Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (88)


Raghav shot the gun n twinkle shouted..
Twinkle- KUNNNJJJJJJ.. (and she fainted)
Kunj became numb seeing the gun shot..

But.. the gun was shot by police to raghav only..
Raghav was now lying in pool of blood.. on the floor ..
(Kunj messaged adi about twinkle’s kidnap and the location too… thats why adi reached here with poilce)

On the other side Twinkle was lying unconscious due to shock n kunj is heavily burised due to fighting with raghav..
He was totally numb seeing all this..

Then adi and pari came with police..
Adi reached towards kunj n tightly hugged him..
Adi- U r ok na kunj?? (parted from hug) u r ok?? omg!!
Kunj came in senses and noodded to him..
And saw towards twinkle.. who was lying unconscious and peri was trying to make her conscious..
Both adi n kunj rushed towards them.. n took her to hospital..

Poilce take away the body of raghav.. n adi pari and kunj left towards hospital along with unconscious twinkle..
Adi n pai were on the front seat and twinj were on the back seat.. twinkle’s head was lying on kunj’s lap.. n he was trying every possible wayy to make her get her consciousness.. n he was crying seeing her life like this..

Kunj- Twinkle!! get up na yr plz… see see twinkle we came out from his clutches n even that raghav is shot dead by police.. see ur parents’s liller got his punishment.. plz get up na yr..
Aur kitna satayegi aab..

They reached hospital..
Kunj picked twinkle in his arms n headed towards hospital…

Kunj- doc.. doc.. plz check her.. she is not getting conscious.. plz check her doc..

Nurse took twinkle in a room.. Kunj was going behind her.. but doc stopped him and asked him to wait ouside n get his wounds dressed.. but he denied to anything unless he see his twinkle safe and sound..

On the insistence of adi and pari.. nurse bring the first aid box there itself n bandaged his wounds.. n gave pain killer medicines too as he denied to take injection.. so that he wont fall asleep before seeing his twinkle safe..

Just than doc came out from twinkle’s ward..

Kunj- doc.. how how is she??
Doc- dont worry mr sarna… she is now fine.. she just fainted due to weaness and shock.. she will gain her consciousness in few hours.. let her reast for sometime..
Kunj rushed in the ward to see twinkle..
He went there n caressed her hairs n pecked her forhead lovingly n sat on the side stool beside her holding her hand in his hands.. (teary eyes)
Adi n pari signed in releief seeing them both fine..
They informed everything at home.. and whole family wanted to come there.. but adi-pari denied them as they are here..

kunj- doc.. its been so many hours.. why didnt she wake up yet?? she is fine right.. (he asked from the doc who came to check upon her)
Doc- yes mr sarna.. she is absolutely fine.. just she is sleeping due to medicined effect.. dont worry she will gain her senses soon..
Kunj nooded n doc left after examining her..

Adi pari asked him to go homme and freshnup and then comeback.. but he was adament not to leave twinkle alone again.. as he already did that mistake at beach.. but wont repeat it again..

Kunj then asked them to leave saying that he will come wth twinkle home as soon as she will gain her senses.. and asked them to do preparations for their marriage as today is going to be their wedding..
Adi-pari nooded n left from there…

BOth were shown going home in car… but suddenly in the mid way adi found taht car’s breaks are not working… he panicked n saw towards pari who was seeing outside window..
He told pari about the break fail n asked her to jump from the car but she denied saying whatever they will do, they will do together… A romantic full of pain eyelock occur between them..’
After a few seconds.. their car came towards cliff.. adi tried to control the car but it became too late.. as the car jumped down the cliff but befor ethat he pushed pari out from the car..
Pari rolled off the car.. but her head hit a big stone side ways.. blood started ozzing from her head n she fained at the moment.. n adi fall down the cliff along with car..

Twinkle gained consciousness n she cried out for kunj as soon as she gained her consciousness… kunj who was sitting just beside her half asleep, got up from his slumber n panicked seeing her soo panicke dn full of sweat..
Twinkle- (as soon as she saw kunj sound and safe) k.. ku.. kunj… u r ok?? u r fine na..?? (tears falling down her eyes)
Kunj- shh!! shh.. twinkle.. stop crying baby.. see… i m absolutely fine.. jst in front of u..
Twinkle touched all the bandages on his body as if feeling their pain.. n saw towards him with teary eyes n immediately hugged him..
Kunj too huged her in order to calm her down..

Now both left towards home together..
After reaching there… they saw the decorated house n became happy seeeing all this decorations for their marriage..

This happiness was shortlived as twinkle remembered about raghav’s word of killing her parents..
tears rushed down her eyes.. and she sit ther on the floor only crying bitterly remembering about raghav’s words..
Kunj too sat beside her n hugged her in order to soothe her pain..
Twinkle became somewhat fine n kunj take her in the house..

As soon as tehy stepped in.. They saw tow bodies there covered with white sheet..
he beacame numb seeing all this..
And saw towards his parents who were sitting there crying at their fate..

Kunj n twinkle.. slowly went towards their parents who were crying bitterly..
Uv and mahi came down exactly at the same time..

Kunj- maa.. (usha saw towards him n hugged him n started crying bitterly) maaa.. calm down ma.. what happened ?? tell me something n what .. whta is this??
usha didnt said anything but was just crying..

Manohar’s condition was no good… he too was crying hugging laksh..
he asked everyone about this.. but noone gave the answer.. mahi was standing supporting twinkle who can fall anytime seeing this scenario in front of her..

Kunj didnt get what is going on.. he slowly went towards bodied n lift the cloth covering them n gasped seeing this in front of his eyes..
tears continuously rooling down his eyes..

Kunj- (became numb seeing thsi) no.. no no… this cant this cant happen.. no this is lie…. this is a blo*dy lie..
(yes.. he was the dead bodies of adi-pari)
twinkle too was shocked seeing this in front of her eyes…
She have not yet came out of her parent’s death trauma.. and here her bhaiya n bhabhi were also no more..
everybody was just crying seeing this…
(piya n aadit were in the rooms sleeping as mahi made them sleep)

I m sooo soooooo sooooooo big wala sorry for not posting for these many days.. as i didnt get a single penny time to write..
Today also i was not having time.. as i have my first final exam on 9 may… but i was not able to studyy…
i dont knopw what is happening with me.. i dont i have n too much syllabus is till left but i cant concentrate on it…:(
dont know what should i do.. plz help somebody/… i m just gonna cry any moment..

I was just not getting any idea what to do… so thought to write this story only but as i told u my mood is not good so eveerything became soo cry cry in this episode too..
hope u like it..

I just want to finish this story soon.. before going my home as after muy exams complete.. i need to move to my home to prepare for my entrance exams..
i dont know when will i be able to upload next.. plz sorry.. for thsi irregularity.. that why i wanted to finish it soon… so that after my all exams over i can start with a new story..

i know i have said too much today.. but plz understand i m frustated bout my exams.. plz tell me how was the episode… will try to give next one as soon as i will get time…
N yes… plz do pray that my exams will go good.. these are my final exams of graduation n i wanna score good so that i can get direct admission in du for my pg..
BByee. friens… hope to meet soon… 🙁

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