Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (84)


Kunj- twinkle..Lets go for a walk..
twinkle- sure..
And they left for a walk after dinnner which became memorable..
No one was ther in park.. both were waliking hand in hand. the place was a dead silent.
As they walk both got the much needed privacy. As the night grows, the weather became cool.. n twinkle moved close to kunj as possible to feel the warmth..
Its been more than 24 hours after her confession.

Kunj has got something for her.. he slides his hand into pocket. Twinkle was waiting to see what has kunj bought for her..
He took the pendent out of his pocked.. a heart saed pendent with twinj written on it..
twinkle’s eyes glittered looking at it..
Twinkle- For me?? (smiling)
Kunj nodes.
Twinkle- its lovely..
After looking at it for few minutes, she turns her back towards kunj and lifts her hairs..
Kunj accepted her offer to make her wear it..
When it done , she again turns back towards him..
twinkle- This really looks nice.. thank u..
Soon the time passes and still they are walking hand in hand..

Kunj wants to touch her, hold her in his arms but he also want to make sure that he doesnt end making her uncomfertable.
For a moment he argues with his inner self. he knows this is the perfect moment n he dont wanna waste it. He assured himself n made his move..
They almost reached the end of park. they were about to turn back. She rubs her hands and hints him that she is feeling cold
Two hearts are ready to discover the next stage of their relationship.
right at that moment, twinkle feels his hand over hers. his touch is feeling different to her tonight. She can feel it.
Its the touch of man who wanna express his love in a manner that goes beyind words..

In that cold night, she too wanna experience it.
She spreads her fingers apart n make it interwined with his. Its a sign for kunj that all is ok.
he started rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb.. This has accelerated her heartbeat.
Kunj touch has made her shiver. But still she doesnt wanna leave his hand. She enjoyed their moment.
They are now facing each other.. but she is too shy to lookm at him.
Kunj looses his grip on her hands and holds her face in his palms. She is well awware of his intentions. He looks into hers eyes. She cant face him n closes her eyes..
He tucks a few strands of her hairs behind her ear.
Kunj- twinkle
She hears her name from his mouth so passionately.
But she is not in a position to respond
She feels that moment of bliss. her lips part a bit.. Kunj is staring at her face..
Kunj- Twinkle.. i love u.. i really do.
Its such a bliss to listen these wors form his mouth. His proximity has made her numb.

She is just a moment away from experiencing her first ever kiss.
Hash! This is happening.. She knows she is not dreaming. Its all real.
he bends down to kiss her. he pulls her closer to himself by holding her tiny waist. Kunj closes his eyes and their lips met. he goes deeper and sucks her lower lip. She too tightens her arms around him..
and respond him back with equal passion
They are now kissing each other deeply as if they waited for this all their life.

Their breathing gets heavier.. their kiss gets deeper.. its a divine moment for them..
they dont have any idea how hmuch time has passed.
they move apart a bit but still have their arms around each other..
Kunj- Love u soo much twinkle.. (smilingly says and again kissed her)

Hows the episode guys.. hope u like it..
Hows their first kiss..
first time i wrote this kind of a scene.. hope i justified it..
BByee.. see u soon with next episode..

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  1. awsm.adorable epi
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  5. Mona awesome episode
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  10. Monaa darling…?dil kush kar ditta?????aamzinggggg episode……. Post soon ???

  11. Monaa darling…?dil kush kar ditta?????aamzinggggg episode……. Post soon ???

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