Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (82)


Kunj was seen sittingon his knees in front of twinkle with flowers in his hands.. (same flowers which he bought 😉 )
kunj- You are always on my mind and all the time I keep on thinking of you.
Come to me, hold my hand and then never leave it.
I want to spend my life with you, and to walk beside you.
All I want is to be with you all my life.
Will u be my life partner forever.. (smiling like ediot all the time)

Twinkle was admiring him how romantically he said all this to her..
He heart was thumping with joy to see her love proposing her..
But she has something else in her mind..
She didnt replied anything..

kunj- Kya yr twinklee.. plz accept the roses n reply fast .. my knees are paining.. (making a puppy face)
Twinkle laughed seeing his puppy face..

Twinkle- Aee.. what was that cheese line.. from where did u get it??
no doubt this was romantic but i bet these were not ur lines.. huh.. (turned her face away showing attitude)

Kunj smiled sheepishly listening her.. And sat ther on the floor in indian style still having flowers in his hands..
Twinkle was watching his antics from the corner of her eyes..

Twinkle- Now tell me from where did u copied these lines..
Kunj- (smiled sheepishly) My one and only friend GOOGLE baba..!!

Saying this kunj lowered his head and twinkle started laughing seeing his antics.. And kunj too smiled admiring his lady love..

Twinkle came and sit beside him keeping her head on his shoulders and took the flowers from his hands.. n was smiling whole heartedly..

Kunj wrapped his hands around her shoulders and both were sitting there feeling each other’s presence.. no no one spoke anything.. They were just feeling the moment..

Twinkle break the ice..
Twinkle- Now will u ask for my hand or i need to tell u that also.. (fake angry)
u r such a dumb head na mr sarna , i cant tell u.. dont know how i m gonna handle u for the life time.. (making faces)

Kunj- Oh my syappa queen!! dont be soo rude.. u r breaking an aashiq’s heart by saying this.. (dramatrically)
twinkle- Oh shut up mr. Drama king..!!
kunj- (placing his hands on his heart) only for my syappa queen..
both smiled feeling the moment..

In the same sitting position only
Kunj slipped the ring in her third finger of her left hand and kissed her hands..
Twinkle too made him wear the ring.. smilingly
(yes gys!! Kunj bought two rings from the jewellery shop)

Both stayed there for some more time in same position , twinkle’s head on his chest and his hands around her..
Kunj spoke after a while..

Kunj- Vaise twinkle.. Everything is right but why did u send me to hotel room n asked me to change.. (showing him the clothes)
Twinkle- Are mr sarna.. u know u r soo sooo sooo boring..
Have u ever seen ur clothes.. Those business suits.. U look soo khadus..
I thought why not to make to handsome while u propose me.. for the memories u know (winked at him)
Kunj- Aacha!! i look khadoos.. u wait i will tell u what khadoos is??
Saying this he started ticking her and she was laughing loudly due to this.. kunj was still admiring her smile and prayed to god to always make her smile like thiss..
When he was busy in his thoughts.. Twinkle escaped from his hands n She too started ticking him..
Now its his time to laugh loudly..

Kunj- ha ha ha.. (laughing madly) pl.. Plz twinkle.. bas.. ha ha ah.. i cant laugh.. ha ha.. more.. ha ha .ha plz stop..
Twinkle- no no no.. aaise kaise bacchu?? u did worng my taking panga with me..
Kunj- Aacha baba.. ha ha aha ha ha .. Womnt do anything from now… H HA ha ha ha.. plz stop this..
Twinkle- Ok then say u r khadus.. say..
kunj- (still laughing) ok .. baba.. H ha ha ha.. i m khadus.. khush.. Now plz stop..
Twinkle stopped listening him and while doing this tickling game both didnt realised their position.. Twinkle was above Kunj..
Realising her position .. twinkle became shy and started getting up from him but suddenly kunj pulled her on him..
Kunj- kha chali madam!! its ur polace only..
Twinkle bacame red tomato.. n kunj was teasing her..

Finding no escape twinkle lied on him totally n both adjusted themselves to be comfertable and lied there only listening each other’s heart beat…


Both kunj and twinkle were thinking their happy moments in their respective places and a tear escaped their eyes..
Screen freeses on there faces..

Hello friends!! how’s the episode??
hope u liked it
When everthing became so perfecr then what do u thing would be the cause of their separation??
Guess Guess!! n do tell me ur guess via comments.. i would be waiting..
Bbyee see u soon..

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  1. awsm.cute.lovly epi
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  2. Sohi

    Huhh, finally our Mona is here
    Yaar were u always get disappear Haan
    Episode was lovely and cute
    It’s becoming more and more interesting
    Plz plz post next episode soon
    Do continue

  3. Presha

    Hey mona…
    Loved the proposal…
    Its awesome amazing….
    Loved it…
    Too good…
    I think lutharas did it as lutharas wanted twinkle to get married with there son…
    Love u…
    Post soon

  4. Hmmmmmm?????????AWSOME…..and thoda emotional?at the end…..and SUSPENSE??…Moona darling ! ?Aapke ff ka next episode kab aane wala hai????kyunki can’t wait….so post soon ??

  5. SidMin

    Aww … Loved it the episode was so cute …
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    Hey monaa,
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    M sooooooooooooo sorry 4 not cmnting on ur few chappys Mona,,???.. but 1 thing u know I just love ur ff to the core yrrr,,??????????.. and this episode was also Marvelous and out of word’s,,???????❤❤❤.. can’t wait 4 next plzzzzz post soon,,???..

  8. Lovely episode

  9. Fabulous episode

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  12. Cute episode
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    Amazing awesome cute epi…bt fr vo log alg kyu h

  14. Nice episode

  15. Lovely awesome episode
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    Monaa awesome amazing
    Proposal was soo cute
    N loves twinj scenes
    Love u keep smiling

  18. Baby

    ohhhhhhh my goodness….☺
    monnaa dii jst sooo amazing osm speechless episode……☺
    loved it soooo mch……..vry cute……..
    bt atlast got emotional……..
    lods of love………☺
    srriee m late……☺

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