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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (90)


Hello friends.. Monaa here.. Hope u have not forgotten me.. I know I have disappointed u a lot.. But I m seriously very very sorry for my disapperance so sudden… Seriously sorry but I was a lot busy eith my personal stuff..

Actually I was preparing for my entrance exam to get admission in my desired university.. And after a struggle of whole 2 months I got admitted where I wanted.. So could nt concentrate on anythibg else..

And not even after getting admission… I need time to shift to a new place.. I know I have disappointed u a lot.. But still I can’t write it now.. Need some more time.. I know may of u must have forgotten d story too.. But plz understand..

But I have a solution for that if anyone is ready yo help.. I have d whole dtory in my mind regarding the thing I have written.. If anyone could help me ib writinh the further psrts . I will be highly obliged..

If not then also I have a solution but u need to wait few more dsys if it is ok with u gys..

N yes. If u r no more interested in the dtory then also u can tell.. I will quit..

But plz if anyone is interested n willing to write the story on my behalf.. U r welcome.. N if anyone can volunteer.. Plz do cantact me through personal chat.. I will give the idea of my story after what I have written… Hope u all eill cooperate..

Thank u so much for bearing my bakwas till now… N I m really sorry.. Seriously ver sorry but I m helpless .. Having very less time.. Which I need to use judiciously as its high time to think about my career..

Bbyee friends..
Hope to see u soon
Keep smiling

  1. Its ok….
    I can understand….
    Post when u r free

  2. Its ok dear
    Post when u have time
    N dont quit tu plz

  3. SidMin23

    Waiting from u to post and don’t worry u can post when ever u have time.

  4. take time for settle every thing we will wait don’t worry post when u get free
    don’t ever say about quitting ur story as well as tu
    because we don’t like if our tu family member quit !

  5. Twinj2000

    Ur career is most imp
    It’s ok post wen u r free but plz don’t quit😁

  6. Baby

    dont worry
    w8ing for ur ff…by u only…♥
    n now CONGRATULATIONS ♥ u got admission where u desired to wowoohooo ♥
    usse jyada achaa kya ho skta hai ♥
    lods of love ♥
    missed u ♥

  7. It’s OK dear
    Tum jab free ho tab post krna….
    Waiting for ur ff…

  8. Vibhu

    Hey Mona ,
    I am commenting for the first tym .. but seriously this is my most favourite story !!
    Please take ur tym and post whenever u r free. But don’t leave the story in between.
    I would love to read the story but by u writing it.

    Congratulations for ur admission .. its a great news & I will wait for ur update
    Post when u r free
    Bye ☺

  9. Ramya

    Firstly congratulations
    And monaa I remember everything
    But please don’t quit
    Post whenever you are free

  10. Cheena2001Cp

    Mona Darling dii!!!! Finally aap aa gayin 😃😃…….And best of luck for ahead😃…..You can post whenever you get time…..
    Byeee💕💕 Lots of love😘

  11. Yoraynat13

    Post soon plzzzzzz 😍😍 really missed your story 😍😘

  12. Supriya18d

    jb tym mile tb post krna….
    cuz main bhi same situation se guzr rahi hu

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