Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (83)

Episode -83

Twinkle and usha were seen talking and twinkle has placed her head on usha’s lap..
Twinkle- Maa, Why dont u go back to Amritsar?? (serious)
Usha- U know Twinkle, i wont then why do u ask it again n again..?? Why cant u understand, i cant leave u alone in danger..
Twinkle- But maa.. why U dont understand.. Maa.. Its dangerous for u to be near me.. They can do anything to get revenge..
Usha- And u want me to leave u in this danger alone..
Twinkle- (Getting up from her lap facing her) But maa.. i dont wanna loose u too.. Already becoz of me.. adi bhai and pari bhabhi is not with us.. N papa ji.. (teary eyes)

Now i dont have the strength to loose any member of my family becoz of me..
Usha- Nothing as such will happen if u agree to me.. But u r too stubborn… never listen to me..
Twinkle- but maa.. by going back amritsar will only increase danger to u n kunj and u both are soo important for me.. i cant even think to loose u..
Usha- (cupping her face) Nothing as such will happen.. I believe my son Kunj .. he wont let anything happen to u or to me..
Twinkle- (sadly) but maa..
She was interrupted by usha..

Usha- no.. bas its over.. if u dont wanna go back then i m too not going there.. i will be here with u only.. u get it .. (angrily left the room)
Now twinkle is alone ..
Twinkle- (monologue) Maa why r u not understanding?? i too trust kunj but i dont wanna put anyone’s life in danger.. Already becoz of me i lost maa papa.. n again adi bahi n bhabhi.. alia is nowhere to be found..
we dont even know what happened with her.. n papa..?? (crying bitterly) How will i ever be able to forgive myself.. n now i cant see anyone of u hurt.. pl ma understand n leave me alone.. i only deserve to be alone..
Saying this .. Twinkle was only in chapters of her past life..

After their confession night.. Both twinj came back home next morning and whole family teased them a lot..
N both twinj became red tomato by their teasings..

After a lot fun n masti..
Manohar too forgave kunj completely and announced their marrige to be happen again with all the rituals..
Everybody was happy with this decision n twinj’s happiness has knew no bounds..

Soon after a day sangeet mehndi and marriage day were fixed according to muhurat.. Alia too came to mumbai as her vaccations started..
everybody were preparing for the functions.. Few days before the starting of all the rituals.. Manohar and usha decided to visit their kul devi mandir.. along with whole family as it is ritua in their family which is to be followed..
(i dont know it actually haopens or not but i wanted to give some twinj momoents so decided it..;P) )

Usha- Its a tradition in our family to visit the ancistral temple before marriage take place in house.. it would take 4 days to complete the rituals and come back..
Manohar- and to be married couple is not allowed to go there
Usha- So. twinkle and kunj have to stay here only..

After an hour..
Usha- Ok beta take care.. its only a matter of few days.. and kunj u.. take care of twinkle..
Pari- you guys enjoy..(winked)
They all left.

Kunj- (to himself) now i will get some time to spend with my syappa queen.. (grinning widely)
Twinkle- Oh no.. now he wont leave me alone for even a second.. (Aww.. how much she know him na..)

Twinkle was sitting in her room alone and was doing something in her laptop may be making some project.. (huh! aaj kal i m just taking about project as i m stuck with this project thing.. n i just hate it)
She got bored after sometime and thinks of doing something to releive herself..
twinkle goes to kunj’s room and took his guitar.. (he was not in his room) and startes singing..
Kunj hearing her voice enters in room and twinkle just finished her song..
Kunj- i didnt know my syappa queen can even sing n that too so melodiously..
Twinkle blushes.- i love to play guitar.. once i saw guitar in ur room so thought to play it once.. Sorry if u didnt like me to touch ur guitar..
Kunj- there is no sorry n thank u for syappa queen in my dictionary..
twinkle just passes a smile..

Twinkle left from there n went to her room.. Kunj came behind her..
Just when she was about to close the door.. Kunj hold her hands n said..
kunj- Please baby.. let me accompany u wile sleeping too na.. (winked at her)
Twinkle bluses and pushed him out of the rooom..

@Next morning–
Kunj wakes up only to see he is too late.. n it was already 8 am..
kunj- Dont know what would she be doing now..
Kunj hurriedly got ready n left to hall.. but he doesnt find twinkle there..
Kunj- where is twinkle merry aunty?? (caretaker of house)
merry- She to went to college in morning only…. she came in ur room before leaving n was caressing ur hairs too..
Kunj smiled widely listening this.. and blushed.. (imagine him.. ha ha.. looking too cute)
And after having his breakfast … he left for office..
As soon as he left.. twinkle came from the place she was hiding..
Twinkle- Now u too take a leave till our family returns..
Merry- as u wish beta..

twinkle goes to kitchen n prepared all the favourate dishes of kunj..
kunj returns back in evening.. He straightaway went to dinning table as he was too hungry.. And smiled widely seeing all his favourate dishes..
Kunj- (mummers) wow.. aunty.. thank u sooo much..
Just then twinkle came holding dishes in her hands..
Kunj- what r u doing??
twinkle- cant u see i m cooking..
kunj- that means .. u cooked all these dishes..
Twinkle- why?? cant i cook? (raising her eyebrows)
Kunj- But where is aunty..
twinkle- i gave her off..
Kunj- but why??
Twinkle-(keeping dishes on table n moved towards kunj) because… i want some privacy with my mr. sadu..(smilingly)
kunj- (naughtly) privacy ha.. (his famous one eyebrow look)

Kunj Comes close to twinkle n holds her hands romantically n moved coser to her n kissed her temple.. n twinkle closes her eyes feeling his touch on her forehead..
Kunj feels his hands wet n he instantly removes his hand n saw its Blood..
He bacame hell tensed as well as woorried..
Kunj- show me ur hands..
Twinkle denied..
Kunj- I said show it to me now..
Twinkle showed her hand to him and kunj was too shocked to see a deep cut in her thumb..
Kunj- why u did this..

Twinkle- (innocently) For u.. tosee a smile on ur face when u saw ue favourate food..
Kunj froze listening her answer n left to get the first aid n did her first aid..
Kunj was making hurt faces while doing her band-aid..
Twinkle- You r too cute n loving kunj.. n she pulled his cheeks..
After that both did their dinner.. ofcoure kunj feed her with his hands as her hand was hurt..
later kunj plans a surprise for twinkle..

Screen freeses on their happy faces..
How’s the episode friends..
hope u liked it..
See i gave u the episode soo early this time..
But what can i do ye..
i m seriously too busy these days and just got time on weekends..
n i will now give episodeds on sat n sunday only.. but will try to make it longer
Just need ur support..
bbyee friensds.. hope to see u soon with next episode..

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  2. Plzz help after I shut down computer sir says to turn off UPS I don’t know how to turn off UPS PLEASE help me
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  3. Sohi

    Very lovely and romantic episode
    But I’m hell confused about present what happened to all of them
    And why is twinkles life in danger
    Plz clear our doubts soon
    And make twinj reunite again
    Do continue
    I’m ok with weekend episodes but make sure them long

  4. Simiyy

    Hey Mona
    It was really cute
    I wonder why Twinkle is blaming herself and what happened in the past
    Post Soon

  5. SidMin23

    Superb waiting for next part.

  6. Ramya

    MONAA whas wrong wid twinkle im feeling bad for her
    But past wala part was sooo cutteee
    N adorable
    Love u keep smiling

  7. Presha

    Hey monaa….
    Its awesome…
    Just loved it..
    Too good…
    Love u….

  8. Mona awesome epi
    Kunj’s care for twinkle was ??????

  9. yaar mere do dil ke thukdo ko kab ek karogi dil to mera behchain ke intazaar katam ho gayi

  10. awsm epi
    felt bad for twinj

  11. Awesome episode post soon

  12. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome . ..
    The episode was too good … the past was just awesome … and present … the bond between Usha and Twinkle ?
    I feel it’s some family revenge . … hai na…
    Love you post soon can’t wait to know that ❤

  13. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Mona amazing fabulous epi dear….. Love Twinj scenes….
    Post next one soon…
    LOVE you?????????????

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  15. Baby

    ohhhhhhh god shooooo cute sooooo emotional hmmm………kuch toh gadbad hai………..cant srsly w8………..
    love u soooooo mmch amazing episode……….loved it…….☺
    jst cried a bit……..
    lods of love……♥♥

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