought a single diamond ring n a pendent..
tw- (looking towards kunj n said politely) dont u wanna buy anything..
k- not interested look..
tw- haa.. kitna khadoos h.. m itne aache se baat kar re hu isse aur ye h ki.. hmm (making faces)
tw- okk fine.. ur choice (in attitude)
tw- (to herself) i think i should buy something for this khadoos afterall he is helpinhg me exploring this city
tw- suno..(to kunj) (walking towards exit gate) m apna purse counter par hi bhul gayi m abhi latti hu.. tume car nikalo..
k- silly girl… kisi chiz ka dhyaan ni h..
tw-( while walking away) i listened..
k- ha to tumhe sunane ke liye hi bola tha..
(bothmaking faces n went in opposite direction)
screen freezes…………
haash.. wow 25 episodes completed.. feeling happy..
please comment n support to write more.. it really encourages… thank u very much for ur support …

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