Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (85)


Both Twinj were remembering their sweet family moment and a smile was playing on both of their lips but suddenly Both started remembering about that dreadful day which changed their lifes forever..
And Silent tears started flowing from their eyes..

Whole one week passed happily for the family preparing for the marriage functions..
But someone was there who was not happy..
Obviously our TWINKLE only.. But why??
Because she was missing her parents too much n silently crying remembering about her parents..
But someone was aware of her sadness.. it was none other than our kunj..
So to cheer her up.. He made a plan..

He informed whole family about his plan..
As per the plan.. one day before the marriage.. he made plan to go to nearby beach for enjoyment to celebrate their bachlers night..
All the youngesters were leaving together leaving oldies back home for their romance.. 😉 😉 not really because.. both vhildren were with them..

Mahi-uv Adi-Pri and twinj .. all the ther couples reach the beach..
Uv jumped: yipeee!! So finally we are here.. i was dying to reach here..
Adi- UV u r not a kid?? Stop jumping… See people are staring u.. More over u a fathre of a child .. now stop doing ur silly childlike acts.. (annoyingly)
uv stopped his jumping session- Oops!! sorry bro.. (sheepish smile)
Sanky- But why are u jumping?? u come her every month na with mahii..
uv- yeah bro!! everytime i come with mahi only na.. but today we all r together n we are gonna enjoy tooo much..

All except kunj were sitting in line enjoying and doing fun..
twinkle mahi uv pari adi, all in a straight row..
Kunj was just thinking where to sit but he saw the space beside twinkle.. he happily came n sit beside her.. in proper fun mood..
All were randomly talking when kunj asked twinkle to sing a song as she sings too good.. n he wanted to listen to her..
Everyone was surprised to know that twinkle sings too..
twinkle gave a derth glare to kunj to disclose this in front of everybody.. Kunj smiled sheepi=shly and everybody started hooting for twinkle to sing..

twinkle agreed nad started to sing in her melodious voice..

Na Jaane Yeh Waar Du
Har Jeet Bhi Haar Du
Keemat Hai Koi Tujhe
Beintehaa Pyaar Doon (twice)

Saari Hade Meri
Ab Maine Todd Di
Dil Kar Mujhe Pata
Awaargi Ban Gaye

Haan Hasi Ban Gaye
Haan Nami Ban Gaye
Tum Mere Aasmaan
Meri Zameen Ban Gaye

Kya Khoob Rab Ne Kiya
Bin Maange Itna Diya
Warna Hai Milta Hai Kahan
Hum Kaafiro Ko Khuda (twice)

Hasratein Ab Meri
Tumse Hai Jaa Mile
Tum Duaa Ab Meri
Tum Aakhri Ban Gaye

Haan Hasi Ban Gaye
Haan Nami Ban Gaye
Tum Mere Aasmaan
Meri Zameen Ban Gaye

Soon the song ended n kunj was just staring twinkle lost in her eyes..
Both were looking at each other as if confessing their feeling to each other through their eyes..

Everybody saw this n started teasing them making them tomato..
After their teasing sessio too.. they both were stealing glance of each other..
Seeing this both couples laft from their spening some quality time with their life partners leaving twinj behind lost in each others eyes..

Their eyelock broke due to the bells of ice cream stall.. n twinkl’s eyes shine seeing that..
Kunj got what she wanted n left from ther to bring ice cream for them..
Twinkle smiled seeing his care n smile wholeheartedly..

Now twinkle was left alone in that place..
Suddenly someone puts a cloth on her nose n she gets unconscious.. n the person took her away from there.. escaping from everybody’seyes..

After half an hour kunj came back with two icecreams in his hands.. (u know so much crowd at ice cream stall)
But he became worried not finding twinkle there then thought may be she is with uv-mahi or adi-pari.. because hee came back after half n hour n she would have got bored..

he started searching for them when he found both the couples comming at the same place hand in hand but twinkle was nowhere to be found..
Now kunj became really worried n asked them about twinkle whereabouts but both the couples refued about her being with them
Now everyboduy became tensed n started searcing for twinkle but still ther was no clue of her..
Everybody called her but her phone was switched off.. this make them more worried..
They were roaming here n there to search twinkle n kunj placed his feet on something hard n found a phone there..
mahi- this.. its to twinkle’s phone..
Adi- yes!! its her phone only… i only gave her on her last b’day..
Kunj started panicking sensing the serious situation n girls were crying n their partners were consoling them..
Kunj- i m feeling something wrong..
Bro i m going to police station for filing missing complaint..
Adi- but kunj, its not worth.. indian police dont file missing complaint before 24 hours..

All wre back in house without twinkle.. kunj just ran to his room n locked it.. Crying badly..
yes he was crying for his life twinkle..

Kunj- (monologue) omg!! what is happening here.. where is my twinkle now.. she dont know much about mumbai city.. n moreover its night.. where she would be?? (worried as hell)
i shouldnt have left her alone there.. there were soo many ppl ther.. anyone could just carry the girl away!! CRAP!! what the hell happened to me when i left her there alone??
?(really panicked) if something happens to her then??
if she is hurt then?/
if someone tries to… (but he stoppedin between)
No No be posetive kkunj.. dont think like that.. stop crying..
She is a strong girl.. no one can harm her.. yes! no one can.. (consoling himself)
But she got kiddnaped?? nooo..
What if they will harm her?/
No not possible she has naver harmed anybody.. she is such a drama queen .. she is a loiness..
nNo nothing will happen to her?? i will find her at any cost..
twinkle’s kunj will surely find her..

He left the room hurriedly n reached the same place from where she got vanished..

kunj- i think i should go there n try to get some clue.. in case i would find something ther n that could probably help me finding my twinkle..

He found an empited bottle there nearby..
he picked it n smelled oit.. it contained chloroform..

Kunj- so this was all a pre planned game?? but who could it be?/ who could kidnaop my twinkle..
He carried on with his investigating..

Meanwhile at home..
Uv and adi told everything to usha n manohar n everybody was hell worried for her..
Adi- i think we shold seek help from police..
Pari- but u only said that they will not help before 24 hours.. (in tears)
Mahi- is it possible that she is kiddnaped for money?/ (doubtfully but in tears)
uv- dont know mahi.. but we cant sit her quitely when twinkle is missing form last 4 hours..
mahi- uv u remember mr abhi.?? my classmate in college??
uv- yeah.. so??
mahi- i think he can help us??
uv- oh yes!! u r right.. why didnt it struck my mind before?? but i dont have his number..
Mahi- but i think i have.. let me see..
she searched her contact list n found his number..
UV- ok.. give me.. i will call him..

He called abhi..

uv- hello!! am i speaking to mr abhimanyu??
Abhi- yes.. who is this??
uv- yuvraj.. mahi’s husband.. hope iu know her..
abhi- yeah yeah.. how can i forget her.. i was the only witness of ur marriage.. but u ppl completely forget me after ur marriage??
Uv- i will tell u everything later but i need ur help>>
abhi- yeah tell me..

Uv told the every matter to him n asked his help through his dad as he was acp of mumbai 2 years back..
Abhi – why dad?? i myself am acp now.. i will surely hepl u.. send me her picture.. i will circulate it in nearby police stations… i will see if i can personally handle this..

uv- thanks a lot bro..
abhi – my pleasure..
Call disconnects..

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