Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love(11)


hey lovely, your comments are so lovely..;) πŸ˜‰ n yes i m a huge fan of twinj n i read almost all the fan fictions of twinj, n yes i read yeh h ishq too.. but ur second one i couldn’t able to find.. it would be helpful if u u provide the links for it..:)
n a very very very big vala thank u to all who have commented (sidmin, sameera,lovely, fan,rashiverma, shreya, purnima, angita) n yes sorry if i have forgotten to write any name.. thank u so much for reading n suppporting n encouraging to write.. so straight come to the point n start the episode..

next day twinkle got up same with usha’s call.. now its become a habbit of twinkle with the phone call of her mom.. she talk with her family four to five times a day..(such a lovely n caring family).. they too take care about all her needs..
there are one week off for the college as college batch will start after one week.. n twinkle is tensed due to this but chinki suggested her to enjoy these days together by shopping , outing, etc..
twinkle too agred .. they have made plns for the whole week..

tw n chinki went for the shopping as when the college are about to start that ofcourse freshers is also on its way.. they did a lot of masti the whole day.. enjoyed having shopping, street food, lunch outside, outing to beach.. etc etc.. they spent their 4 days n now only 3 days more to start the college..

net day when they were going for the outing.. someone called chinki n informed that she has to reach home urgrntly as her father i sill n he want to see her.. chinki informed twinkle n went to her home.. n even asked tw to buy some stuff for her.. twinkle too agreed.. as now chinki is gone to twinkle is alone n she thought to go to market to buy the stuffs for chinki n she thought to spend rest of her day in nearby park..
she went to mall.. (for shopping ofcourse.. u know girls na..;) ).
now there, twinkle was about to enter in lift n she saw a man was already in facing his back.. she felt some strange feeling but she ignored n went inside.. after 10 seconds lift stops with a thud n lights too went off..( tw feels sufffocation in closed room n she too is scared of dark).. she started panicking n breathing heavily as she was not getting breath.. the man saw her in that condition n patted n to calm down.. but how can a person be calm down when one is phobic to all this..( lift me jaana zaruri tha jab pata h ki ni tolerate hota..m) the person held her hands tightly making her feel somewhat comfertable as making her believe that he is there with her but twinkle is ofcourse twinkle.. she started feeling dizzy…he held her n started patting her cheeks as if trying to make her conscious..(both have not seen each other’s faces as there was dark inside).. after 5-10 minutes lift starts n person held her in his arms n bring her out of the lift… (he was none other than SID..) when he saw the person…

sid-(mummered) sahi naam dia h issse maine syappa queen.. jab bhi milta hu isse to kuch na kuch syappa ho i jaata h..
he put her on the some bench which was there n rushed to bring somewater for her..
all the crowd gathered there.. n she came into hers senses..
twinkle- who bought me here.. i wanna thank the person..
crowd- he just went from here
twinkle- can u tell me where he went..

crowd- that way..
she rushed there to thank him but he was no where to be found.. (she thanked him in her mind n went from there)
sid reached the place where he left her.. but he found no one there n asked someone about the girl..
someone- she just went from there.
sid- syappa queen ?(,mummered)
n he too went from there..
twinkle reached her hostel n dozzed off thinking about the happenings in the mall n thinking about the person who saved her..
she want to meet him and thank him….

screen freezed on the sleeping face of twinkle..
how was the episode??
batana zarur. i ill be waiting for ur comments..

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