Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love(14)

twinkle enters her room n was impressed to see her room as it was very nice n well maintained.. no one can say it as a guest room .. it was superb..
n she directly went to washroom to get freshen up n was really impreseed to see the washroom.. it was so big n lavish.. she again came to her room back n was going to table to get water but her hand slipped (due to injuries in her hand)n jar fell down n water was fell on the floor.. but she was too tired to make it correct so she took off her earings n kept them on neary by bed table n swith off the light n dozzed off..

just after sometime someone enters her room but she was too sleepy so she she didnt feel something.. the oerson entered n took off her blazer n went to washroom but he felt somewhat different as if someone was there…
(yes it was kunj only…) he jerked his thoughts n come to bed n sleep… but after a moment he felt someone’s hands on his waist.. he became shocked with this sudden attack on him (lol)…
he quickle got up from bed n jerked her hands n she fell from from the bed..(he he he.. so funny).. n then he switched on the lights n went towards her.. her face was covered with her hairs n she bend to see the person
sid- are u okk..
both saw each other n become shocked.. (remembering about the events happened b/w them… airport scene, mall incidence, road scene, etc..).. bothsuddenly got uo facing each other..
sid n tw- aap??
tw- vo actually.. mahi told me about the left room n i…(interrupted)
sid- u dont have commen sense but i didn’t knew that u dont know the difference b/w left n right also..

tw- what’s wrong with u.. why u always ready to fight with me..
sid- i fight with u..?? its my room n u..(interrupted)
tw-oh really..mahi told me about the left one..
sid- aachaw.. to why did u come to right one..
tw- oh.. no no.. u dont understand.. ur right is my left m my right is is ur left.. so from this point of ciew.. i was right.. n by the way i first come in this room so this room is mine.. do u get that.. humare yha aaisa hi hota h
sid- oh really.. aapke yha aaisa hota hoga.. humare yha nhi… do u get that..
tw- u r crazy..
sid- no no.., U ARE CRAZY..(loud n angry tone)

twinkle became scared at this reaction of him..(teary eyed)
meanwhile uv n mahi arrived n asked
mahi n uv- what happened…
everyone was silent for a moment
tw- whenevr u meet me.. u always behaibve like this only.. saddu
mahi n uv are aware of his anger..(they came to know about ytheiranger)
mahi came to her ..
mahi- come twinkle i will take u to guest room.. n she went making faces to him..
uv- came to sid n asked her..
why she said.. when ever u meet her.. u meet her before also..
sid- yup bhai.. at the airport.. she was the only girl with whom i striked that day..(he told him about other incidents too)
sid- vo to she saved mahi.. thats why i m tolerating her (uv told everything to him about mahi’s accident n about the girl who saved her, n her pregenency, etc.. on phone itself)
otherwise.. i would suggest u to make her out of the house now only..
uv- bhai vo bechai.. she was about to go but.. mahi didnt let her go today as she was going late..
sid- oh please bhai.. she is not any bechari…
she is a syappa queen.. always make some or the other syappas.. she is not at all a nice girl… syappa khin ki…
uv somehow managed him…
he was about to go just then..

sid- plz ask her to stay away from my room..
uv- okk (about to go)
sid- n ask her to take her stuff from nhre..
uv-okk (again abut to go)
sid- n ask her to be in limits..

uv- sid (angrily)
n he went..
sid looked at the condition of his room.. was was on the floor.. her earings on his side table.. her bag was lying on the sofa..
he became angry n jerked his bedsheet in anger..
he sat on bed with a thud.. imagening about all the memories with her n her behaviour.. her bubblu face n yes the recent happening..
a smile automatically came on his face.. but he jerked his thoughts immediately n feels disgusting about thinking about her n went to sleep holding his pillow..

how was the episode friends.. i thought to make it interesting n funny with twinkle n kunj’s meet n nok-jhok..

kaisa laga.. plz batana zarur..
bbyee.. tata.. fir milange..


  1. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    plz can u write kunj instead of conversation sid is ok…plz if u can..btw the episode was really cute one…plz post asap..

  2. Ritzi


    |Registered Member

    Hey Mona …….I m not able to understand yr ff as I haven’t read it from the start so plssssssssss give a recap so tht I can continue reading yr ff the title is really a catchy 1 thts y

  3. Syeda Farhana

    I’m hey Mona it was awsm. I think u took the nok-jhok scene from Qubool hai r8??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.