Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love(10)


hey.. sorry for the confusion friends.. but i thought that i have mentioned that twinkle didnt saw kunj’s photo because she was not interested in marriage in first place n

moreover she wanted to meet her to be husband in person for the first time.. she still have his pic with her in yellow enevlope but she never dared to see to after what

happened with her marriage…
n kunj.. u to know na that he dont even know her name.. i have mentioned … n yes he just listened her mother calling her angel on their wedding day.. so he too have never

seen or listened her full name….
so i think now ur confusion is cleared n i can continue with the chappy..
next day– @morning
orientation day of twinkle’s college..
she got up at 7 that that too with usha’s call… she hurriedly picked up call yawning n listening to usha’s voice on call she remembered that she is not in her home n its her first

day of college..
usha- i knew it… abhi tak so re h na mere bacchi..

tw- maa.. m late ho gayi aapne mujhe uthaya kyu ni..
us- aacha aacha beta abb uth gayi na.. chal zaldi se tayar ho ja.. varna aur late ho jayegi..
tw- ji maa.. bye
usha- jhalli kudi..(smilingly)
twinkle hurriedly got up from bed n went to washroom to get ready n left for her college.. it is already 7:50 n her college timing is 8:30…
she was hurriedly going but unfortunately… she collieded with somebody as she was walking very hurriedly n in the nick of time the person catched her holding her waist.. n

her eyes were closed due to fear..(filmy moment).. n she opened her one eye first to see what happened that she stuck in between..(looking funny with one eye open n fear

expresssions.. u can emagine)..
n suddenly…
tw- tum!!!
sid- (yes gys its again sid.. shayad kismat milana chahti h) yup… its me.. any problem
tw- (mummering) jab puri musibat hi saamne ho to kaise problem.
sid- kya kha tumne..(still holding her n they were arguying)..
sid was lost in her cute n bubby charm..(ye to gaya)
tw- aab chodo bhi.. kab tak pakad kar rakhoge..
sid-(came in to sensed).. ha ha.. what!!
tw- pointing towardshis hands n her waist..
sid- suddenly dropped n she fell on ground..
tw- what the hell… ye kya kia mr sadu..

sid- (innocently) maine kya kia..
tw- ha ha.. tum kaise kuch karoge.. kitne sharif ho na.. hmm (making faces)
she saw her watch n hurriedly went without saying anything as she was being late..
tw- on no.. i m late(mummering) n left..
sid was amused seeing her going n reality stuk him when he was going n something came in his way..(yes it was twinkle’s anklet)
sid- ye ladki bhi na… jha jaati h vhi syappa kar deti h .. syappa queen..
saying this he started going towards the way she left but he didn’t find her n kept the anklet in her pocket after eying it lovingly n he too left..
twinkle reached her college just on time n went towards college auditorium asking way from some senior… she left n after her orientation she completed her admission

formalities completed n after collecting her class schedule she left to her hostel back.. while comming she went to buy her books which will be neede for her course n reached

home (i mean hostel at about 8 pm).. exactly when her hostel doors was about to get locked .. she signed ni relief that she reached on time..
tw- (signed in relief) thank god.. bach gaye..
she went to her room n there she found her new room mate chinki who came today evenong only n she was unpacking her bags..
twinkle reached room n found the whole room messy.. (ofcourse becoz of chinki)
tw was so much tired n badly needed sleep but she was frustated to see her room n bed’s condition but she dont wanna shout on her one n only new room mate so she just

kept mum n started talking with her …
chinki realised her presence in room only when she spoke to her..
[gys she is not the same chinki with whom we met at her marriage day but she is someone else n upto now she dont know her name] tw- hello.. hey i m ur room mate twinkle( forwarding her hands)
chinki- hey hallo… mm.. i m chitra but as u r my room mate so we are friends also n my friends call me chinki.. so myself chinki(for u) (smilingly)
tw- what!! chinki.. nice.. i had a friend named chinki in my childhood but now i have not met her since last year..9sadly)
chinki- koi baat nhi.. vo chinki nhi to ye hi sahi..

now we can be good friends na..
tw-(placing her forefinger on her brain).. mm. not friends..
chinki- sadly.. its okk if u dont want me to be…(cut off)
tw- mm.. best friends.. saying this both hugged each other n have a nice friendly talk..
twinkle helped her unpacking her stuff n cleaning their room..
now they are really exhaustedd.. they completed their work at about 12 in night..
they were chatting for long time n as twinkle was very tired .. she dozed off talking with her..
chinki was still continuously taking non stop but getting no reply she saw that twinkle has already slept..
she smile slightly n went to her n covered her with her blanket n she too was now in her dream land

(yr ye chinki kitna bolti h … vo kahte h na jaise to taisa mil hi jaata h)…

hey friends.. how was the episode..
i tried to make it long n interesting but if there r any flaws plz forgive me πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚
aur batayiae kaise h sab log.. sab razi kushi..
i know aaj m kuch jyada hi bol re hu.. but kya karun gys aaj sunday tha n m bore ho gayi aur room mates bhi nhi thi to m kisse baat karti, to socha aap sab ko hi thoda sa paka

no problem na..
ohh sorry sorry.. thoda jyada hi bol dia…
bbyee friends fir milte n
tata.. cu .. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  1. SidMin

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    M naoo..
    Bohot ho zyaada accha
    I know zyaada ho gya but anything for you …
    Keep going
    Loved it
    Love u
    Pakau ??
    Aur bhi pakaa sakti hun
    Kal tak ripen monaa ff likhegi ..
    Bataao naa…
    Should I talk more
    Co, I am Shreya …talking expert
    Vaise Sundays seriously boring hote hain agar TU na ho toh..
    What say?
    Chalo I will not tease u more..
    But really loved when twinkle fell..
    Eagerly waiting for next post ….
    Love me?

    Aur bolu?…??
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  4. Jiya_Ani

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    Yehi hai Ishq and our love story
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